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Thank you guys for leaving the decks in the university spot last year, wonderful gifts!!! most nice team ever!! Come to Guangzhou again,pls!
@enjoi @cairofoster @zack_wallin @ryan_lay

@wiegervw spitting hot fire! Thanks to my man @antclaravall for posting this and @photojoebrook for the sickest #fatback edit! @cairofoster @nestorjud @zack_wallin @benraemers #enjoiguangzhou #warmfuzzyfeeling

You know when you have an amazing time with some really good friends and later you wish that you could share with everyone how awesome it was but mere words fail? Well, watch the cinematic brilliance of the #fatback @enjoi China trip at www.thrashermagazine.comand you'll come close to comprehending how fun skating China with your close homies can be. #enjoiguangzhou @thrashermag

@zack_wallin getting his ups in the newest @thrashermag rolling on the trucks that #turnandstuff Fakie flip in #enjoiguangzhou

Never posted this view from the Canton Tower #enjoiguangzhou #floor108

@wiegervw is a true artist. #enjoiguangzhou

Missing China. So much too see, so little time! #enjoiguangzhou

Missin' the spots from that #enjoiguangzhou trip @antclaravall Let's do it again 👍

Who shot it best @photojoebrook, @ryan_lay, or ? No time to chill after #enjoiguangzhou, heading straight back to Guangzhou in the morning to meet @lrgskate @chicobrenes @tyronesoverit @jackcurtin @kellyhart @kylecamarillo for #chinobrenes. Hurry up @rodrigotx!

@nestorjud realizing that if the only person to get a trick at the spot is @guymariano then you might want to reconsider skating it. #enjoiguangzhou #pickyourbattles #prettysweet #guyforsoty

@billywillybennyboy dreaming of SJ 80's night. Long flight home from China #enjoiguangzhou

@internetfamous was hurt but still came to China to hold my flash #enjoiguangzhou @mattevs

Last day in China @streethandle #enjoiguangzhou

After reviewing the footage @wiegervw was definitely the #enjoiguangzhou MVP (Most VanWageningen Player). Here he is backtailing his trophy. #youcangoupit

The beautifull golden gate bridge! #enjoiguangzhou

Good trip guys! Thanks @antclaravall for showing us some of the best skatespots in the world! @enjoi #enjoiguangzhou

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