From @pjgallaghers to @the_bavarian_eq, #EQMoorePark is the perfect spot to grab a drink at the end of the work week. 🍻

a person's ability to persevere with something; staying power.

Want to improve your stickability? Add a good portion of fun into the mix. Then you'll have no problem with sticking to it.

Strive for it. Strive in every rep, workout, handstand, class or treadmill session. It's all those little extra bits that give you the break through you deserve. Add in the fun and you've got the secret saurce.

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Just hanging around @centennialhealthclub If you're not having fun doing it - you're doing it wrong. Find your fun

I love a good pastel. Happy hump day #kettlebell

5 Reasons Why You Need A Workout Plan

Helps Prevent Under or Over Training – This is one of the most important reasons for having a workout plan. If you are just trying piece together different workouts or wandering around the gym, you could be training the same body part too close together or not enough. You may also be working out too long and/or doing too much cardio for your goals, etc. There’s so many factors that can go into under or over training.
Provides Structure – There’s nothing worse than feeling like you are wasting time. Having a workout plan provides you with structure so that you aren’t wondering what to do next or just reverting back to the ol’ cardio equipment. Our workout plans tell you which exercise to do, how many reps, how many sets, etc. Everything is laid out for you.
Provides Goals – A workout plan with a set number of weeks (such as a 4, 6, or 12 week workout plan like we have) provides you with an automatic goal – to complete the workout plan! You can even break it down further and look at it as a daily or weekly goal to complete all of the workouts.
Provides a Checklist – If you are a person that loves to be able to “check” something off, you will LOVE a structured workout plan! It’s like giving yourself a pat on the back each day you complete your workout.
Prevents Burnout – Not having a plan can and will lead to burnout. Sure, you might be tired of working out or might not be feeling the gym for a few days but if you keep moving forward you will see results. A well-structured workout plan will help prevent burnout because it should be changing every few weeks.
Book in for a session with one of our Coaches for a plan today.

Have you done one of Marc’s sessions? Marc is one of our newest team members and is fast earning himself a reputation as a awesome guy & coach. Welcome Marc!

Guess what starts tomorrow?!! We’re back in bigger digs and with new wines to taste!!! ONE HOUR OF YOGA FOLLOWED BY A GLASS OF A. RETIEF WINES!! 🧘🏼‍♀️🍷
@urban_winery_sydney @eqmoorepark #entertainmentquarter #vinyasainthevines @yogatherapyeducation @releaseandrealign 🧘🏻‍♂️🍷🧘🏼‍♀️
Urban Winery Sydney has moved to Moore Park’s Entertainment Quarter. 122 Lang Rd, just after @hoyts_cinema next to our awesome friends @academyballet WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEKNG YOU!! #yogaandwine #namasteandchardonnay #naturalwines #mellowyoga #winetasting #winesofnsw #seeyousoon

Summer might be over but you’ll be catching more rays than ever because Strike’s Laser MAYhem is back!
Check underneath the couch cushions, rat through those piggy banks and get ready to report for shooty, because we’re dropping $4 games of laser tag. All day. All May.
Bring your mates, bring your mum, we don’t mind. Just chuck in the code MAYHEM18 when you book online and you’ve got one large zappuccino coming up.

#EQMoorePark 🎥 @strikebowling

Feeling sluggishe, tired and sleepy? Skip the extra hours of sleeping in and head to a group fitness class – because exercise is one of the best ways to boost your energy level. On a basic level, exercise makes our muscles and cardio systems stronger, making everyday tasks easier. But on a cellular level, this transformation starts with our mitochondria, the "power houses" of our cells that are responsible for energy production. Different exercises affect our mitochondria in different ways, according to a presentation at the 2016 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, suggesting we need both steady state and high intensity exercise to maximize our energy – and the best place to find those is through group fitness classes!

Awesome turnout for the weekends mixed doubles event!!
Special mention to the winners..AJ and Natasha, Jesus and Maria, Matty and Sonja and also to Al and Ricky for best dressed.
Next tournament is in June...stay tuned for more info

Sled training is a fat lose weapon!
Sled training is ideal for performing anaerobic (interval) training, which is good news if your primary goal is fat loss. Compared to aerobic training, anaerobic training protocols are significantly more effective for decreasing bodyfat. Anaerobic training is particularly effective for reducing subcutaneous fat, which is the layer of fat just below the skin.

Five benefits of training with a partner

Training with a partner will help spur you on to the next level, writes personal fitness trainer Scott Laidler.

1. Accountability

Perhaps the best aspect of training with someone is that your partner provides instant accountability. We’ve all been in a situation where we know we need to work out, but one of a number of excuses has got the better of us and we've skipped the gym. Making plans with a training partner makes it much harder to cancel a workout as you know you’ll be messing up their plans too. Imagine all the extra progress you would have made just over the course of the past 12 months if you'd never missed a workout!

2. Outside perspective

It’s not uncommon for men to be overly critical on themselves when looking at workout progression (or when looking at their physiques in the mirror). You may just be your own worst critic. A good training partner will always be able to look at your concerns through fresh eyes and give a healthy second opinion.

3. Healthy competition

We humans (especially men, it seems) tend to work harder and perform better in competitive situations. Training with a partner can unlock your competitive drive no matter how chilled out you usually are. There’s nothing like a training partner looking great or making serious progress in the gym to fire up your desire to do better.

One word of caution though: if your partner is considerably stronger or fitter than you, don’t be sucked in to trying to perform the same workouts. Your partner won't progress, and you'll likely get injured. Instead, try to compete on degrees of improvement relative to your own current ability.

4. You’ll be able to spot each other

Those incorporating weightlifting into their training regime will benefit greatly from having a training partner who can act as a spotter on those big lifts. Depending on the type of training program you are using, reaching or approaching concentric failure on a set may be necessary to make progress. Having someone there to help control the weight means that you can push further than you could alone and have a safer workout.

It’s common to hear people ask for a spot on

Climb your way to impressive fitness results

Here's what you need to know...
1. Rope climbing is a tremendous grip, biceps, and upper body builder that can benefit powerlifters, football players, strongmen, arm-wrestlers, and Olympic lifters.

2. Treat them with the same respect you'd give deadlifts. Rope work is highly CNS dependent and you'll need substantial rest between sets and workouts.

4. Warm-up well. Rope climbing can be tough on the elbows. Stick to twice weekly workouts

Seek out one of our Coaches for technique and tips. We're here to help

So many lovely flowers to choose from at the market today 🌸💐 Frilly tulips, paperwhite narcissus and single stocks. .
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