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So proud of you! I'm officially married to an EOD tech. Next step, Japan! #eodmemorial

Today is the EOD Memorial. I will never forget my brothers. #EODWF #eodmemorial #neverforget

A little bit of burpee fun this morning @the_main_line_crossfits #eodmemorial #wod #ironcrossathletics

Blessed are the brave
A few weeks ago we attended the EOD Memorial and Ball. It's taken me weeks to fully digest how that weekend has impacted my life forever. As a military family we face harsh realities daily. Loved ones miss special holidays, go away to train for weeks at a time and deploy for months (sometimes years) with little contact. In the wake of our families first deployment I left that weekend feeling truly blessed. Blessed that we could communicate during the long deployment because of 21st century technology. Blessed that while we were physically apart our marriage was still able to grow and flourish. Blessed that during that time I was given beautiful female friendships that I could pour into and draw strength from. And most importantly blessed that my sailor returned home safely. During the memorial, EOD techs gathered along side each other, generations new and old. They stood shoulder to shoulder reminiscing about past wars and previous deployments.
We sat next to a woman who had lost her brother during the WWII. It took her breath away to see how much the young men in uniform looked like her dear Charles. She told us that it warmed her heart to see his legacy live on. It's easy to drum up our time in the military as a series of deployments, trainings and PCS's, but truthfully it's been so much more. The military has challenged our family in ways that have secured our foundation forever. Military families overcome great obstacles and become master mind readers. We learn to anticipate needs and think quickly on our feet (because we all know that the military never follows through with Plan A or Plan B). We gain friendships that seamlessly turn into family members because "we just get it". We adventure together, we mourn together and we pray together.
To the military families waiting for someone to come home, we stand with you. To those who are staring down a future deployment, we stand with you. And to those who have lost a loved one, WE REMEMBER.
#EODmemorial #memorialday

Lt. Tucker: I love you and am so proud of you. ❤️ #EOD #EODMemorial #heroes #WeRemember

|| Memorial Day || thinking about all those who didn't come home and the families they left behind. #memorialdayweekend #merica #navyeod #eod #eodmemorial

@bobby_isenberg after completing the EOD Memorial WOD @eod_wf #postwod #crossfit #eodmemorial #charlottefoerschlerphotography


To say I look attractive when I work out would be a lie but to say I don't work hard would be a lie too. I honestly love working hard to achieve greatness and a great deal of sweat 💦

Ok I'll take it! Training starts today for the #eodwf #eodmemorial 5K on Memorial Day. So I chose to skip looking for a bomb suit and wen with a 50lbs weight vest. Run 1 inhaler shit the bed on me but still managed to squeeze out 2.5K at a decent clip. #getoutthere #setagoal #mizuno #mizunowaveenigma5 #trainforlife #nikeplus #bmrtx

Everyone go sign up on EVENTBRITE.COM for the EOD Warrior 5k 💣that my husband has worked very hard on! It will be held at Eastwood Metropark in Dayton on May 6th starting at 8am. 🏃🏼The race will be honoring all members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have risked their lives at disposing explosives. All proceeds will be donated to the EOD Warrior Foundation. If you have any questions feel free to message me. 😁

Silkies everywhere!!! 🦀 💣

5 years ago today we lost Team Tripwire. 5 years ago today we lost three fathers, husbands, sons, and friends. These men made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation's freedom and we will be forever grateful. Today and every day, we remember.
A1C Matthew Seidler
SrA Bryan Bell
TSgt Matthew Schwartz
#honorthefallen #weremember #neverforget #eomfd #eodwf #eodwarriorfoundation #eod #eodmemorial #teamtripwire #schwartzmemorialplunge #usaf #usarmy #usmc #usn #army #airforce #marines #navy #theultimatesacrifice

Yesterday a teammate and I did the EOD Memorial 131 WOD workout to honor of the 131 EOD techs lost since 9/11... The workout consisted of...
🔺65 front squats w 95lbs 🔺65 kettle bell swings w 54lbs
🔺65 single arm kettle bell press w 34lbs
🔺64 partner over burpees
🔺65 hang cleans
🔺65 pull ups
🔺65 box jumps
🔺65 push-ups
🔺65 pendlay barbell rows w 95lbs
🔺1/4 mile run

Every rep honored each tech lost. So proud to be able to have done this workout for a great cause. Thank you for asking me to be your partner, Elena!! #eodmemorialchallenge #eodmemorial #unitedstatesarmy #unhwomensrugby #lastbreath #future #angels

#super #excited and #honored to #create a #secret #auction item for a group of #amazing people.
#eod #eodmemorial
Kicking off the project with #malbec from #tackittfamilyvineyards
When the project is done I will #celebrate with #eodcellars #masterblaster #cheers
#wine #vino #corks #philanthropy #happy
yes, that is a drill! #powertools

Please support the survivors and victims families by ordering our hilarious and delicious cookbook! All recipes based on EODM songs! Dissentionrecords.com #dissentionrecords #eodmofficial #eodmemorial #eodm #jessehughes #nerdjuice79

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