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Last show in SF until who knows. Been going to punk shows with @thetimmycoyle since '88 . Back to Boston. Thanks @theoldfirmcasuals for the best send off possible. That show ruled #oi !! #abutchersbanquet #entitledgeneration #86sanfrancisco #oldfirmcasuals

Trying to love everyone today...as opposed to cutting them. #be respectful #selfresponsibility #youragentnotyourmama #entitledgeneration #hardworkpays

Yessss👌🏼👍🏼💯🙌🏼 #entitledgeneration

I know too many of these people. #entitled #entitledgeneration #berniegivesyoushitforfree

Repost from @djaudio1 hahaha yup I excatly know this feeling. Expect so much for nothing calm down !!
#entitledgeneration #BitchesBeLike
#BasicPeople #DjLife #AngryDj

McDonald's employees want 15$ an hour for minimum wage? I wake up with a boner harder then your job. #entitledgeneration #mondays #nobaddays #iSAIDnoPICKLES #learnArealTRADE

So many open spots. Like 5. And this weirdo still parks like this. 😒 #basicwhitegirl #audidriver #weirdo #entitledgeneration

So tonight was arts night at my kid's school. An evening of sitting on a plastic chair in a humid gym while kids of varying abilities sang and played instruments. It was what it was and props to the music teacher for her work and for championing arts in the school. Can we talk about the parents for just a minute here? I get being super excited to hear your kid sing "it's a hard knock life" at the top of their lungs. But do you need to stand and film it when people are sitting behind you? Lots of people moved to the aisles to catch this future wedding video footage on film, but not some parents. They just stood up and filmed despite all of the people sitting behind them trying to peak around them. And some parents (often the standing ones) walked out the second their kid was done. Walked out as another group was performing. When alex was up for her second of two songs, a proud dad stood up and filmed his kid, about 6 rows ahead of me, completely blocking my view of alex. Not only did he film, but his wife filmed from the aisle and his daughter stood on her seat to wave to her sister. And this was totally normal because he wasn't the only person doing it. People raise entitled kids because they are entitled parents. Rant over on this hot and sticky and rainy night out from a mom who sat on a plastic chair for an hour and didn't see her kid. #entitledgeneration #entitled #entitlementissues #helicopterparent #helicopterparents


Amazes me how actually working for something has become a delusion... things are just supposed to magically appear because you want it, working isn't a necessity anymore.
#EntitledGeneration #GetAFlippingJob #WorkForWhatYouWant #RealityIsGoingToSuck #LazinessIsADisease #AndParentsAllowIt #NoYouDontDeserveIt #NotHowIWasRaised

This is such a true statement!! Take a long look America, we are raising mini-Trumps!! Entitled, spoiled assholes. #raiserespectfulkids#regram#entitledgeneration#wakeupamerica#wordisborn#respect#responsibility#dontraisebrats#nobodyowesyouanything#workforyourshit#truth#politics

I have to admit I'm not a fan of the word "aesthetic " anymore. The word has been corrupted by Millennial bodybuilders and now to me just means arrogant douchebags that don't train legs, take tons of drugs, spend every night doing drugs at "the club"and use unintelligible words like ; mirin, brah, dope as fuck, sick kunt.
Basically giving the whole sport a bad name.

I know what the word is supposed to mean but I still prefer using terms like symmetry, proportion, quality and conditioned.

That's just me.
I'm an old grumpy guy that can't stand what is being done to the fitness industry these days.

Yessss👌🏼👍🏼💯🙌🏼 #entitledgeneration

This dude was seriously planning on making a left turn on a red light! I watched as he turned left just before his light switched to green and he didn't even have an advance go signal. What was the rush? #entitledgeneration #narcassist #hazerdousdriving #notcool #unsafedriving

.. the struggle is real.. people walking in the rain looking frustrated, because they couldn't scroll IG in the rain..Couldnt figure out where to put their phone because of too tight pants and no pockets.. and couldnt see where to go because the rain was coming down, and they had no hat, umbrella, jacket, etc... I used to hear "didnt you check the weather channel before you left?" Now, the weather is literally at your fingertips, and no one knows what to do. Sigh.. #strugglebus #entitledgeneration #theweakshallnotinherit #lemmings #florida #funnybuttrue #raindrops

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