#EnzoAmore Kicked Off Of A #Plane

Pro Wrestling Sheet has verified an earlier tweet on social media that reported Enzo Amore was thrown off of a plane due to vaping.

The former Cruiserweight Champion didn’t follow instructions from a flight attendant to stop vaping on a plane heading to #LosAngeles from #JFK, with Enzo being thrown off prior to it taking off. Someone on the plane also shouted out his “How you doing?” catchphrase as he walked off the plane.

Pro Wrestling Sheet says a rep for #DeltaAirlines confirmed the incident involving Enzo Amore (aka ‘@Real1’) took place, but it’s unclear if any legal action against the former #WWE star once he was removed from the plane. 

Kurt Cobangle

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Just heard a story about a wrestler just getting kicked off a plane. Like, it just happened. Screaming match with flight attendant resulted in the plane being turned around. I hope it is true. 

Kurt Cobangle


Okay. So it was Enzo. I saw footage. As he is getting walked off dude on the flight says "How you doin?". Enzo hears it, turns and smiles. AMAZING!!!! 9:09 AM · Nov 15, 2018 · .
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Enzo Amore kicked off a plane for vaping and not following flight instructions #EnzoAmore #Real1 #WWE
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Details in bio. #EnzoAmore @real1

If Only I Could Run Into Him At The Airport. 🖤🤞🏽
I Would Probably Cry, Lol. 😍❤️
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