Shooting an Engagement Session tonight! Ashley and Randy, I’m so excited to meet you two!

Nothing like a summer wedding in the Bluegrass😍 #lovetherenauds #ltrbride #ltrwedding @theashleyinn @abby.lockwood

This is one of those in between moments. They’re my favorite kind of moments. These two had just been introduced as Mr. and Mrs. in front of all of their closest people as they entered their reception and they were overjoyed and ready to celebrate! Can I just say that I still get giddy being able to say “my husband”?! On your wedding day I’ll probably very loudly call them “your husband” and “your wife” after the ceremony too just because it’s so fun and exciting! .
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It was really nice meeting you today, sir Richard Balili. Never fails to put a smile on our faces whenever someone would approach us and say your mom or dad is one of the best musicians I have ever met. #teddyvaño #dadsfriend #happymeetings 😊❤

On our way to a private party. But first... coffee fix at @32umber. #mackate15 #earlybirds

Autoritratti 3.0

It’s #friyay let’s celebrate! #bridesmaids

You guys. I get to marry this man in 50 days. This is crazy to me, and super exciting! I love you, Ben. Can't wait until forever.
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If you need me I’ll be lounging poolside, soaking up the last bit of summer and all of the dry Arizona heat before I go back to humid land. ☀️ P.S. there’s a new blogpost + you won’t want to miss these two cuties.

Dancer for 14 years with all lower body muscle & NO upper body 💃🏼 .
Runner for 7 years with all lower body & NO upper body strength 🏃🏽‍♀️ .
I was always the girl who thought I just wasn’t “built” to get upper body muscles, when the reality was really just that I wasn’t working my upper body & didn’t know what to do. .
The random 10 lb curls in the gym after a run wasn’t cutting it 🤷🏽‍♀️ .
Everyday I’m still amazed at what following a program calendar, having an expert trainer steamed from my TV in my basement, & following a simple meal plan can do 😳💪🏽💪🏽
Thanks for finally giving me some MUSCLES 😉😜
Want to TONE UP with us for Round 2 ✌🏽 of our LIFT & HIIT program? We start Oct 1! Comment a 💪🏽💪🏽!! 😄

Don’t mind us, we’re just dreaming of @neillanejewelry engagement rings! 😍💍

Rewind a few months....Rosso Coffee, notebook full of questions, new outfit and a lot of nerves. This is how I met Stephanie and Lindsay of Paper Dolls. My hopes were to hear about the good, bad and ugly of wedding planning. What I left with was inspiration, motivation, confidence and a desire to lock myself away and work on all things Coco & Ash! It’s not enough to say that these ladies became somewhat of mentors to me, whether they knew it or not. Their talent, style, success and bright personalities drive me on sluggish days and being able to learn and grow from them is so valuable. Not just anyone would so generously share their wisdom and learning with a newbie! Many thanks to you ladies! 😘
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