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Alberto Bailleres $140 Million Super Yacht Mayan Queen in Seattle #goals 😂

Stunning Architecture located in Miami 😱 tag a friend that has to see this 👇

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A collection like no other 😍 every timepiece so unique and revolutionary!

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Cristal clear water 😉
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Always get up, dress up, show up and most of all never give up ✔️#hustle

Beautiful post by @the.success.club 👏 Tag someone who should see this ⤵️

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Happy Memorial Day && thank you to all the men + women who have protected our country && continue to keep our home safe 🇺🇸
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Goals 😍

This underwater home concept is awesome! If only! 😍🔥

Can you spot the fantasy? This is most people's expectations, but results take time. Stop buying the overnight pill BS. Good things come to those who WAIT and WORK. #noexcuses #mindset #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #lifestyle #lol

Have you seen the collections from @andriamckee? They're beautiful! Go check out her store 🙌

It is the light in our eyes that mirrors our history. How happy we really are...
In life we make decisions out of fear or because of pleasure.
I decided wrong because of fear once and a few times, because of pleasure...when I was young(er). And every failure guided to another piece of wisdom. Now I just want to grow healthily happy. #authentic #happiness #cure #aging #smile#eyes #health #lettinggo#movingforward #entrepreneurlife

You gotta make it a point to find people on a different level than you. Whether that is financially, physically, mentally, whatever. They will open your eyes to opportunities you'd not see otherwise.
Most aren't able to make connections with people who don't think like them, DONT be most people. 🙌🏼👑
Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸


In less than 2 weeks, I will meet you for the first time of my life in Paris, the 10th of June. I don't even realise that I will attend my first private sale. When I started this journey I didn't know that I will reach this day. It's a lot of work, joy, sometimes little cry and wounds but this experience is so magical that I will always encourage you guys to find your passion and just go for it. You can start right now with what you have because this sensation of freedom and the possibility of creating your dream job and meeting so many interesting people is priceless. I'm so grateful today and I will do my best to manage the last days of this preparation the best I can and bring you a lot of positive energy. Stay awesome guys x


Dans moins de 2 semaines je vais enfin vous rencontrer sur Paris, j'ai hâte! Quelle belle expérience! Je n'aurai jamais imaginé lorsque j'ai débuté cette activité il y a 2 ans que je serai prête à me lancer et à organiser ma première vente privée. Developper son business tout en travaillant à temps plein à côté demande beaucoup de sacrifices. Beaucoup d'heures de travail, moins de vacances, moins de vie sociale, beaucoup de moment seul, des doutes, des larmes, des blessures, des remises en question mais vous savez quoi? Je ne me suis jamais aussi sentie bien dans ma vie car je suis passionnée par mon travail et je suis libre de créer l'emploi de mes rêves et j'ai cette liberté de gérer ma créativité et ma communication comme je le souhaite. Je ne m'impose aucune limite et je rencontre des personnes extraordinaires...c'est magique... alors lancez-vous et commencez avec ce que vous avez. Vous allez dépasser vos limites et grandir, quel Bonheur! Un grand merci pour votre loyauté et je vous attends sur Paris le 10 Juin x

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My daily motivation, my one, my partner in life and business, my ride or die.
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Tag that one friend 🔑🔑

Paris... 🙌

It's all about choosing to Love Your Life no matter the circumstances. #goals

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