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Not trying to start a pissing match here by any means but I would like to have a discussion about engineering fundamentals. Which shock mount angle will feel more stable? In an off camber situation, once your shock goes past 90 degrees to the axle, the body of the truck has a tendency to want to flop on itself. While the top might have more flex (more flex is over rated anyway, IMO), it's not stable at all in off camber situations. #builditright #engineering101

Clean Sheet Monday: Unlimited potential. Okay, constrained by the paper size and imagination... #engineering #oldfashionengineering #lifebehindthedesk #engineering101 #greatideasbrewing

4 the small price of $6,000, u could own this badass prerunner equipped with a folding cab cage. Everyone thinks u need the roll cage to be super solid and buff as fuck but that's not the case because of u roll u will get whiplash from ur dome getting whipped back and forth as the cage pounds the ground. That is wrong and unsafe. the roll cage should be engineered with as many bends as possible to bend under impact and absorb the loads placed on the tubing, and the tubing should be padded like shown so it will softly impale ur limbs rather than an abrupt impact. Also use mild steel tubing since it bends easier than Dom or chromeoly. #engineering101 #fab101 #realtalk #clif_ford

Behind every great song there's an engineer somewhere who put in the work to make it all it can be. This is what it looks like when you put the gloves on and get down and dirty with the vocal editing πŸ”ŠπŸ˜·πŸ“£. #Engineering101


#Engineering101 101 Things they should have taught the structural engineer. No. 5 Design in plan and section #mydayengineering #structuralengineering #engineering

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