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life is so beautiful if we see it with the eyes of gratitude and love. embrace each moment, each emotion, each lesson, each person cause they are all here to help us evolve into a more powerful and more wise being. without falling you might never know how wonderful it is to fly and rise. each pain serve it's purpose, listen closely with heart.
thank you Universe/God/higher consciousness for another wonderful day with lots of new blessings to be thankful of and lots of opportunities ahead of me. isn't that amazing that we have a day where we can start doing something or even achieve something which no one ever done in history, we can do so many things and in the meanwhile enjoying those little moments which are equally soothing and important to feel and love. .
I feel it always that we are so blessed with the universe, the sun, the earth, the home, the food, the good health, our parents and their unconditional love, the Internet and how it connected us and soo many things which we don't even notice are pure blessings to us.
let's express gratitude more frequently, be humble and never forget these all things like branded clothes and costly materialistic things which you are worried about not having or having less than others, it doesn't matter. Don't think I'm saying be a saint and don't own these things, buy them if you can or like it but never let them buy you or control your actions or feelings. you should feel as worthy and as happy and as worthy in a simple cloth as you feel in branded one. don't make life about just materialistic desires, it's way more beautiful and so much treasure yet to explore. love thyself as you are, express gratitude and keep blooming into a more beautiful flower. 🌹
— Qasim Chauhan (@roohdaar)
words: @roohdaar
artist: superphazed
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Do it before it's too late.
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Shiva is the third god in the Hindu triumvirate. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world. The other two gods are Brahma and Vishnu.

Brahma is the creator of the universe while Vishnu is the preserver of it. Shiva's role is to destroy the universe in order to re-create it.

Hindus believe his powers of destruction and recreation are used even now to destroy the illusions and imperfections of this world, paving the way for beneficial change. According to Hindu belief, this destruction is not arbitrary, but constructive. Shiva is therefore seen as the source of both good and evil and is regarded as the one who combines many contradictory elements.

Shiva is known to have untamed passion, which leads him to extremes in behaviour. Sometimes he is an ascetic, abstaining from all wordly pleasures. At others he is a hedonist.

It is Shiva's relationship with his wife, Parvati which brings him balance. Their union allows him to be an ascetic and a lover, but within the bounds of marriage.

In his representations as a man, Shiva always has a blue face and throat. Strictly speaking his body is white, but images often show him with a blue body too. 👁A third eye
The extra eye represents the wisdom and insight that Shiva has. It is also believed to be the source of his untamed energy. On one occasion, when Shiva was distracted in the midst of worship by the love god, Kama, Shiva opened his third eye in anger. Kama was consumed by the fire that poured forth, and only returned to life when Parvati intervened.
🐍A cobra necklace
This signifies Shiva's power over the most dangerous creatures in the world. Some traditions also say that the snake represents Shiva's power of destruction & recreation. The snake sheds its skin to make way for new, smooth skin.
✨The vibhuti
The vibhuti are three lines drawn horizontally across the forehead in white ash. They represent Shiva's all-pervading nature, his superhuman power and wealth. Also, they cover up his powerful third eye.
🔱The trident
The three-pronged trident represents the three functions of the Hindu triumvirate. 🙏 Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/

I find myself in deep thought, A LOT. I found myself mentally wandering in places that I have no idea how I ended up at, A LOT. I found myself simply having the attention span of a crack head fresh off their first hit. And yet, I have the audacity to not place meditation at the top of my priority list. Oh how the human experience likes to take its own course. Meditation gives that which we believe it will take away, which is productivity. We become more productive within our own happiness when we become more mindful. We learn how to love better when we speak to our inner beings. We laugh, play, achieve, succeed, and smile better when meditation is placed before the rest. That which you find more important than meditation is that which you will lack... Wearing: @ezekielclothing
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Create your own Magic!

It's time to become conscious of being part of a larger dream and in this dream is where we are creating our reality.
Every second we are drawing upon the universal energies to bring us everything we desire to experience in this conscious lifetime in this physical embodiment.
How? Through our personal and powerful generator the mind field. Sending thoughts and imagination followed with emotion into a larger field . By the law of attraction it must manifest. We are already doing it but not consciously and choosing wisely.
Sometimes there is ease to manifest but when there's resistance the key is to drop into the heart and feel if it's in alignment with our heart and truth. #enlightenment #consciousness #growth #spiritual #selfrealization #mastery #joy #unlimited

So you fall down 6 times and get up 7, life goes on..

The Beast's first trip to Rocky Mountain National Park on Tuesday! Getting ready to start selling photos and taking consistent trips across Colorado for exploration. I love this state and the mid-west! #rockymountains #outlawdgaming #outlawdimagery #outlawdadventures #fx4 #f150 #nationalpark #4wheeldrive #blueskies #blueeverything #snowymountains #ford #colorado #coloradoadventures #nationalpark #enlightenment #journey #travelphotography #travelgram

One day🖼🕉😌👁 #peace #enlightenment #love

Hindered by what they say about you? Don't they have a body too? Stay, and watch mother nature take its toll like its doing to you.

Pranasythesis by George Atherton

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And the holidays begin☀ What is everyone getting up to these holidays??😊

conduct #unbecoming 🦁

as our body vehicle expands in consciousness it becomes more hydrogen based. the hydrogen promotes the environment for the DNA to expand into its multidimensional aspects, thus 13 strands & beyond manifest within certain formulas of Pi. this forms your multidimensional DNA & your light body or merkabah... transmission from spirit. shared with grace ~ sofia waapiti ra #phi #DNA #higherconsciousness #spiritual #art #nature #imagination #poetry #pi #inspire #quotes #meditation #universe #yoga #crystals #consciousness #enlightenment #hydrogen #starseed #now #cosmos #travel #alien #awareness #awakening #wisdom #stars #beauty #science

It's amazing how much yoga has transformed my life in just 6 months and I am just getting started in my practice. I am very excited for the path that lies ahead on my journey as I attain my 200 hour yoga certification.I am truly grateful that yoga found me and what it has done to help me transcend the ego and recognize the atma (true self) within. Yoga is not just about holding asanas, being flexible, or controlling breathing. Certainly all those things help in attaining the self control necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of uniting oneself with the divine(supreme godhead, Brahman), but it is a way of life, a way of being, and a way of perceiving and interacting with the universe. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity presented to me and I am going to make the most of it. Photo credit to @nostanimusic Namasté🙏🏻💜
#yoga #yogi #union #divine #brahman #atma #love #devote #worship #sacrifice #grateful #nature #consciousness #meditate #universe #cosmos #unity #jnani #karma #transcend #enlightenment #sedona #vortex #peace #om #vibration #creation #sunset

'the winds that awakened the stars are blowing through my blood.'
~ w.b. yeats.
positive changes, terrifying changes, enlightening changes are happening. progress is everything.

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