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You also have the freedom to choose to be free of the suffering each time you eat! Free of causing suffering and free of suffering yourself! #anonymousforthevoiceless #animalrights #vegan #govegan #vegansofig #vegano #veganschweiz #veganzurich #gary #av #endsuffering #compassion

This represents so much that needs addressing in the world to me. This is a half full plastic bottle of cow's milk, littered in the undergrowth by the roadside near our home. A cow was tortured and at some point has been or will be killed for this milk. Some human has purchased it and not even consumed it all. So that cow has suffered for what? Of course I am vegan and completely against the dairy industry that I see as the most violent and cruel of all industries. To then litter the countryside with this plastic bottle that will take a ridiculous amount of time to break down.... Aaargh. The lack of consideration for so many beings in the acts that this person carried out is so frustrating. I will try to get down the bank and retrieve this bottle and put it into recycling. I so wish I didn't have to. I will pray to the universe for the poor souls who endured such horrific abuse for that discarded bottle of cow's milk. Cow's milk. There's an apostrophe there for a reason. It belongs to the cow.. Leave them alone! #GoVegan #stoplittering #vegan #Veganuary #endsuffering #cruelty

It occurred to me recently just how much we are all in our cocoons. From the statistic about using only 40% of our homes to only wearing about 20% of our wardrobes or our tendency to eat the same foods on repeat.

We like what’s familiar and there’s nothing wrong with that—as long as we are aware of it and are consciously choosing our path. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

But what about when it’s not working for us...but it’s comfortable and familiar and we know we can survive in this way?

My guess is you already know what needs adjusting. What would it take to create a shift—even a tiny one?

I felt something this week. I feel I was given a message and a task. I acted on it. Now it is up to God to follow through and help answer the prayers and guide us to the answers. I hope he can listen to the call. Nothing happens by chance.

#answerus #help #pray #support #love #cometogether #listen #connect #endsuffering #please

🏋🏻‍♀️⛹🏻‍♂️🥊🏈 Exercise starves depression at its core ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #endsuffering #helpothers #motivation #inspire #fitfam #letsgo #yougotthis #fitnessmotivation #nyc #losangeles

Freedom from the grips of the mind smooths the struggles out of life’s bumpy road. Stepping back from thought and experiencing pure presence gives us the opportunity to begin again. Meditation, private instruction and group gatherings available in bio. .
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I have been crying off and on all day. I think of the state of the world and I cry. I think of the kids in the shooting yesterday and I cry. I think of the suffering that so many people and other beings go through every day and I cry. •
I have been drawn to the Moola Mantra these past few days and repetition seems to be helping. It is a beautiful mantra asking for protection and relief from suffering. As I chant it today, I hold in my heart the parents who lost their children yesterday and pray that they have some relief from their suffering. •

Photo Credit @mike_parkyn the wonderful 😍
#endsuffering #alllivesmatter #evenbugs #yoga #yogi #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday #yogis #yogalove #parayoga #mantra #moolamantra #spiritualfitness

Another Victim of Snare Traps
WARNING Swipe to see the un-blurred photo

On Saturday, Jessica contacted us to let us know there was a wolf north of Duluth that appeared to have some wire wrapped around his muzzle. We contacted the DNR and began working with them to capture the wolf.

It's illegal to trap a wolf so we'd need to get permission to live-trap. Tranquilizer guns are highly restricted in MN and neither Wildwoods nor the DNR has one. Net guns are expensive and we don't have one of those either. What could we do? Conservation Officer Don had a catchpole and blanket, and began driving around the Lakeside area of Duluth with a Wildwoods volunteer who had spotted the wolf in the area earlier.

As the wolf made its way through Duluth, concerned citizens started calling 911. The Duluth PD finally caught up with him. He was near a well-used road and in the interest of traffic safety, they made the decision to shoot the wolf.

Our exam of this wolf’s body was heartbreaking. Part of a wire snare trap meant to catch small animals was embedded tightly around his muzzle. He'd not been able to open his mouth to eat. He was starving, and was a skeleton of fur and bones.

This wolf suffered so much because of humans. We so wish we could have helped him. WE NEED YOUR HELP so that next time, we can!

How can you help? First, if these pics saddened and upset you, speak out (and vote) against the cruel practice of snaring and other forms of trapping whenever and wherever you can! So many animals suffer so horribly from this barbaric “sport”. Second, consider donating to Wildwoods (link in our bio) to help us purchase equipment that will help us capture animals like this wolf from a distance. If we'd had a net gun, we could have caught him and removed the snare.

Thank you.
#stop #trapping #bansnares #wolf #lifeisprecious #wildliferehab #wildliferescue #bantraps #endsuffering

#oneheartbeat - Our world can sometimes seem full of pain, suffering and sadness. We are love, we are light, we shine bright. Give kindness and love to spread peace 💖
Our thoughts, prayers and love go out to those affected by the #stonedouglassshooting ❤️ #happyvaletinesday #happychinesenewyear #yearofthedog #mardigras

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