Coffee breaks are the best with a view like this 🐶 @oatesguitars

Someone was tired of his mom trying to use #filters on him... Lol #dogsofinstagram #dogmom #englishsetter #englishsettersofinstagram #boopmynose #puppylove

À la campagne mon nez s’allonge toujours un peu #apolline #campagne #englishsetter #summertime #setterlove

The next generation of ultimate upland birds dogs!!! Has arrived!

Do you love him?!tell me why😊💫💥

Damiano 🐶🐕 wanted

I'd like to introduce you all to Gracie! She's mom's Little Sister in Big Brothers Big Sisters. Kids like Gracie are kicking adversity's butt and reaching their fullest potential through this mentoring program. Over the weekend, she met Winston and Ivy and took them to the dog park and the river front for ice cream. She was such a big helper - walked them, gave them water, did tricks with them, and even picked up poop with a dog bag! She wants to take care of animals full time when she grows up and only wants to do activities where the dogs are involved. You and me both, Gracie! Before we hung out, she researched everything she could find on the Internet on English Setters and recited it to me. Then she told me when she's 18 she's going to get one orange and white setter and one black and white setter about two years apart 😭In the future, you may see Gracie on our stories or posts. She's the coolest!

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