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When you wake up in the morning and break an egg into a frying pan only to realize you want oatmeal instead, there isn’t much you can do. You can’t exactly put the egg back in the shell. The principle that makes it impossible for you to unbreak that egg is the same one that makes it impossible for the universe to go through a reverse Big Bang—and may explain why time only goes forward, never backward. That principle is called entropy. Here’s a surprising fact: Newton’s laws of motion don’t have a problem with your egg unbreaking. Neither does quantum mechanics. Both have a lot to say about how the universe behaves, but those behaviors can happen forwards or backwards, as far as they’re concerned. Really, there’s only one principle that takes issue with your half-fried mess turning back into a fully intact egg: the second law of thermodynamics. In contrast to that all-too-famous first law of thermodynamics, which says that energy can’t be created or destroyed, the second law says that there’s a natural tendency for things degenerate into increasing disorder, also known as entropy. Things go from low entropy—more order—to high entropy—more disorder, never the opposite. To learn more, click the link in our bio! #entropy #physics #time #science #curiosity

It's all just old rocks. #geology #elevated #erosion #entropy #perspective

Even though at gymnastics Zumba yesterday I learned you can't dance, I'm beyond grateful that you've danced into my life. Thank Xu for 3ish months of sharing memories, laughter, germs, and long nicknames ❤️ #pleasestopgettingmesick #entropy #sonyathejellybeansugargliderfoxiescarfiescarfie

All yee bike collectives/coops/ non- and for-profits, and Gratis bike service providers! How do you organize yer gun-barrel-like forks? Tonight during Wednesday Women Trans Femme Night (5:30-9:00pm!) we're tackling our lot and made some cardboard signage dividers (our signature sign making material). Send us your suggestions!! @provobicyclecollective @ogdenbicyclecollective @renobikeproject @boisebicycleproject @recycleabicyclenyc @saturdaycycles @bike_eat_sleep_repeat #slcbc #bikes #signs #forks #entropy

#entropy free in 3 days

https://www.goldstar.com/events/agoura-hills-ca/orgy for discounted tickets! Come out and party with us!

All Upcoming ORGY @orgyofficial shows:
Tickets: BandsInTown.com/ORGY
VIP Passes available at OrgyMusic.com
09.08.17 W. HOLLYWOOD, CA WHISKY A GO-GO @thewhiskyagogo
10.06.17 MITCHELL, NE, KMOR93.3 @kmorrocks Presents ORGY and Puddle of Mudd @puddleofmuddmusic at the Bluffs Scott County Event Center
11.03.17 FRESNO, CA FULL CIRCLE BREWING CO. @fullcirclebrewingco
11.04.17 SACRAMENTO, CA HOLY DIVER @holydiversac
04.07.18 CHICAGO, IL “VIVA LA POLE FEST” @vivalapoleshow @ CONCORD MUSIC HALL. @concordhall *Thank you, @schecterguitarsofficial!
ORGY: @jaygmusic @carlton_bost @nicspeck @bobbyamaro @creightonemrick
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Original pics @ericavincentphotos except Creighton by @brightmusicphotography

Кто угадает что я играю - тот выиграет невероятное ничего. Спешите! Количество ничего ограничено! Как и Тёмная материя...🎱
Кстати, материя - не тёмная, это мы - тёмные, потому что хз что там такое 🌋

#cosmos #blackhole #entropy


Rust never sleeps #entropy the bastard son of eternity

here to stay

Here's a snippet of my new single check out the full song on SoundCloud through the link in my bio! #entropy #mcentropy #hiphop #rap #music #logicvibe #logic #soundcloud

‼️HIT THAT LINK‼️Life can be a rollercoaster. For some, life is a constant cycle of ups and downs. This pattern has the ability to leave us confused and at times asking ourselves and the universe around us, OH WHY? 🤔🎤🎧👽♒️ Shoutout to the homie @skinnyatlas 🙏🙏🙏

It's all just old rocks. #geology #elevated #erosion #entropy #perspective

"Collecting the distance as I advanced, left hand cycling through a changing set of guidant postures while the right hand reeled and coiled, I followed the line down to a massive driftwood trunk. I walked along its incredible mass, fifteen steps long and well above my belt, with my finger circling its bony knots, playing them like tumor dials, trailing the deep ridges that journaled unimaginable transport up from the stew of the sea and over the same dune ridge I had just descended, where it rested now for the presumed duration of its atomic integrity. The arthropodal silver of its complexion flashed spines of granular light shed from a different world against the volatile crosshatching of the dune grass. The kite string stretched to the trunk’s extremity, where it was engaged in a slot the width of a pencil line drawn inwards from its edge. This is what had kept me. A single reed tone sounded as I plucked the line from the hold of the wooden tongue. The kite was mine again; I pulled it back over the log."
-Christophe Brunski
Figure number 3. 24x24x1 inches. Cradled Wood Panel. Oil Paint. Charcoal. Ash. Cinders.
#monochrome #portrait #figurative #entropy #figurativeart #35mm #slidefilm #blackandwhite #oilpainting #cinders #contemporaryart #modernart #emergingartist #ashes #abstractart #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart

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