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The GFI CEO Mr Sandile Gfi Shezi along with the GFI team are appalled and deeply saddened by the recent and continuing horrific crimes against our Woman and Children. It is with that spirit that at GFI we calling for immediate end to this atrocity, United we stand divided we fall. #GFIcares
If you are around Johannesburg be sure to catch him this Saturday at the Hilton Hotel from 12:30pm in Sandton, Johannesburg as he will be giving a FREE beginners class into Forex Trading.
#NotInMyname #EndViolenceAgainstWomen #AfricaDay #SandileSheziFoundation

[ #whyistayed ]
seventeen. i was seventeen the first time we had a fight & he got mad & slammed my head against the car window.
what we could have possibly been arguing about then that was so bad? i haven't a clue.
he cried afterwards.
swore he'd never do it again.
but here's the thing with relationships like this one..
they are filled with good intentions but empty promises.
i loved him so much & i stayed.
this story is a boulder as old as time itself.
you stay because most of it is happy.
but the bad,
the bad is a giant black monster with gnashing teeth & claws & red eyes.
so time goes by & what was once a push or shove here & there becomes
a face in the dirt.
marks around your neck.
blood on your knees, on your elbows, under your nails.
a few kicks to the ribs.
but you stay still because you don't love yourself enough yet. & when you finally love yourself enough, half of them won't believe you.
they won't believe he was that bad.
they will say "what did she do to deserve it?" "she is lying. he's a great guy." (i promise you they will say this) & this will be the extra punch to the gut.
but know nothing you ever did made you deserve the violence.
nothing you said.
nothing you screamed. & when you've finally found the strength to lift this boulder off your chest.
you know, the one that's as old as time.
throw it far.
watch it fall. & crumble into dust.
it doesn't weigh you down anymore.
run. blindly. bravely. & breathe easy.

On average, 20 women per minute in the US are being abused by someone they love and we’re fighting to end domestic violence w/ @ShareToGive! Grab a shirt on sharetogive.com/primaj (link in bio) or simply share this campaign. Part of the proceeds go towards supporting the non-profit @FightersForTheWorld … Be an active fighter for all women by joining us in this cause! #ShareToGive #F4TW #EndViolenceAgainstWomen

Soooooo........ My guest tonight on BOUNCE @Stylexdifattyboss him love fatty.....but me love my slimmy man 😂😂😂😂 #lightweight 😹 #suncityradio #talkshow #funguest #endviolenceagainstwomen

So proud of my dear friend and passionate advocate to #endviolenceagainstwomen Thandie. #congo #cityofjoy XX Kay


“One Too Many”
Sign the Pledge and let us end violence against women and girls.

Following the murder of 22 year old Karabo Mokoena, 3 year old Courtney Pieters was raped and murdered, a pregnant woman was gang raped and 4 young women were abducted, raped, murdered and their bodies burnt beyond recognition. These gruesome acts of violence paint a picture of a nation which preys on the woman and girl child.

It is in our silence as a nation, where we normalize these acts perpetrated on our women, when we need to break this culture of silence which helps breed men who abuse women.
It is deeply saddening that our justice system continues to fail our women because far too often the perpetrators of violence perpetrated on women are given light sentences or are acquitted or the case continues to be prolonged to such an extent that victims fail to see its end and wish it to end by dropping the charges, as for years they have to return to court to relive and reopen wounds which they wish to heal from or even forget, and as a result these offenders go out in society and repeat the very same or similar offense, this is an endless cycle where justice is not served.
No longer can we wait for the “16 Days of Activism Campaign” to voice our grievances or to have a call to action on such matters when violence perpetrated on women and the girl child is a daily occurrence, even as we speak a woman and girl child is being victimized. We call upon government, civil society and citizens alike to join us to help end violence against women and girls.
Our Pledge is as follows:
# I PLEDGE to stop the abduction, rape and killing of women and girls in our communities. Together we demand bold political leadership to prevent rape and brutal killing, to protect civilians and rape survivors, and call for justice for all including effective prosecution of those responsible.
#OneTooManySA #endviolenceagainstwomen #endviolenceagainstchildren

My fav baby so far.

New design exclusive to the @rawmelbourne FIXATE showcase on June 29th!

Tickets are $20 presale (contact to purchase) or $25 at the door.
All designs on the night will be available in silver plated, gold plated and sterling silver and will be available for order.

🏖💅Check out our upcoming summer programs for teenage girls!⠀

Jerusalem / Tel Aviv⠀

🌸Middle school girls⠀
🏵High school girls⠀
🌻And girls entering the military / national service💂


👊Self Defense⠀
✋Boundary Setting⠀
💃Positive self image⠀
👒Self expression⠀
🗣Communication tools⠀
☯Inner strength⠀

while having a BLAST. ⠀

Link in BIo!⠀

Or contact elhalev@elhalev.org / 02-678-1764

👨🏽‍🎨: @zesta_jhb

In honour of our brutalized sisters today I wear all black and red lipstick, no longer a victim and far from a survivor, I am a VICTOR💪

To any oppressed woman reading this, there is hope, there is escape and there is deliverance ❤ It is not the life meted and measured to you and it is not what is meant for you, are a meant for far greater things than the bondage of abuse ❤

#godcreatedwoman #endviolenceagainstwomen #abuse #powa #iamwoman #nomoreviolence #empower

The Clothesline Project is running until 3pm at Minto Park. Stop by and take part in this exhibit that gives a voice to victims of violence and abuse. #endviolenceagainstwomen #ottawa #feminism

Gosh this is sumbody's mom, Oh how scary has the world become 😕😯 #HelpFindThisCar #EndviolenceAgainstWomen

I've already bought too many plants and too much vegan cake somebody stop me! We're here til 3pm at 35 Colebrook St Brunswick ✌

Come see us tomorrow at the @thinkersmakerssociety market 35 Colebrook St Brunswick from 10-3!

We will be at Paddington Markets again this Saturday, 27th May - our last market appearance before the new range arrives in July.
Come & say hello!

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