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At 12:45 PM today BLUE MAMBA aka "MAMBA& #34; was born. Congratulations to proud parents TOOTS & @pumbaatheking on the birth of a beautiful son! FOLLOW @mambathebulldog and see him grow! 🍼

A lot of people tagged me on this poor senior boy at Downey Animal Shelter. He is not in good shape so I put a Commit to Adopt on him. Unfortunately, even though he was owner surrendered, he has a microchip that was not in their name which means the shelter now has to hold him for 10 days. They said I could not pick up til April 9th but hopefully he will be released before then. Thanks everyone for sharing this boy. @dogmeetsfamily

It’s a rainy day. ☔️🌧🚐🌧🏡

Yes, I'll take my pawdicure in the bath. Oh and don't forget to massage, hooman! 🐾 🛀 🤣 #PamperedPup #SpoiledAF

If you're drinking in the shower everyday...you might have a serious #LickerProblem 😝🍸


One of my dear friends made a metal me, the resemblance is strikin! Thank you @joaniebutler awesome work!
#englishbulldog #bulldoglife #bulldog #irulethishouse #abulldognamedowen

Louis loves balls, so we bought him a kickball. We thought it would stand up to him since it was too big to fit in his mouth, but it lasted about 5 minutes. One second we hear him breathing like he has something in his mouth, I turn to Chris and say, "we have to put more air in it or ...{pffffffftttttt} he popped it. Damn it." He is very proud of himself. #englishbulldog #bulldog #destroyer #kickball

Bulldog is scared of a Elephant toy! #Bulldog #EnglishBulldog #Dog #Scared

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