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Legend's aren't born overnight. I recently sat w/the ladies of @junesdiary ( who open up for #TheAfterPartyTour ) and discussed tips on obtaining longevity. I figured this series can help all up-coming artist. #PressPlay

#LessonsFromKellz #EpisodeThree

Unfortunately this particular footage was stolen and we cannot release it properly the way we wanted to. So here's a snippet of the original, of @nathankara and I, directed by @deanalao We recreated this piece at a later date. To check out the most recent version, search for @DEANA.artist on Facebook. #RawFootage #EpisodeThree #Saved #TBT

In case you were wondering what it looked like after @andrewprimate and @cassiegilling left rehearsal today...#MorningPower #TheMorningHostShow #EpisodeTHREE @recklesstheatre JUNE 3, 10:30pm!

Everyone tune in to the next episode of Joffrey Elite, coming out at 6pm est on @awesomenesstv !! #youtube #everyfriday #joffreyelite #awesomenesstv #joffreyeliteshow #episodethree

Kingin' with TYGA ft @anjaliworld performing at the Sacremento Kings game with myself, @ajadepaolo @annasophia24 and @corriewyse hittin those steps ! Good times !!!! #MTV #AnjaliWorld #GirlSquad #EpisodeThree #Kingin

Make sure to watch #QUARRY tonight at 10pm! If you don't have Cinemax you can check out the first two episodes on YouTube! #mustachecity #episodethree #wecouldplayhitmen

The last #BandMemberOfTheWeek for the 2016-2017 academic school year goes to our Band Manager Michael Saxer. On Michael’s first day of high school in 2011, he watched and heard the St. Anthony's HS Pipe Band – which is a band comprised of current students - perform at St. Anthony's High School welcoming ceremony. Michael was immediately hooked and knew learning how to play the pipes was something he wanted to pursue. So with months of practice and hard work, Michael became an official member of the St. Anthony’s PB. Now he is a bagpiper for @empirepipeband – a Grade Three competition band – and the Iona College Pipe Band. Michael says his favorite part about being in our pipe band is the diversity of talent and skill sets amongst our members, and we agree! He also says he loves playing the bagpipes because he is reminded of his Irish heritage and the fond memories he made as a young boy with his family members at St. Patrick’s Day parades.

Michael is currently a sophomore that is majoring in Computer Science. He is originally from East Northport, New York, and chose to attend Iona College solely because of our pipe band. He knew Iona would be a place where he would have peers who shared his love of pipe bands and would be pushed to become a better player. Aside from serving as our Band Manager, Michael is the Community Service Chairman for the Computer Science Club. He also enjoys solving riddles, crosswords and other brainteaser puzzles in his spare time. Thank you for always making yourself available to help your fellow band mates and we hope you will keep up the great work next year!

Fun fact: Michael is a big fan of Star Wars and his favorite movie is Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith #starwars #episodethree #pipeband #computerscience


Tales from the #Whineless ones (DAYS 1-7 of the #Onelesswhinerchallenge)
WARNING: You might relate to this.
<Episode Three>

7. "It's actually hard especially if you're the type to complain without even being aware of it for the first three statements, then later you realise you're complaining. So I've had to be much more conscious and observe the situation around and just ask.. what will complaining actually do? It does nothing so I most times just keep quiet 🙊 or focus on something good or just eat." -Ademiju Fakoya

8. "Well I'm not sure how to describe it lol. But its been refreshing. There's a change of character and a sense of fullness. I was initially working on my self to learn but I feel this #onelesswhiner challenge really helped a lot. You know when you stop complaining about things you'll realize how alright things are and how bad they could have been
This brings contentment." - Uduak

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Pickle Rick in the house ladies and gentlemen. Creds to @robisrael once again. #picklerick #episodethree

When you start a new series and you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. #handmaidstale #episodethree

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