Have you walked a mile in those shoes?
How could you possibly know someone else’s story without doing that?
Are you ready boots?
Start walking!

Day 1 of the #medicalmedium28daycleanse. As I read “Medical Medium” yesterday so many emotions went through me. I felt shock, anger, betrayal, sad, and most importantly... HOPE and GRATITUDE! I’m so excited to do this! Thank you @medicalmedium for sharing your gift! #medicalmedium #epsteinbarrvirus

Brown thread for the intestine garden – because all plants need earth to grow, and because God made dirt so dirt don’t hurt, unless it’s full of chemicals. 🌻
And yellow and green for the Cat’s Claw, which is one of the best antiviral herbs around to boost and support the immune system and good for many conditions, including viral infections and inflammation. I think mine look rather like dandelions with claws coming out of their heads and miniature beans stalks for stems, with leaves like steps. 🌱
Ps. I had my local juice bar make up the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie for me today so that I could check it out. I was apprehensive about all of the ingredients and it tasting gross so that made me feel that month. But it was amazing, really pleasant. So now I am looking forward to that month, apart from the possible detox affects. For now I’m doing A with a few supplements and powders and some of the foods. To gently prepare me for it. Loving spirullena and dulse. Who knew? 🌊🐳🥒🥦 (that’s sea vegetables)
I wish you all well in your own healing journeys and give thanks to those who are sharing. I feel your love. 💗
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If you would like to learn 👩🏻‍🏫 how to sew like I do, using the thread to tell a story, reveal a secret, share a truth, heal a wound so deep you can’t physically reach it: contact me at myinsideout@me.com for details and to arrange a time ⌚️. I offer 1-2-1 👯‍♀️and Skype/FaceTime👩🏻‍💻tuition in 1 + 2 hour slots, competitively priced 💸.

Back to school! Jeetje, wat is onze eerste zomervakantie super snel voorbij gegaan. Ongelooflijk. Vandaag mocht hidde weer naar school, ik geloof dat ik het veel spannender vond dan hijzelf 😅. Ik ben vergeten zijn lunchtrommeltje van vandaag op de foto te zetten dus even een trommel uit de oude doos.
Voor mij breekt nu wel weer meer tijd aan om te werken dat is dan wel weer fijn. Op de stapel staan recepten en blogs uitwerken maar nu eerst een online coaching sessie met een fijn persoon die samen met mij 3 maanden lang het avontuur aan gaat om eindelijk weer te mogen gaan leven ipv overleven. Dit doen we door aan voeding,leefstijl en mindset te werken. Prachtig om te zien wat je bereikt als je je aan elkaar verbindt ❤️en er ware commitment is. Ik heb voor deze intensieve 1:1 coachingstrajecten maar een paar plekken dus mocht jij ook weer willen leven ipv overleven en dit samen met mij gaan doen stuur me dan even een privé berichtje🤗. Je zult er geen spijt van hebben.
Fijne dag lieve mensen!
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Yay! I’m excited and I feel empowered now that after years of self-work towards healing I finally know that it’s a virus that caused all of my issues. I’m doing a combination of the 28 day cleanse with the 90 day thyroid challenge. This just means that I’m doing the thyroid protocol with a fat-free, low salt diet. Three days ago I started drinking 1 liter (32 oz) of celery juice a day. I’m used to juicing and detoxing so the larger amount of celery juice hasn’t been a problem. I feel good! I’ve been detoxing and healing for three years now and I did it in steps. I didn’t give up dairy and gluten grains until this year. I’m happy to join the scores of people who Anthony @medicalmedium is helping. This is me hugging you guys 🤗 See my previous post for my story. @theirheartsbeettoo @fit_plus_40 @randa.quensen @dorrygolden @amari_dee @danielcharlesrewis @mr.brandonnewby #medicalmedium #anthonywilliam #epsteinbarrvirus #autoimmunedisease #90daythyroidrehabchallenge #healingjourney #healingmybody #detox #healthyfood #healingfoods #thyroidhealing #autoimmunereversal

So the other day I found this great picture, with my amazing Dad. It made me realize the importance of documenting and taking pictures. Im grateful that he’s still alive, but pictures can bring so many emotions. I use to take a lot of pictures, but for different circumstances I stopped. Mainly because my health have been affecting my lifestyle. I’ve been diagnose with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Looking at this picture I know I was not born with any of these conditions, and I can be stronger, will not let them get the best of me. I will start documenting like I use to love, cause hey it just the little things that may bright your day. English is my second language so my apologies if there are mistakes. Or the thoughts are all over, but thats just the fibro fog 😜#fibromyalgia#picturesareworthathousandwords#chronicfatiguesyndrome#epsteinbarrvirus#fibrowarrior#justkeepswimming#fibromyalgiawarrior

Choosing to become a health coach was a calling. I have always wanted to understand the 'why'. I loved sciences, specifically, human sciences.

In my adult life I have loved expanding my knowledge through continued education in many different forms.
As far as health is concerned, I am passionate at getting to the root cause, not masking the symptoms but understanding and healing at the base level.
I believe we are all entitled to living our best life, painfree, energetized and healthy on every level, mentally, spiritually, physically.
I literally could not put this book down, so many 'aha' moments reading this book that I want to share with all of you. I know so many people are suffering needlessly from autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, rheumatoid arthritis, unexplained pain, high cholesterol, plantar fasciitis, with little or no relief from our medical system.
So many of us have been left feeling as if our bodies are failing us. Even those of us that have tossed our hands up in the air thinking its 'baby brain' that's causing our brain fog, perimenopause or menopause that has caused our unexplained weight gain. Not so, my friends. Our bodies love us. They support us and protect us in ways we cannot even comprehend.
This book was like watching all the puzzle pieces falling into place. All my illnesses as a child, teen and adult, I finally understood the true origin. And by healing myself, I am able to heal my family and ensure that my children don't have the same illnesses that I have suffered.
I believe so strongly in this philosophy that I have adopted these protocols not only in my personal life but into my practice. My clients are already seeing the benefits. It feels so good to watch clients, friends and family reclaiming their lives. More energy, pain free and younger than they have in years.
I am excited to this recommend this book. It is so refreshing to see that your complete holistic health isn't only available to you, but easy to repair. If you need support or don't know where to begin, I am here to help. Know that you do not nor should not be living a compromised life on any level. Message me for more info.xx

It’s taken me a long time, and I still have battles with this each day until I remind myself - I don’t need anyone’s permission to do what I need to do for me!

Dinner! Tonnnns of veggies (most from our new garden) and hummus, apple slices (I had 5 apples, each with one bite out of them, sooo yep I cut them up) and "caramel" dip (dates and cinnamon in a food processor) No cooking for me tonight!🙌🏼

Needing some flower therapy lately. My pink roses are looking so pretty.
I've been taking some down time over the past few weeks. A combination of school holidays and a set back with my health has created a 'one day at a time' vibe. It's safe to say it's been pretty testing!👄
I know it's time to make some big changes. I know it's time to leave the old ways but also be brave enough to step towards the new but unknown. 👄
I also know I'm resisting the changes so I need to work out why. Time to get the new pink journal out. 💗
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The nature of chronic illness is that there are good days and there are hard days. Most of the time, when you wake up in the morning, you don’t know if the day ahead will be a good one or a really hard one. There is a moment, before you lift your head from the pillow, right at the horizon of waking. You take a deep breath, whisper a prayer, and try desperately to believe that today will be one of the good ones. What happens next is up to your body.
The nature of invisible illness is that it’s exactly that. Invisible. Your sick loved one? They don’t look sick. At all. Doesn’t someone have to look sick to be truly sick? Life isn’t a movie. There aren’t always crutches or stitches or bruises or IVs, or hospital gowns. Most often there are mystery symptoms, days and weeks spent in bed wishing you weren’t, and precious few moments spent truly living.
The nature of healing is that it is an incredibly long and complex and life changing journey. One where control is not yours and hope is more a choice than an instinct. For the patient. And the care giver. We are walking this road and if you are too I wish I could pull you close and hug you so tight. I see you. I know you. You do not walk alone.
The truth? It’s impossible to understand chronic illness unless you’ve lived it, but a good way to start is by asking someone you love, who is battling an unseen foe, to share their story. Then just listen. Don’t offer your suggestions or a link to a new study or a book that is sure to help or a diet that cured a friend of a friend. I know those things come from a deep place of love and wanting to help. But when you’re sick? All you want is to be seen and heard and treated like more than your disease. We are already doing research and asking questions and looking for answers. Illness can consume a life, if we let it. So if you love a warrior? Do everything you can to remind them who they are. Also, Larkin suggests wearing a mask when hanging out with your sick daddy. It makes him laugh when nothing else does. And I hear that’s the best medicine. #johnnyandgingerandlyme

Looking for a yummy raw meal?
We’ve got you covered!
Light, tasty cucumber noodles 🥒, tomatoes 🍅 and basil 🌿 topped with garlic basil cashew sauce!
This meal is perfect for the 28 day cleanse and is also very hydrating.
Cucumber Noodles 🌿4 cucumbers 🌿Pint of cherry tomatoes 🌿Fresh basil leaves
Garlic Basil Cashew Sauce 🌿 1 cup cashews 🌿1 1/2 medium lemons 🌿2-3 garlic cloves 🌿1 cup of water 🌿Handful of fresh basil leaves 🌿Sea salt to taste
Spiralize cucumbers and side aside. Blend all cashew sauce items in a blender on high speed until smooth. (The garlic and lemons really make the flavor in the sauce, so add more as needed.) Top noodles with sauce, tomatoes and basil leaves.
This is about 2 servings. (You will have plenty of leftover sauce to use as a dipping sauce for other meals!)
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I am so excited because I ate fully raw yesterday!!! This may not sound like a big deal, but it is to me because I haven’t been able to tolerate eating dinner without any cooked foods for many months!! After my flare up in March, my nervous system became very weak and my adrenals were constantly revving!
I often felt shaky, dry mouth/thirst, sweating under the arms, felt faint, and lots and lots of fatigue, in addition to other neurological symptoms I’ve been dealing with (dizziness/rocking, pain, stiffness, blurry vision, tingles, numbness, balance issues, etc.) _
I had to stick to eating raw til 4 and there were some days it was even difficult making it until dinner, so I had to eat something cooked earlier to reduce symptoms.

I didn’t want to eat ONLY cooked foods, because raw fruits, veggies, and greens are what help us heal (although you totally can eat more cooked in extreme cases.) _
Over the past couple of months I have been working really hard on reducing my viral load and improving my adrenals.
Since I’m off of work, I stayed home all summer (except for a couple of special occasions).... rested as much as possible, took supps/herbs, and grazed throughout the day.
As for the grazing, I started off eating an adrenal snack every 30-45 min and then eventually worked up to every 1-1.5 hours as I started to feel better.
Adrenal snacks should contain a combination of mineral salts (sodium), potassium, and glucose ➡️ for example, celery sticks, date, apple.
Although I am still dealing with this flare, I have noticed many improvements in my symptoms and just felt so ready for a raw dinner. So last night I had MM’s raw spinach soup (I forgot how yummy it is) with nori wraps (cauliflower, shitake mushrooms, and cucumber). It was also all fatfree!
No shakiness or feeling faint! I only had very minimal increase in my usual symptoms, a very mild headache that lasted only a few minutes, and a bout of air hunger a little before bed (which I haven’t experienced in months). Not bad at all though!! _
My goal is 3 days fully raw, maybe with a little avocado so I don’t push the detox too hard. Let’s see how this goes! I am healing!! 🤗

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Dear Eczema Warrior,
I am writing this letter to let you know I understand what you are going through.
✔️I have felt the itch that never stops itching
✔️I have had many restless nights of scratching
✔️I have laid on my bed in just my underwear because everything that touches the flareup makes it itch
✔️I have been shamed and made fun of due to what my skin looked like
✔️I have shivered in pain with every bath I took
✔️I have felt the sadness that accompanies this illness
✔️and.....I have experienced the sense of hope being lost
I promise you, I understand you as I have gone through it myself.
So lean on me, let me lift you, let me put hope back in your heart. I share my story, my journey, my experiences, to shine the light on eczema. I am here to hold space for you to heal. Yes, you can heal my dear friend. I know this because I have done it.
It was challenging and a lot of work, but with understanding & education came strength. After learning the root cause, it’s cycle, & how to heal from @medicalmedium.... I found HOPE. And with it came POWER. I now have control of my health again. Now I sit in the driver’s seat and make choices to help steer me into a life of healing.
So to all of my lovely Eczema Warriors, don’t lose hope, you too can take your life back, and take the path to heal!
Please know that I have so much love and compassion for all of you!!!
Love you ALL so dearly,
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
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This work is a journey in embroidery and in life, translating my own personal experiences into art. It is also a way of making sense out of the confusion and pulling purpose from the path. Photographing it daily and partnering it with written reports – each in itself a miniature snapshot into my life – allows me to document so that in ten years time I’ll remember. And it makes it more accessible, too, so that others can follow along. 🤳🏽
As part of being accountable, I keep an Instagram page and a blog, and post to a Facebook group. Most people are really nice and some are really supportive. But, as in every situation, occasionally, there are some who are not. This hurts as well as confuses, because I would never act or be like this, never speak ill, unprovoked, to anyone, let alone a stranger. And, also, because if you took the time to get to know me, to look and read or at least check me out... you would see that this a journey of great depth. The sewing and the telling are vital, challenging, changing and healing the experience like Vitamins. 💊
Today in cheerful pink; pink that is softer and lighter than yesterday, like watermelon instead of raspberry, I couch another camisole/bra strap adjuster, turning it into intestines. I’m enjoying adding these organs and studying them as I go, learning all about the purpose and benefits of keeping them well. I realised yesterday, as I was swimming laps – which is when I drift off and think about the meaning of life – that it’s ridiculous, really, that we have to take lessons to drive a car and to operate machinery, have to go to school to learn about history, geography, science and maths... but in all that no one really spends more than a second on the body and how best to maintain and keep it. 👇🏻
Continued in comments. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Just learnt about Sisu - an expression used in Finnland 🇫🇮 which describes their national determination for difficult situation. Let’s all be a bit sisu! 💕
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Napi gyümölcssali nem maradhat ki. Még mindig nagyon szeretem. Végre nem kell számolgatni, hogy mennyi gyümölcsöt ehetek egy nap. Amennyi belém fér 😂😉😀
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Doubters will doubt!
Don’t listen, follow your heart!
Research, practice or whatever you need to do to Prove Them Wrong!
You are so worth the struggle🌸.

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