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Rage Del Fierro X Sunshine Aragon 💓

@ilovejaynica : Ikaw yung nag birthday and pumasa yet I was the who got a gift? wala koy gift :3
Thanks for this really ☺ and congrats again! 👏

P.S: Na atik lang ko sa end this war hahaha XD

She's such an idiot, another reason why you can never trust her lying ass #NeverHillary #hillaryforprison2016 #TrumpPence #BuildThatWall #EndThisWar

Found this pin-back button yesterday at 2:25pm in our school (WMSU). Siguro yung may-ari nito fan yung story ni ate #jonaxx na "End this War" 😆. PS. Sa schoolmate ko na may-ari nito kung gusto mo pang bawiin to just DM me 💙 #wmsu #endthiswar #wattpad #student

Looking at the terrible images, videos, news about 🇸🇾 Syria. Really is heartbreaking that no human is so be suffered like that. What is going on with human races? For ego, greed and money snatch innocence lives of many people for years. We are constantly complaining about not having enough money, not having enough food, the weather etc. But other people are suffering in these era. We all can create awareness by atleast sharing out that this is a wrong act. Prayers are for the affected and it will end now!! 😪 #prayersforsyria #restorehumanity #syria #spreadpositivity #endthiswar

همین ...
#komakemun_kon_khoda #donotstartwar #endthiswar #endthisnow #endthispain
حالا برادر من خواهر من هی بشین بگو عشقم منو ترک کرد شکست روحی خوردم ببین هنوز فکر نکنم سه یا چهار سال بیشتر داشته باشه گوشه های جهان حتی گوشه های کشورمون یا حتی تو همین تهران خودمون خیلیا نون خشک هم ندارن بخورن شما تو فکر شکست عشقیتی
ببین معنی درد و بفهم
تویی که هی پست غسالخونه میزاری پست تیغ و شاهرگ میزاری پست مرگ میزاری ببین داشته فرار می کرده که به یه زندگی بدون جنگ برسه به فردای روشن برسه اما ببین سر از کجا در اورده ...
بعد تو هی پست شکست عشقیتو و این که نمیتونی ادامه بدی رو بزار
خواهش می کنم تمومش کن و فقط خدارو شکر کن
سالمی خانواده داری غذایی برای خوردن داری پس خدا رو شکر کن راه میری خدارو شکر کن
به خاطر پدر مادرت خدارو شکر کن

In the midst of all the governmental transition hullabaloo, I implore each of you to take the time to contact your state representatives in order to address these key issues that are loud and clearly in need of support from our many voices. As a currently serving Peace Corps Volunteer, I am able to shed some specific light on foreign policy as I have been living in Ukraine for sixteen months now.

As some of you know, the fighting in Ukraine has intensified with Russian forces leading violent attacks against the currently held line in the East since Sunday. As of now, eight Ukrainian soldiers have died, twenty-six are wounded, an unknown number of civilians have died and over 17,000 peaceful civilians (2,500 of which are children) are pinned down without access to water, electricity or heating in the government-held town of Avdiyivka. The temperatures are dipping as low as -4F at night and the highs are barely making it out of the teens. People are starving and standing in line for hours in order to purchase a single loaf of bread. Authorities in Donbass (Donetsk) have declared a state of emergency.

There is an evacuation plan in place for those who want to leave the towns that will be affected by this further disregard of the Minsk Agreement (ceasefire agreement, 2014). At this point it looks like the officials in Avdiyivka are attempting to organize an evacuation since the main gas line has been broken and the inhabitants have no access to resources but they say it is a last resort. This is also one of many towns being affected, others are acting similarly in declaring states of emergency.

Please, please lend your voice to these causes and keep the fight alive. This blatant disregard of policy cannot withstand and I am astounded and saddened by the turn of events both at home in America and my second home here. Peace Corps WILL evacuate us if the fighting worsens and threatens volunteer safety, but my Ukrainian family, colleagues, friends and students do not have said option.

Thank you to all of my friends and family for your support, will keep everyone updated on what happens here. #ukraine #peacecorps #pleasestopthiswar #endthiswar #prayersupforukraine


When every one is just for themselves, stand up. Find your center and stay there. 🙏😔🙀🔘 #prayformindanao #prayforpeace#prayfor #innerpeace#peace #meditate #holdstill#thistooshallpass
#selfishpeople #selfcentered#endthiswar#enoughtalking#end#begin

Such horrendous news hearing of the Manchester attack at the arena of Ariana grande's concert 😢 may those who lost their lives RIP such a sad loss and far to young to be taken off this earth, they didn't even get the chance to experience life, or grow old. They weren't even old enough to realise that there is bad in the world. My heart is breaking, when will this stop! 😣❤️ #angelswings #spreadyourwings #angelsinthesky #angelsinheaven #mayweneverforget #rip #endthis #endthiswar #peaceandlove #peace #loveoneanother #war #enditnow #worldpeace

Pray For The World. 💔 My thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved in this horrible tragedy.
#prayformanchester #prayformarawi #prayforbangkok #prayforsyria #prayfortheworld #heartbroken #endthiswar #stopthemadness

Wow.. this is heartbreaking💔 Nothing can ever replace a mother's unconditional love for her kids. This woman lost her 23 yr old son to ISIS. #endthiswar #nomorehate #worldpeace #faith #stoptheviolence

Please all sincere & mindful IG-ers, pay attention for a few seconds to respond to @venezuelalucha in order to get to see the TRUTH of the terrible battle these brave and suffering Venezuelans are going through day by day. LETS FUCKING SUPPORT THEM ALL..!! FREE VENEZUELA from its dictatorial regime...😡. #endthiswar #venezuela #protest #bravepeople #brave #stopthinking #startfeeling #emoangel #personalgrowth #careforeachother #massagetherapist #massagetherapy #massagetime #denbosch #groningen #antwerp #zwolle #freedom #peach #takeabreath

"Kill the king first, before you win this game." - Hector 😘😘 #jonaxxstorieslovers #jsl #queenj #alegriaboysseries #endthiswar CTTO

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