Consider our accounts managed. Trevor Newman, AE, is taking over our agency social media today to give us the Wednesday word. Follow along on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter! #EnergistSpotlight

Maybe it’s the daily Starbuck’s hot chocolate or maybe it’s the connectivity of her ever-present phone—either way Nicole Donoghue, VP, Account Management, gets more done in a day than most people accomplish in a week. When she isn’t developing marketing solutions for clients, she’s taking her business acumen and organizational skills to the non-profit world. In 2010, Nicole and her husband Rich founded the Declan Donoghue Foundation to honor the memory of their son Declan. They wanted to remember him by celebrating the spirit of play. Since then, the Foundation has donated $200,000 of play equipment in five playgrounds across the Triad. You can catch this busy lady tailgating at a Clemson football game or admiring monarch butterflies with her son Alex. For everything you do at the agency and in our community, thank you Nicole! #EnergistSpotlight

Sonya Millsap is our VP Controller, but she’s known around the agency as the Keeper of the Credit Cards. Sonya has always been good with numbers. In her 25 years at TBE, she has worked closely with the executive team to manage our accounting department and ensure financial statements, invoices and payments are all as accurate as her cornhole shots. That’s right, she runs the boards at our agency parties and is competitive with everything from bowling to flip cup and beyond. Her real passion, though, has always been spending time with her family on the lake, where she slalom skis and soaks up the sun. That, and Virginia Tech football. Thanks for everything you do Sonya! #EnergistSpotlight

Lisa Schooler, Account Supervisor extraordinaire, is on her second tour in her seven years at TBE. She began her career here as a PR specialist and then moved into account management, where she enjoys the mix of strategy and daily problem solving. Lisa is a working mother to a four-year-old preschooler who keeps her moving with singing performances, crafting projects, princess movies, birthday parties and more. She still finds time for her other passions though. Perusing Pinterest and true crime podcasts keep the creative juices flowing, as do the mandatory cups of coffee and Amazon Prime shopping sprees. Here at the agency, we can’t get enough of her positivity, great ideas and work ethic. Thanks, Lisa! #EnergistSpotlight

Our very own Jimeetre Miller has been a TBE Energist for seven years this month. She’s a First Impression Specialist, but we think of her more as a Jimeetre of All Trades. She mans the receptionist desk for half the day and then runs upstairs to help the accounting department with AP, AR and invoicing, bringing her positivity and endless energy to everything she does. She sings and volunteers at her church, has acted on stage, absolutely loves Whitney Houston and is constantly broadening her creative horizons. Jimeetre counts family as one of her greatest blessings, and we’re just thankful she’s a part of ours here at TBE. #EnergistSpotlight

Meet Trevor Newman. He’s an Account Executive who specializes in, well, a lot of things. When he’s not oiling the agency workflow gears or solving client problems like Rubik’s cubes, he’s heading up social media accounts and mining data for new business. He came to TBE as an Assistant Account Executive two and a half years ago after graduating from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Journalism and a brief stint at the Red Oak Brewery. Speaking of craft beer, he loves it. And even more so if it’s a coffee stout under the careful supervision of a good book. Outside of advertising, his passions are writing, science, politics and locally roasted coffee, and when he isn’t hiking with his girlfriend and Cockapoo puppy, you just might find him combing through an indie game in search of a good story. #EnergistSpotlight

Hunter Ellis is a phenomenal account planner. He’s a true champion of the audience. We advertisers understand that insights drive a brand’s creative and strategy, and Hunter embodies this relationship in everything he does. Whether he’s running focus groups, conducting interviews, mining for morsels of data or generating insights, Hunter is at the forefront of what consumers want, need and do. He’s a people person who wouldn’t have it any other way. Outside of work, Hunter brings his archetype prowess to his hobbies—namely, trying his hand at Dungeons and Dragons (thank you, Stranger Things). Born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC, Hunter came back to his roots after graduating from the VCU Brandcenter and spending a brief time in LA. He has been providing our clients with invaluable audience personas ever since. Fun fact: he can read Japanese. Thanks for everything you do, Hunter! #EnergistSpotlight

Adem Cengiz works his digital magic from our Durham office, but he doesn’t mind the drive to High Point for team meetings. In fact, he’s well versed in podcast-powered trips. A New York native, he’s traveled to nearly 20 countries and swears the Patagonia Mountains have the best camping. When he’s not sponging up other cultures, hiking near Boone or dissecting classic Japanese cinema, he’s bringing considerable experience to our digital team. As a senior digital marketing specialist with seven years in the industry, Adem manages digital campaigns and websites, mostly dealing in SEO and PPC. He’s also a social media wordsmith and web analytics clairvoyant—a valuable asset in anyone’s corner. Fun facts: He was Bill Clinton’s official “Tweeter” for a time, and he’s heading to Brazil in three weeks. Be sure to come back, Adem!

You might call Joe Martinez our resident magician. That’s because when computers crash, servers need migrating, data gets corrupted or any number of mini-disasters befall our technology, he magically makes our problems go away. As the IT Manager, Joe is always monitoring and safeguarding our network from the next hiccup, big or small. However, most don’t know that he’s our Building Manager as well. Thankfully, he keeps the behind-the-scenes running smoothly around here on both fronts. When he’s not in the office, you can find Joe mastering chess, building computers, hiking mountains and generally keeping himself very, very busy. It’s no surprise he loves the outdoors so much—Joe grew up on the West Coast and in Alaska, and his wilderness expertise just might rival that of Bear Grylls. For all things indoors and out, we’re happy to have him around.

Say hello to @ang_wess who has been at TBE for 12 years this month and leads our Social Media and PR Department as an Account Supervisor. And inTRONEship Supervisor. And Head of the Bureau of Swag. She does a lot around here. A big fan of earned media, Angi entered into our agency on the PR side and slowly built our social media program up to a well-oiled, creative machine. But when she isn’t signing off on content calendars, writing press releases or running our blog, you can find her on the back nine of a golf course, hanging out with the birdies and eagles. She’s also a proud mother of her three cats, Sadie Mae, Halo Grace and Tiggi Cole, and extends her love of cats to the Carolina Panthers (Sir Purr may in fact be her spirit animal). This fall, Angi is attending graduate school for a degree in Digital Innovation in Marketing. We’re happy to call her an amazing part of the TBE team. #EnergistSpotlight #AgencyLife #AdvertisingAgency #creative #socialmedia #publicrelations #advertising #adlife #pr #carolinapanthers #golf #catmom #sirpurr

Melissa Shea. Digital Marketing Specialist by day, mother of a new baby girl, well, both day and night. Melissa has been working for our Durham TBE office for almost a year now. She thrives on the story behind the numbers. Connecting the dots between digital insights and real world behaviors is just one of her many talents. She also does a “bloody good” British accent according to Gary, our VP native of England. When she isn’t analyzing digital trends or managing email drips, Melissa is volunteering at the Wake County Diaper Bank to help local families of newborns. That, or she’s listening to podcasts like The Nerdist, Gilmore Guys and Serial. All in all, she stays pretty busy. #EnergistSpotlight #AdLife #EmployeeAppreciation #Firefly #DigitalMarketing #Moms #MomLife #AgencyLife #TBEEnergist

Meet Melissa Hintz, Media Director and Tronie of five years. A long-time Iowan, she’s loyal to the Hawkeyes by marriage, the Buffalo Bills and her alma mater, Drake University. Her family hobby is barbeque. Melissa and her husband are certified barbeque judges through the Kansas City Barbeque Society and they regularly participate in barbeque competitions on the weekends. Their latest challenge has been adapting the flavor of their competition meat from a Midwestern taste to a North Carolina barbeque profile. When she leaves work, she puts her mom hat on, spending time being a “taxi service for her kids” and volunteering at church. Her claim to fame? She was recently inducted into her high school’s athletic hall of fame for being the first girl from her small high school to go to the state track and field championships. She still holds the school record for 100 and 200 meters. At TBE, Melissa is responsible for determining effective ways to connect brands to audiences across the customer journey. #EnergistSpotlight

Meet Kelly Mullinax, Account Supervisor. A self-proclaimed water baby, she grew up boating, tubing and swimming and says the ocean makes her feel peaceful and happy. She’s a fervent lover of puppies, who will canoodle the little fluffers at any chance she gets, even if they’re not hers. Don’t try to talk Clemson football with her; she’s a diehard Gamecocks fan. In her free time, she enjoys watching USC football, going to concerts (Kings of Leon, The Lumineers and Red Hot Chili Peppers, just to name a few), reading psychological thrillers and collecting purses and shoes. At TBE, Kelly is responsible for building client relationships and managing internal teams. Her loud, bubbly personality can often be heard throughout the agency. #EnergistSpotlight #AgencyLife #AdvertisingAgency #Creative #Advertising #AdLife #AccountManagement #USCFootball #PuppyLove #BeachLife #SurfsUp #Lumineers #KingsOfLeon #rhcp

Meet Cecile Scarpato, soon to be Cecile Davis. A Junior Art Director at TBE and a SCAD graduate, Cecile spends her day “making pretty pictures at work.” Cecile lives life like a walking musical, always singing her work and thoughts aloud. Her creative coworkers call her the most optimistic person they know. A self-proclaimed fan girl, Cecile loves Harry Potter, Japanime, cats, Pokemon, cooking, attending costume parties and Disney movies. So it only makes sense that she’ll be heading to Disney World (and, of course, Harry Potter World) for her honeymoon. We all wish her a magical trip.
#EnergistSpotlight #AgencyLife #ArtDirector #creative #advertising

Meet Kara, Senior Copywriter, going on 11 years at TBE. In the office, she spends her day coming up with crazy ideas. Known for wearing her thoughts on her face, there’s no disguising her true opinions. Outside of the office, she can be found playing tennis, cheering on the West Virginia Mountaineers and spending time with her son and hubby-to-be. Fun facts: she’s broken her nose five times and has a personal vendetta against the exclamation point.
#EnergistSpotlight #AgencyLife #AdLife #advertising #copywriter #creative #tennis #puns

Meet Mary Beth Pichon, HR Manager and all-around employee cheerleader. Calling herself a "soccer mom without the minivan," she says her two kids are her hobbies and Goofy is her hero. Outside of work, Mary Beth enjoys going on walks and loving on her oversized Golden Retriever, Tater. The craziest thing she's ever done? Bungee jump out of a hot air balloon. No big deal.
#EnergistSpotlight #AgencyLife #AdAgency #SoccerMom #EmployeeSpotlight #Goofy #AdLife #HumanResources

Meet Stephanie Cole, Senior Engagement Manager in the Interactive Department. At work, she’s a self-proclaimed process freak, responsible for internal and client day-to-day activities relating to web design and development. Her claim to fame is inarguably her piercing laugh, which reverberates throughout the building. A seasoned baseball mom, Yankees fan, beach and concertgoer, she can be found posted up in a lawn chair or porch sitting with friends on the weekend. #EnergistSpotlight #adlife #marketing #interactive #digital

Meet Carolyn Mills, Media Planner and Buyer. When she’s not hard at work in the office, she can be found volunteering with the AARF and loving on two pups of her own. As a wannabe artist, her dream is to have a studio in the loft of her barn where she can paint, draw and learn pottery and stained glass. Carolyn also enjoys baking and gardening, and she aspires to have a farm with chickens, goats and horses. #EnergistSpotlight #media #pet #PuppyLover #gardener #creative #artist #AdLife #AdAgency

Meet Julie Ayres, Help Desk Manager in the Interactive Department. Known for her dry humor and sarcastic remarks, usually involving “oh, just peachy,” Julie keeps us laughing. In the office, she can be found analyzing email and web issues, launching websites and managing domains. Outside of the office, she enjoys making soap and skincare products and sewing handbags and quilts in her at-home studio. #EnergistSpotlight #AdAgency #AdLife #sewing #crafty #AgencyLife #creative #DigitalMarketing

Meet Tom Minsel, our resident PhD, data guru and Director of Analytic Services. He is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, playing a variety of flutes, guitars and banjos. Tom has a daredevil spirit and is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie. He joked if he were a cat with nine lives, then he’s used about seven of them. From hunting Cape buffalo in the jungle to scuba diving adventures with sharks, there’s no reigning him in. #EnergistSpotlight #AdAgency #MarketingResearch #AdLife #adventure

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