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Friends who always criticize, and give negative comment when you tell your dreams and your hopes to them, instead of supporting you, they actually discourage you to do positive things. Avoid friends like this. don't let them get into your life. make it all your passion and spirit enchancement to achieve your dreams. 🔥

Maybe we don't know and we never realize how precious someone is, sometimes we are just realize how precious time we have spent with them, after they are far and successful somewhere out there. huuhh, after "hearing" news from fellow old friends. after reading from a magazine "Business and life style magazine". or from a tv show "talk show". just "jolt" and say, "how amazing life and busy they are living right now. how happy they are. in your heart and mind only one question left behind. "do they still remember me?". do they still remember the difficulties in the past when we have been together, "studying in big cities" far from parents. and we should hv one place to live for many years.
Sometimes the heart feel embarrassed, hesitate to start greeting first. have you ever experienced it? but my friends, what i know is: "they are success is not proof that you are loosing. they are success is just proof that it's posibble." celebrate the success of others your turn is coming soon.
Here i just mentioned one of my old friends, already 10 years ago this picture was taken. @ahmeedsardyess one of the founders of the famous gallery. he has been in the fashion retail for more than eight years. which his started brand Hermes. Alberta Feretti. Prada. Gucci. Jean Paul Gaultier. Zara. Banana Republic. LV. GAP and many more other famous brands. he started his career as a manager in a famous retail fashion, after graduating from university majoring in management and business. he is a truly fashion expert. i so proud for him.

Hei dearest friend, how important do you think college degress are in getting a good job? does the college experience help you to be a successful person in more ways than just the book knowledge? do you hv a real desire to (or feel that you really need to) get more education? what do you want to study? when do you want to start?

LGBT ~ Lembongan Gent Beach Time. Something exciting is coming. Prepare your self.

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If they told me this would be me three years ago , I wouldn't have believed , They used to call me a dreamer but now the dream is reality #enterpreneur #madeinnigeria #fashion #theosoba #style

СВОБОДА, вот что заставляет нас предпринимать и двигаться вперёд к цели🎯 С днём Предпринимателя вас, друзья, всех тех, кто в теме🎁
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She is amazing! Never underestimate your ability to do great things for others!!! @aliciakeys #myqueen #empoweringwomen #enterpreneur #inspiration

Teaching software automation 🖥 #enterpreneur #losangeles #sweden

It doesn't matter if you try and try and try again, and fail. It does matter if you try and fail, and fail to try again.😋
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@drivertiseng is an Out Of Home advertising medium that helps brands promote their products and services in targeted areas in Major cities in conjunction with everyday car users. Designed by @truparse #enterpreneur #socialentrepreneurship #driveandearn #tech

Slow and steady wins the race.
First photo of the mustang week.
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Wahoooooo hardwork paid off ! 😍😍
Congratulations @thewolfofallstreetzz 💯💯
Hey guys my very own Friend @thewolfofallstreetzz showed up Third in the World Forex competition where 3 crore people participated 😎 He's the best in his craft and has mastered the currency markets. He's reaching out to people who're stuck in life and are interested in forex markets but have no clue where to learn it from. Follow this Millennial Motivator for some wisdom, get inspired to make your life 10X.

What's your impression of this?
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Cabbage eba with ewedu and gbegiri soup. This is perfect for those of us fasting and a guilt free dinner option. . You don't have to deprive yourself of meals you love, you just need to eat smart. ---------------------
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