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Finding honey holes in Elsinore while searching for poppies. Fun fact: Last time I shot these two was on their wedding day @designsbysuz@waterproject #superbloom

Timeless in every sense of the word.

I spy a #weddingcheckin in the cutest book stack at @wrapitupparties! For sale now through the link in the bio 📓🎉🎀

I spent the day with Rick making our wedding bands. Rick proposed with a beautiful ring that he made himself (not this one) and so when it came to the wedding bands, we loved the idea of making each other's (with the help of pro @samabbay ) So for the rest of our lives we will be wearing a little treasure that we have lovingly made for each other. 💕 This ring from a gorgeous Tuscan wedding as featured on @greylikes

After a year of being engaged he got me my ring❤️ #ring #engaged #engagement #engagmentring #beautiful

Such a Dope couple. Had fun with this Engagement session. #SterlingBrides Booking photosbysterlingsgmail.com or 6784299800 #engagmentring #weddingphotography


Stunning 3 stone engagement ring, sat between a double wedding band for some extra flare! #addsomesparkle *Note to self. When photographing diamond rings, don't wear a pink jumper that will be reflected in the stone.. 🙊

In the making of this platinum solitaire ring 💍 As a designer a voice in my mind is asking me all the time for something new: "Be unique Alessandro, do something innovative" , she says. As a maker I got the chance to measure myself with simple design like this, the most amazing thing is how much my mind became more creative in the process of making and how much the simple stuff are frequently the most tricky. My advice for all the aspiring jewellery designers would be to make a solitaire ring once in their carrier! It's a very helpful experience 😉

After a year of being engaged he got me my ring❤️ #ring #engaged #engagement #engagmentring #beautiful

Had the best night ever lastnight. Think I'm still in shock 🤗💍💎💗

Combo love ❤ from left, Diamond Wave Ring, Zircon Solitaire Ring, Double Band Zircon Ring 💎 Handcrafted with 14k gold // all up online now ✨

Examining a diamond up close and personal will give you a true understanding of the intricate details that make it unique!💎💍

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