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I enjoy when people show attitude to me...😂😂
Because... it shows that they need an attitude to impress me....😇🔥💯
#positivevibes #peace✌️ #enjoybeingyou

The light continued on its own this festive season, May love and light fill your home and heart more n more every year.
#happymode #spreadcoloursoflove #lights #enjoybeingyou #goodnight @_punjabi_patole_ @ootdindian @ootddesi @colourmediaworks @indianstreetfashion @indianaddivas @vogueindia @instagram

Go an party tonight my eldest girl studied her little butt off💃🏼🎉👠 #absolutelynofilter #natrualbeauty #workedhard #enjoybeingyou 💗💗💗

FrauenKörper by FaszinationFaszien mit Violetta Labella am 8. September von 18 bis 19.30 Uhr, in dieser Class konzentriert sich Violetta auf den weiblichen Körper. Mit einer Reihe von sanften Übungen, bewusster Atmung und durch die Aktivierung besonderer Reflexpunkte, sorgt sie für angenehmes Wohlfühlen im Innen und im Aussen und einer Ausstrahlung, die den warmen EndSommerStrahlen Konkurrenz macht. Normaler Kurstarif #loveyourbody #beawoman #enjoybeingyou @violeta.labella wir freuen uns sehr auf Dich😘💃👸🏼und deine Inspiration für Weiblichkeit!

I'm not gonna lie- I am SO tired of hearing about moms and wives who constantly feel condemned or full of shame because they did or didn't do something right or perfect (in regards to their kids or families). It is HIGH TIME we start enjoying this role as mothers and wives!! If you're feeling condemnation, quickly realize that it's not God, tune it out, and move on. If you're sensing conviction, apologize to whomever you've wronged, repent, and move on! If you need to rest, ignore the to-do list, and rest. If your kids want to play but you have something that needs to be done, do what needs to be done and play later. Please STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP!!! The Lord trusts you with your children, your husband, and your household. Rest in that fact....and ENJOY!!!! Let go of shame and condemnation and HAVE FUN!!! I declare JOY over you today! 🎉💃🏻🎉 PS This is not directed at any one person- I've just been seeing and hearing so much shame lately, and even feeling it myself lately. #nomoreshame #enjoybeingyou #letgo

I'm becoming so obsessed with the person I'm becoming that I no longer need your recognition to make me feel better! #behappywithwhoyouare #youonlyliveonce #thatfacetho #enjoybeingyou


That “Friday Feeling!” I think it takes life experiences to help you realise that actually it’s what YOU think of YOU and what YOU do that really matters
#gritandgrace #livethelifeyouworkedhardfor #becomfotableinyourownskin #enjoybeingyou #obsessed #growingolddisgracefully

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Letting yourself go with the flow brings a lot more happiness into your life & peace to your mind.

Find at least one reason to laugh or smile about daily.. It'll change a lot.

~when You realize that You love spending time by Yourself because You are a complete & interesting person on Your OWN~

#selfiemode #selfielove #loveyourown #enjoybeingyou #enjoyyourcamera 😂😂😂

Enjoy every moment, every moment brings you closer to yourself and who your meant to be. Embrace it. #lovelife #enjoybeingyou #loveyourself #behindherbrowneyes

How does Instagram make you feel? I’m currently sitting having lunch and can’t help but automatically grab my phone to “scroll through” and get up to date with what’s happening.
The problem with this is that my face is in a screen my entire working day. And while I sit here eating my healthy but average looking meal in between working my butt off to manage my own business, I can’t help but feel pangs of envy when I see the manicured meals that exist on Insta. Or the curated feeds of glamourous fitness fanatics and jet-setters supposedly getting paid to “live the dream”. There are studies that watching the news makes people feel depressed because there is so much hate and hurt and horrible things being showcased. That’s why I don’t watch it.
But Instagram, while mostly Sunshine, manicured bodies, incredible food and luxury travel, is, because of the nature of what I do, unavoidable.
So, take this as a little reminder that Instagram isn’t real life. I’m over here living in the real world just like you, and when Instagram has you feeling lousy, put down the phone. Get outside, get some fresh air and hang out with the people who love you. Perspective is a beautiful thing.

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my jewelery as wall decor. displaying my favorite little things. lots of vintage! still have a box left to find and add to. #tinybathroom #smallliving #artiseverywhere #bathroom #jewelry #sillouette #mypeace #enjoybeingyou this is actually a 5 tier mini shelf system.

The definition of a healthy lifestyle is not working out all the time, eating fruits and vegetables, focusing on the scale, focusing on other people, dramas or what size pants you wear.
A healthy lifestyle is doing whatever you like, smiling, inner peace, eating whatever you like and whatever is good for your body and your soul, traveling, loving, puppies, being happy, giving lots of kisses, make lots and lots of love, laughing, and most of all, feeling comfortable with your self and your body.
Enjoy being alive.
Do what makes you feel alive.
Start today.
Day 4 of 30 - #newyearnovember

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