Contentment has been a challenge in the last two years. I never saw myself as a SAHM & I certainly didn’t see myself as a pastors wife. There was a part of me that was really sad to not be pursuing MY dreams. What’s funny is, God knows us SO much better. What i thought were these amazing aspirations a few years ago now are laughable because my life right now is so much better & i don’t really want to be doing those other dreams. I even think back to high school when one of my main goals was to play classical piano at Carnegie hall! Seasons change you & you emerge with more clarity of what you want. Instead of complaining about the season you’re in, turn it around & find the purpose & good in it. If you don’t like you’re life the way it is, change something that you have control of. Now for curiosity sake, what are some funny or crazy aspirations you had as a teenager? (Or maybe you are fulfilling them!)

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Bust into something great this weekend that will guide you closer to living a more fulfilling and happy life. For example: Read a new book. Learn a new skill. Build a personal brand. Work on improving your self confidence! You get the picture!

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