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Jeg er ikke den eneste som er vild med det nybyggede skib, et jagerfly lavede i dag noget jeg mest af alt vil beskrive som en underlig parringsdans omkring os. .
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“What do you reckon it’s all about, Billy?” “Aw hell, I don’t know Tom. I reckon it ain’t about nothin’ we’ll ever be able to understand. Seems to me like everthing is either bein born or else dyin. Or dead. You, me, these horses, even them mountains. Probably this whole world, too. And I’ve always felt that the dying part was mighty unfair. But the dyin part might be the point, that just might be what this is all about, and there ain’t no way for Man to ever be able to understand somethin like that. Somethin that’s puzzled me for some time is whether there’s any difference between bein unborn and bein long gone. Between bein a twinkle in your Daddy’s eye and just bein like this red dust that’s blowin everywhere. Ever once in a while I get ahold of a kind of feelin, a powerful feelin that makes me believe that there ain’t no difference. And that makes me feel real peaceful. But for some reason I can’t hang onto that feelin for long. The true feelin, I mean. I can still remember the idea, like I’m tellin you now, but the conviction has let me. But I strongly suspect that there ain’t no difference. We came out of this earth, Tom, that seems obvious to me. The Catholics tell each other, “remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return,” and I think that’s about right. But dust ain’t so bad, being dust ain’t nothing to be afraid of. Cause we been dust already. And if there ain’t no limit on time, if time just goes on and on forever with no end, then I suspect we’ll be back here again one day. You and me. It might be more time from now than we even got numbers to count to, but we’ll be sittin right here again watching this big red sun go down and watchin this old desert get dark and cold. But I suspect we won’t have no memory of having already been here once. And I suspect that when you ask me what it’s all about, i still won’t have any earthly idea...

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