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Life is like a boomerang, what you give you get. πŸ‘€
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this gun is dope 😎 via @myvirals


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1 - Golden era.

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πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž I can never get sick of this view. Today, as we were appreciating another beautiful day in Sydney at Icebergs, I ended up making a business deal that will revolutionise the packaged drinks industry. The universe made this happen. There were NO expectations... just good vibes...happy vibes.. and the UNIVERSE delivered this straight into my lap. So so so grateful!!!! ❀️🦁🦁🦁

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Rolls Royce Phantom 8 😈 Rate it 1-100!
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Without you there is no sparkle! Thanks for your encouragement and support of www.JesusGlitter.com. #BetheSparkle #Sparkleisourlife #sparklewithgratitude #jesus #hope #love #peace #faithblogger #inspirational #believe #grateful #entrepreneurlifestyle #choosejoy #Sparklelikeyoumeanit

Facts! Get up and go get it!

People will often tell you, "Learn from your past", and while that is true, the moment your past starts taking over your everyday thought process to the point where new thoughts are basically non-existent, you have then become CONSUMED. Growth can't happen in your life, relationships, nor business if you continuously dwell on your past faults, errors, and mistakes. Look back for JUST a moment to reflect, but then start building a brighter future with a new level of positive thinking, positive energy, and positive people. πŸ’‹
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Wake up + notice the beauty around you. Look inside your self and see the amazing abilities you have! Are you sharing them with the world? What's holding you back from making a difference in the world with the skills that you hold? It's time to turn them into gold! πŸ‘‘
Ready to learn my exact steps to creating a biz doing what you love? Follow your passions girl, the time is now! DM me for details on how to get started + join the Hustlers group to get heaps of FREE knowledge. 😘✌🏻✨

It's Thursday. Let's have some fun... just because it's been a really long week, and you should decompress sometimes.
MY warning label would be something like: May cause confusion, bouts of laughter, occasional childlike behavior, the desire to live life freely, intense moments, and, above all, unconditional love to the depth of your soul.
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Almond milk.
The only shelf stability we're concerned about is if the shelf can handle the weight of the bottles :p

Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

The #thought of the #day

Great morning on site at our Oak House development in Colchester Essex. This was an office space were converting into 16x 1-Bed apartments 🏑 #Property #Tour #OakHouse

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they spend their 24 hours. Successful people realize that their time is much more valuable than their money, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to appreciate this fact.
No matter what your income status, you should always value your time over your money. Even if you’re working for minimum wage but you have a dream career you're working on obtaining, your time is worth more than the minimum wage amount that you’re being paid. You need to have that mindset if you want to reach your dream career. You need to spend your time wisely to ensure you hit the milestones needed to reach your dream job.
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Almond milk.
The only shelf stability we're concerned about is if the shelf can handle the weight of the bottles :p

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