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After a nap... yeah I'll be totally fierce. In hopes my wolf remains next to me while I sleep and offers me strength, cuz man do I need it. Ever notice on the days you need it most you tend to struggle the worst with your epilepsy. Stress is a butthead.
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If we say "we got this" we got this. Don't treat us as if we are glass because we are different or less than. It's rude, and embarrasing.
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So, my brother @sheepdog1973.338 and I are doing a little talk to the little scouts about epilepsy awareness. What do you think are some key points we should hit on?
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When your moving, but you start to have myoclonics, that fun postictal feeling... Ugh the pounding in your head... and there's nothing left but floor to lay on.
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Last drug free day 💊 let’s hope lacosamide is the one that controls my battered brain 🤞🏼 #epilepsystruggles

RepostBy @fyouepilepsy: "This photo still makes me laugh everytime I look at it, the expression on my face says it all😂 Stupidly, I turned up to my EEG with freshly washed hair and make up on and left looking like someone who had been dragged through a hedge backwards😂 it took me absolutely ages to get that bloody glue out of my hair #epilepsystruggles" (via #InstaRepost @EasyRepost)

#epilepsynigeria #epilepsyawareness

You will always come across ignorant individuals. How you react to it will make the change. Inform of you can, or simply be sorry for those who are afraid of what they don't understand.
#epilepsyfighter #epilepsywarrior #epilepsystruggles #epilepsystrong #invisibleillness #bepositive #ignorance #bethechange

This is one day worth of antiepileptic drugs for me, and still increasing. This is the reality for those of us with intractable generalized epilepsy with no surgical options. I met with another neurologist on Tuesday and he said that I've got two more pharmaceutical options after this to add to this to his knowledge if this combo does not work. This afternoon I'm going to see about making an appointment with my epileptologist to see if he has anymore insight. I also take other meds for various other health problems and to combat the side effects of the aed.
I spoke with the state of Texas vocational rehabilitation department about trying to help find me a job that works around my various disabilities and the lady said it was a challenge and a long shot but she would see what she could do.
I know we are supposed to be "warriors" and what not but today is one of those days I feel like total bum. I'm a somewhat intelligent guy but I'm unable to even keep myself steady at the moment. I fell 7 time yesterday doing basic life chores like taking a shower. I couldn't even unload the damned dishwasher cause I knew I'd drop what I took out.
I want to fight but each day hope gets dimmer and dimmer. Just for once I wish I could get some good news concerning my health.
#epilepsy #epilepsystruggles #epilepsysucks #epilepsyproblems #fuckepilepsy #deaf #braindead #fml #thestruggleisreal

After 20 years with a 2-3 pack a day habit, I am quitting once I finish this pack. #epilepsy #epilepsystruggles #epilepsysucks #epilepsyproblems #quitsmoking #smoking #deadlungs #sad

How I feel sometimes. I have goals, and I won't allow my epilepsy hold me back... Though some days I have no choice but to take a seat and relax. Those days are frustrating! Winter I have a lot of those days! My dreams and goals may take a little extra time but I'll get there!
#epilepsyfighter #epilepsywarrior #epilepsystruggles #epilepsystrong #epilepsyawareness #epilepsyadvocate

Day 27 “The Struggle is Real” #lephotochallenge. •

The struggle is real but you will very rarely see it. I keep it hidden because I don’t want to focus on it and give it power it doesn’t deserve. •

I will take the struggle and survive because it has created my mission of hope, empowerment and education so I can help others.

Epilepsy 💜

Hi my name is Angelika and I am living with a chronic illness called epilepsy.

My life is what I like to call it a very interesting live I have absences seizures they come and go or they last all day they don’t last very long maybe 10 or 30 seconds they are absence seizures so you can’t see them but you you know I am having one by the way I acted I can feel them like I get dizzy and sometimes really sick 🤕 with a bad headache 🤕 and stomach discomfort.
But nothing is really new to me anymore I am used to all the seizure medicine all the doctors appointments and the testing so can not begin to tell all the test I have had ct scans X-rays and ekgs and eegs and ultrasounds and many more and with the comes all the blood work that is no fun I hate having my arm poked by all the needles looking for a blood vein and having a ivy in my arm hurts too.

I cried so many tears in pain of having my arm poked by needles and the pain of having a epilepsy headache and having a new test I am just thankful for my support team my mom and family and friends my mom holds my hand through it all I am glad to have her there with me.

I have a lot to be thankful for and I am thankful for medicine that helps me and my family a and friends and God. #epilepsyawareness #epilepsyday #epilepsy #livingwithanxiety #livingwithepilepsy #livingwithepilepsy💜 #livingwithachronicillness #epilepsysucks #epilepsyjourney #epilepsystruggles #epilepsystrong #mysupportteam @epilepsydiaries #myepilepsyjourney #myepilepsystory #epilepsymeds #bloodwork #chronicillness

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