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Guess we're not the only ones.... "They're HERE!!! ❤️🖤
This is like the best day, of my entire life!!!#EpicEnergy Never again will I allow myself to have quantity 0 on hand." @jenmitchell83

Celebrating my brother @therealswizzz on his Clabo with x Bally turning up with my sister @aliciakeys #slickrick #dougiefresh #epicenergy

Listening to Bob Proctor read from Think & Grow Rich?
Yes please!
#epicbook + #epicperson + #epicenergy = #EPICsucess

@stewart.heffernan @heywillwheeler AND @taniabrownyoga on the mat @yogarisepeckham this morning ... I believe that's what they call in the industry a #fridaytreat thanks for coming guys, absolutely loved having you all in class 🙏🏼 #epicenergy ✌🏼️😜 xx

#EPICEnergy provides us with much needed energy to keep moving!

Can't wait to watch @melrobbinslive on stage!!! #epicenergy #keynotespeaker #sandiego

Body Pump 100💪🏋🏻. #epicenergy #isaacrockedit #postherc'sproteinpancake


Kids size kombucha, this slightly fizzy fermented tea bevie is a natural source of probiotic bugs for gut health. This batch made by @josi.arsenault nomnomnom

Going to be totally raw, vulnerable, and real tonight.....this past month has been hard. Starting back to school, new schedules, new demands.....I have been overwhelmed. When things get that way I tend to shut down and feel as if I can't keep my head above water. I always try to stay positive, but every now and then the negative pushes it's way into my head. I start to second guess myself. Am I being the best mom, wife, teacher, and coach I can be? As a mom, I can tell you we wear a lot of different hats and it can be super stressful! Tonight I'm very thankful for the strong and positive women I surround myself with. For without them, I would not have been reminded that I do matter and I am important. I am passionate about everything that I do especially with helping others. I can get down on myself when things are not going how I intended and hoped for them to go. This past month was a great reminder to focus on a few things instead of the whole picture and be the best me I can be regardless if they don't go as I have envisioned them.....things work themselves out, they always do. 💗
#takecareofyou #onedayatatime #wearingmanyhats #workingonmeforme #momof2 #iamteambeachbody #positivemindpositivelife #epicenergy #momboss #teacher

August 21, 2016
My Sia - California Dreamin' mashup played by @djphilromano @circuitfestival #Ibiza #Matinee #Amnesia #Epicenergy
Still available on my Soundcloud page. Thanks @marceldutch for the footage

Listening to Bob Proctor read from Think & Grow Rich?
Yes please!
#epicbook + #epicperson + #epicenergy = #EPICsucess

Monday's set the tone for the week. I don't know about you but I love getting a strong, positive start. No better way of ending an epic Monday than with great people, full of positive energy. 🤗💪💥
#happymonday #thankgoditsmonday #tgim #startstrong #setthetone #positivevibes #workoutwentdown #epicenergy #herbafam #greathabits

Celebrating my brother @therealswizzz on his Clabo with x Bally turning up with my sister @aliciakeys #slickrick #dougiefresh #epicenergy

Omg @isolatorfitness Epic makes me bounce off the walls and break a major sweat! New favorite pre! Can't wait to try it in two days when I'm back in full force & allowed to do more than walk and lift 15lbs!!!! 💪🏼💥

I may not be the fastest.
I may not have the best coordination.
I may not be the strongest, but you can bet when I start something I am going to give it my all. 💗
This workout was challenging for me, but I pushed through and it left me wanting more! Can not wait for the launch of Shift Shop on July 12th!! Love the motivation and positivity that @chrisdowningfitness brings to the table!💗 I will conquer this program and it will make me stronger! 💪🏼😊💗 #ShiftShop #Sweepstakes #maketheshift #gettingstrongereveryday #believeinyourself #EpicEnergy @chrisdowningfitness @carldaikeler @Beachbody

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