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I love our team of lunatics. Happy to do our part to continue to make Webster Hall the greatest venue in NYC. We worked our asses off non stop all fall and some of us saw the inside of this cave more than we saw our own bedrooms. Tomorrow we get to party. Momo holiday party is going to be a wild one. If you don't mo, now you mo. #momomo #enforcewebsterhall #fullofhorns

Just having a fun little show at the best damn venue in NYC. I love my job. #greenday #websterhall #enforcewebsterhall

Back home and back at it. #websterhall #nyc #enforcewebsterhall

Another late Saturday night of Gotham working with these incredible aerial performers. Now time to kill a few hours reading comics in the park til it's time to go load out DNCE for that pain in the ass @danlipski. #gotham #websterhall #enforcewebsterhall #myboyjoe

Great to be able to run uptown to see my buds between shifts. Some of the realest people out there. #sensesfail #enemyterritory #enforcewebsterhall

I did a handful of these tombstones for the @websterhall crew last week. Let's do some more!!! Thanks! #enforcewebsterhall #americanatattoos #websterhall #tombstonetattoo

Love my Saturday nights. #websterhall #gotham #enforcewebsterhall

That time Metallica decided to come play the best venue in NYC to a nice 1,500 capacity crowd. I love my job. I love this company. #metallica #enforcewebsterhall


Love catching the happy moments between songs || @adamdamnlazzara of @takingbacksunday at my last show at this version of @websterhall - glad to end it with these guys and the #enforcewebsterhall crew

Very fitting to be closing out my time at Webster with these shows. Saturday was a bit of an emotional night for me. I've said before how I wouldn't be doing what I do if not for these guys. I was just helping my friends and it somehow turned into a career. But I never talked about my time with them coming to an end. I grew with them and learned on the job. But always thought I knew more than I did. Way too many years went by without talking to or seeing them after I stopped working for them. I consider myself great at my job now because every time I leave for tour, I leave knowing there is always more to learn. But one thing I've learned for sure over the years is to appreciate your friends. The real ones that are always looking out for you. When I look back, I can honestly say Adam has always had my back and looked out for me and I don't think I appreciated that enough. But I will always love him for it. So thank you guys for everything, especially one last Webster Hall stage dive. Thanks to my dear friends who came out to hang each night. And thanks to my Webster Hall family. And thank you for capturing this photo @theamandolin #enforcewebsterhall #takingbacksunday

Back home and back at it. #websterhall #nyc #enforcewebsterhall

Looks like an extra parking space has opened up on E 11st. #NYC #enforcewebsterhall #wildwildwest

Bad Rabbits all day. #badrabbits #enforcewebsterhall

Yesterday was wild and I'm still feeling the effects of the hours and work it took to put it together. It was something you just won't see most music venues even attempt. Huge respect to @hartleylewis for taking this on and trusting our team to help make it happen. Respect and thanks to my homie @chrisvillacres and his team for all the hard work they put in and the respect they showed us and our building and @iflipout for the work and hours put in to keep things moving along. As crazy an undertaking as this was, I really don't think it could've gone much smoother. I love my job. I love this company. I love my team. #enforcewebsterhall #skateloftnyc

Ramps are all finished and ready for everyone to hurt themselves tonight. What can't we do at Webster Hall? #enforcewebsterhall #skateloftnyc

Love my Saturday nights. #websterhall #gotham #enforcewebsterhall

Minus The Bear sounded amazing tonight. And no surprise @joshuadavidsparks was absolutely brilliant on the drums. Great to catch up quick with Josh and @chaseigliori too. I love this job. I love this company. #enforcewebsterhall

FDNY vs New England Police. #enforcewebsterhall

Ed Sheeran secret show in the Studio. Just another night at Webster Hall. #websterhall #edsheeran #enforcewebsterhall

2 days of On Letting Go done. Great weekend watching an incredible show and seeing some great friends. Love my guys in @turnoverva. @fakewang is my boy and I wish the rest of the venues would take care of these guys even half as well as we did. #circasurvive #onlettinggo #enforcewebsterhall

Last night I got to see an amazing band @circasurvive play songs I had the pleasure of seeing live on tour many years ago in their infancy. Now 10 years later & they still crush it with all the deserved success they have. #pma #nyc #enforcewebsterhall #circasurvive #websterhall #memories #onlettinggo #manhattan #greatpeople

I'm sure everyone would like to walk into a venue to see their merch shipment handled the way I took care of @fakewang. #tourfamily #toomuchmerch #theonewiththebaloononit #enforcewebsterhall

I know 2016 was a rough year for a lot of people. But the darkness is where the light shines the brightest. In 2016, something I created, using only my phone, a meme generator and the creativity that courses through my veins, was awarded a spot in the "40 Most Funniest Party Meme Pictures And Photos" list. This is proof that no matter what anyone says about you, you can achieve greatness. Overcome the haters and be who you want to be! "I'm gonna get what I want!"- Kelly, from the classic YouTube hit, "Shoes."
#inspiration #inspired #blessed #blessing #party #partymeme #ifyoudontmonowyoumo #enforcewebsterhall #bodybagbobby #motivation #motivated #bobbythebutcher #dildo #gun #partyhat #footballhelmet #livefastdiefaster #donttouchpete #crookedcop #djcj #djdjtanner #allforisles #jkmcravetv #beer #alwaysrememberfawnshouse #councilman #prince

Happy new year from Webster Hall. It's the first year I haven't watched the ball drop with my nieces. But if I couldn't be there because of work, at least it's working for a company I love. #happynewyear #enforcewebsterhall

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