#LiveActionReaction // Clueless: School's Out ‼️This video might contain spoilers‼️ Full video available on my YouTube channel - Scotti Reacts (link to channel in bio). #ScottiReacts #Clueless #episodegetsclueless

I came up with the name outta nowhere😂
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Nyeam. *Filipinos will get this reference.*
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Eh, as if! (Cher's voice)
Movie: Clueless
I lowkey love this movie. I am a sucker for chick flicks and classic teen movies.
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Good times and crazy friends make the best memories ✨ #episodegetsclueless 📸: @grizzleemartin

The ‘90s called, and they want their flip phones back and feather boas back!! We still can’t believe we’re hanging out with the coolest girls in school 😍 How far are you in Clueless: School’s Out?? #EpisodeGetsClueless

Now that I've gotten to play this game a bit I've got to be honest I love it ❤️ Reminded me of how much I love the movie. The only thing I don't like is the gems. I just feel like the gem count for choices is too high & then it's too expensive because it adds up. You'd buy the smallest gem packet and then use it for a choice but then you'd be out of gems because the amount for the choice is the amount you bought. So that's annoying & then I feel like im not getting the most out of the story but that's a lot of the stories on episode. But other than that I love it ❤️ #EpisodeGetsClueless

Limited closet space? As IF!! Experience Cher’s iconic closet in Clueless, now on the @Episode app! #EpisodeGetsClueless

🌈 rainbow dreams come true! Thanks @smallgirlspr ☺️ #soclueless #episodegetsclueless #inthe90s #jellies

Apparently the videographers at the Clueless party got some awesome footage of me during that epic Macarena! (For some reason IG won't let me share this video in my story but oh well. I'll just share it here) #SoClueless #EpisodeGetsClueless @episode

Okay, so you're probably going "is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?" 💁🏼 this week, we launched @episode's new Clueless app and threw Cher's pool party for @paramountpics & @musical.ly 🌟 #EpisodeGetsClueless #SoClueless #sgprevents 👉🏻👉🏼👉🏽👉🏾👉🏿t

UGH! As if! 💁 @LianeV rockin' it at the #EpisodeGetsClueless Pool Party as one of their partners for the launch! @Episode #clueless

Some of the Episode team getting their 90s on for the #episodegetsclueless launch party #WeAreGems

Making MAJOR waves at the #Clueless launch party with @musical.ly!! The ‘90s pool theme was 🔥🔥🔥#EpisodeGetsClueless

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