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Lovely seaside walk in the spring sunshine 💛 You can see Isle of Wight in the distance too 🏖️⚓💛🌅🏝️

Spring has arrived! 🌤️I remember when I first relocated I was full of worries, fear and 'what ifs' but as time has gone on I have realised that this risk was the best risk we ever took and for our future too 💛 🏖️

A lovely stroll by the water at Bucklers Hard ⚓⛵ Such a beautiful sunny spring day and enjoyed watching the Oyster Catcher birds 🐦

My grandson attends the sweetest little school in Cheriton, England. To enter, you cross this charming brook which is filled with watercress and crisp, clear running water!🌿 #cheritonengland #england #englishcountryside #brook #brooks #runningbrook #nature #scenic #pictureperfect #hollyholden

Some days I miss my sister, other days I miss her view
#sisters #englishcountryside #throwbackthursday #view #thinkingofyou

Very curious about rooms in this inn. Because it’s mostly roof, when you’re staying above ground level, does it mean you’re bunking in the roof? 🤔

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