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(59/100) Jade plant.
Continuing with my #epchouseplants series with this jade plant (see my stories for the actual plant!). I've had this guy since he was only a few inches tall and he's made it through many years of Brooklyn living with very little sunlight. If you have a black thumb, I'd recommend this plant - super durable and pretty low maintenance. I rushed a little with this piece, but I think I did him justice? πŸ˜„ Do you have a favorite houseplant? #100daysofjpmusings #the100dayproject

(41/100) String of pearls - painted.
Third houseplant of the series done! What plant should I paint next? πŸ™ƒ #100daysofjpmusings #the100dayproject #epchouseplants

(39/100) String of pearls.
Continuing my houseplant series with this string of pearls plant 🌿 Does anyone have this plant at home? Curious to know if the "pearls" fall off easily. I have a Burro's tail, which grows similarly to the string of pearls, and the leaves are so sensitive - every time it bumps into anything, the leaves just fall off πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ <- my new favorite emoji. Anyway, I hope everyone's having a good week! #100daysofjpmusings #the100dayproject #epchouseplants

(33/100) Fiddle leaf fig tree part iii.
I'm so glad that you guys enjoyed the process video that I posted of this fiddle leaf fig last week. Here's the fully painted version! Happy Wednesday! 😊 #100daysofjpmusings #the100dayproject #epchouseplants

(31/100) Process.
Posting a little clip of my watercoloring process for the fiddle leaf fig tree illustration that I posted last week πŸ™‚ That little strip of paper above the illustration is scrap paper that I use to swatch all my colors before I start painting. Once all the colors are decided, I like to paint a light wash (starting with the lightest shade of color), then I'll continue to add darker layers on top until I feel like I've captured enough depth/dimension in the illustration. This video only captures the first two "layers" of the leaves, but I usually go back at least 3-4x before I'm done with a piece. I know it's hard to catch here (video is 12x speed), but I use both wet on wet and wet on dry techniques. I'll post the finished piece when it's done!
I was also wondering - would you guys be interested if I did a live story of me painting an illustration like this? What other things would you like to learn more about? Let me know in a comment below! 😊 #100daysofjpmusings #the100dayproject #jpbotanicals #epchouseplants

(29/100) Snake plant.
Continuing my houseplant series with a snake plant, also know as Mother-in-Law's Tongue. I made the mistake of painting on non-watercolor paper, but I kind of enjoyed the wrinkly texture it gave me 😊 #100daysofjpmusings #the100dayproject #jpbotanicals #epchouseplants .
P.S. Thank you all for the kind words of support in response to my name change today πŸ™ƒ I spent the day excited and so thankful for all your messages. If you missed the announcement, check my previous post for details πŸ’•

(27/100) Fiddle leaf fig tree.
Hey everyone! It's been a few days since my last post! Hope you've all been well! I've just been enjoying some down time with the hubs and catching up on a few things 😊 I actually have some exciting news that I'll be sharing with you in the next few days, so I hope you'll stick around for that! ❀️ In the meantime, here's a little sketch of a fiddle leaf fig tree that I drew earlier today. Do you have a favorite houseplant? I'm working on a series of houseplant sketches and would love to hear your favorites! 🌱 #100daysofjpmusings #the100dayproject #jpbotanicals #epchouseplants
Sketch inspired by a post from @greenerynyc πŸ’š

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