*Beautiful Misfit*
Some says you are charming, some may not even consider you.
Some calls you chubby, some fat shames you.
In someone's perspective you are hot, some may think 'no you are not'.
Some like curvy, and calls you cute,
Other may just laugh off.
People always tell us you have bigger thighs, smaller breast, etc etc.
I want to ask who are you?
How come you are deciding the dimensions of a perfect body, perfect look.
No, nobody's perfect neither are you.
We all have flaws. And that makes me, me.
And makes you, you.
Women are considered as goddess
Please don't.
Treat us as a human being.
We can take care ourselves for rest of all.
Don't let other tell you what is better.
First stand for yourself than for others.
We have always try to fit in, in other's frame of perfection.
And forget to be a beautiful misfit.🖕✌ ©Vivekta_Singh

Understanding someone deeply is as necessary as liking someone. It's like accepting someone with their best and worst. With their glorious shine and with their darkness. And if someone can't accept your dark side. They don't deserve your bright side. If you say you love someone, love them at their worst and stand by them, no matter what it takes. #writersnetwork #writersofig #writersofmirakee #poetry #poetssoul #poetssociety #epigram #epiquotings #spilledink #spilledthoughts #quotesayings #quotewriting #soultouched #soultosoul #carvedsoul

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