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It's so close to being done but I can't help sharing!!!!! This entry way has been a thorn in my side since we moved in a little over a year ago. I was even embarrassed for the mail person to come near it😬 All that's left us to take care of that concrete👍 #youandmeathome #homerenovation #entrywaydecor #entrywaymakeover

It's so hard to stay organized during the school year. This year, I've got a plan! My plan just so happens to be as adorable as it is hopefully efficient. #weshallsee #thehinklehouse #letsgetorganized #targetdoesitagain #entrywaymakeover

Trying to decorate a very tiny entryway has its challenges, but I'm liking it so far! 🙂 #cashfarmstead#farmhousestyle#entrywaymakeover

Im at work & my husband just texted me this picture. I've never been more excited to get an ugly pic of my house being ripped apart😂 operation "entryway makeover" is under way🔨⚠️🚧 #homemakeover #entrywaymakeover #diy

It's reveal day tomorrow!!! This entry got its second #100roomchallenge makeover, and I cannot wait to share it you! Plus there are two dozen other bloggers that took on the challenge with me. If you don't think you can make big changes on a tiny budget, think again! The reveals are going to be incredible! #revealday #entryway #entrywaymakeover

Before and after. Thanks Pinterest. I've wanted tondo this since we moved in our house. Finally done. New flooring, a storage bench filled with shoes, lots of paint minus an old door that barely worked. #Pinterest #entrywaymakeover #pittsburghpaint #homegoodshappy

So confession: I suppose I had 2 favorite spaces ☺We lightened up my clients' entryway while keeping her sweet vintage sideboard that her father built for her many years ago, but gave it a fresh new whitewashed look. Just a few new accessories including these fabulous @suryasocial mirrors I found at @highpointmarket back in October...I.LOVE how they lightened up her space while adding a classy elegant and modern feel! #entrywaymakeover #oldfurniturenewlife


This picture came up in my Facebook memories today so I thought I'd share here. Tired of the pile of shoes in my tiny entry, I came up with this solution. Simple, creative, and functional! Four years later there's a backpack and much bigger shoes and jacket taking up residence there! But it's still organized! #interiordesign #reflectionsdesignstudio #entrywaymakeover #organizedchaos #formmarriesfunction

Fabulous mix of wood and tile, with a colorful rug to pull it all together. This beauty is by carisselynelle for @skylervm and @allievm, photographed by @fluxi

Keeping your home tidy is all about having a place for everything. If you're hoping to transform your home from a crazy mess to a cozy nest, don't be afraid to start small. With each area you improve, you'll gain momentum and learn more about your personal style. Not sure where to begin? How about when you first walk in the door! 🏡🚪🔑 Hang a cute shelf in your entryway and designate a specific spot for your keys. If you always hang your keys in the same place, then you'll never again face that hectic scramble of trying to find your keys while running late. And by revamping your entryway decor, you can be sure that your home's first impression fits your aesthetic.

Because of the way our house is laid out, we almost never (and I mean never) use our actual front door. The few times a year I do crack this thing open, it’s covered in cobwebs or cozily accommodating wasps nests, that’s how undisturbed this area usually is. The mudroom/pantry is off of the side door so we almost exclusively use that one for coming and going, and have long neglected this front area as a result. But along with some of my current dining room projects, I decided to finally give this attached area some love. Between the new board and batten I put up (it wraps around the rest of the dining room which I’ll have to reveal in a separate post); the new navy/black paint on the door; the sweet traditional style rug I found on Target clearance; and the wooden coat rack I stained dark to match the rest of the room, I’m now loving this little forgotten corner of our home. We still don’t use this entrance ever, but at least I can enjoy looking at it every time I’m sitting down to eat. ☺️🎨🛠 #entrywaymakeover #easydiys

I know many of us get overwhelmed with the financial burden of making over spaces in our home. We feel like we just don't have enough money to do anything, so we live with spaces that aren't "us". Two years ago I started the$100 Room Challenge as a way to show that you do NOT need a crazy outlandish budget to make a space beautiful. Today I am sharing my 13th makeover done with a budget of $100 or less! And this entry came in under budget at just $60! This was actually makeover #2 for this space, you can scroll through the images to see its history. Pop on over to the blog to see the full reveal! AND I wasn't the only one working on a tight budget... two dozen other bloggers worked along side me, taking on spaces in their own homes with only $100 to spend. You can see them all in the linkup at the end of the reveal post. #100roomchallenge .
#roomreveal #entryway #farmhousestyle #farmhouse #farmhouseentry #farmhouseentryway #entrywaymakeover #roommakeover

If you're following my instastories you'd know yesterday I began "shiplapping" my little entry way! I still plan on painting the inside of my door but for now I'm all the heart eyes with how it's turning out. Also I wanted something meaningful above our door, and had decided on the words "Christ before me" and as I looked it up I found this beautiful poem by Saint Patrick and this part I chose to go with was beyond perfect for our home ❤️#makingahouseahome

Serious contender for ugliest front door ever contest. Coming up in my cue of projects after painting and installing the entryway baseboard and door casing. Still playing around with a couple ideas, but this should make a pretty cool transformation in the next week or two... #frontdoormakeover #diy #remodel #entrywaymakeover #frontdoor

Finally finished! Now I'm just trapped in my house until it's set... ;) Can't WAIT to grout this baby! Only one broken tile, and I only drew blood once, so I'll call that a win! (And i was able to cut down the broken pieces to use elsewhere, so we ended up with less than one tile's worth of waste-double win!) Really excited about how this project is coming along. I love tiling, and this has sure been a fun one. #diy #tileproject #entryway #entrywaymakeover #imnotactuallytrappedinmyhouse #icanjumpreallyfar

This one had me at the get go 💙💙 Perfect for your Home Sweet Home.
What does your mat say about you and your home?
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Over 8 man hours into removing this small section of floor... I was toast, had blisters, and sore knees. Our friends took it upon themselves to come over with an air compressor and an electric hammer/drill and ice cream. What took me 2 hours took 20 min with this tool and not back breaking at all. While he worked with me in the entryway, she did my dishes and cleaned my kitchen. Now I have hope for tomorrow!!! #keepingmyeyesontheprize #wehavethebestfriends #remodeling #demolition #entrywaymakeover #entryway #1880sfarmhouse #farmhouse

Finally found the perfect shelf for our entryway 🖤

Cold dreary days like today just make me want to stay in my sweatpants and get under a blanket all day. So I'm curled up on the couch with my laptop as the #Irma wind and rain come in. I started working on this Scandinavian inspired entry space today and I'm loving how the simple and clean design scheme is coming together. 🌿🖤
Hope everyone is staying safe and sound while we wait for this storm to pass over 🙏🏻

Wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day!

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