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@Regrann from @consciousvibrancy - Our emotions hold power. Many of us over the years have conditioned ourselves to bury that which we refuse to face inside of ourselves. Pain, fear, guilt, doubt, all of these dense energies can store themselves within us. By freeing our stuck emotions, this energy which holds tremendous power can act as the fastest and most effective method to awaken and heal ourselves. By cleaning out the old stagnant energies that we have buried away, we create room for new energies that may bring forth healing to restore balance within the body. A weight is then lifted as we let go of that which no longer serves us, ridding ourselves of the anchor that's held us down subconsciously for so many years, as dark, uncomfortable feelings transform into love.

Anger inflates us...it's hot and too big for comfort!

Fear contracts and puts us into fight or flight mode... everything within us contracts, including the pineal gland.
Grief hurts, it's a heavy emotion that we can drag along with us for a long time.

To release trapped emotions and stagnant energy we must allow ourselves to heal. We must face that which is uncomfortable for us to look at and we must allow ourselves to feel those emotions until they slowly whither away and we then can get ready to release them. Far too often we'd rather ignore, self medicate, and do anything else that allows us to take our minds off of that which brings us discomfort. Work on healing your heart by talking to the inner child that you've ignored within yourself for so many years. An aspect of yourself that you abandoned because you couldn't stand to look at the dark side of duality that exists within you.
It seems we're only there for ourselves when times are good, but as soon as we face some internal challenges that we in turn feel overwhelmed by, we immediately abandon an intimate aspect of ourselves that cries for healing.

Detox your body, try some yoga maybe, incorporate some conscious breath work and meditate. Work to heal your heart. Through the physical detoxification of our bodies there comes an energetic purging to follow, as old energies and toxins are released through the healing process.

Haters gonna say it's photoshop 😄 o yes! I'm so fat in reality 😂😂😂
Просто обычная я.
Мне тут сказали, что надо зафотошопить жирок 😂
А я люблю свой "жирок" 😄зачем его фотошопить?
Попадаются иногда настолько злобные тролли, что блокируешь раз, заводят тут же другой акк и снова 💩 два... пять... Это как же ненавидеть надо, чтоб совершать столько телодвижений ради меня.
Но, знаете, я это даже ценю. 😂 Хуже всего - равнодушие.
Так что, мне очень приятно! Пишите ещё, дорогие! И обязательно нагадьте в Директ, чтоб я знала, какой я жирный урод, дура и предатель Родины. Только, вряд ли ты станешь счастливее, злобный человек, даже если я и правда разожрусь до твоих размеров. ✌🏻️😉 #oxanarumyantseva #momof4

Had a great time at #Serenity with @fionathefiesta today. I think it's safe to say I'm going to be feeling the sun burn in about 3 hours...

Absolutely! As long as we both love it I'm not worried about your opinion...😉❤️😍 He loves my thick thighs! 😉😍
#beachgirltilidi #thick #thickthighs #he #loves #them #natural #size #sexy #envy #is #a #mf #dont #hate


My wisteria never looked like this! #envy #beautifulbc #bcgardens #okanaganlife @roganantoinette

Neighbor's envy, owner's pride. ;) #mango #season #summer #rawmango #kairi #envy #neighborhood #yummy

Minutes or days, time with this guy are the best #sumhotinvitation #apha #envy #floridadreamin #floridapainthorseclub

The #memories of your #pureness envelop my world. My mind sees you and yearns for your #beauty to fill my eyes like #sunlight fills a window rich room. You speak to me but others can't hear you. Those living within you don't appreciate you as much as I do. I #envy them- those #mountain dwellers. Those #Himalayan locals. They don't know your #splendor. I know you. And when I return to you, if you don't stop me from leaving again, you better kill me and bury me beneath your stones. Because if I leave #India again, I will die of #despair.

Got one tonight! Hole 4 Lakewood.. Been trying to get one on this bad boy for a while! @mnflight with the assist #AceClub #8 #DiscGolf #gothrowbro #axiom #envy #stpauldiscgolfclub

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