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At the end of a #streetharassment talk at Broad Run HS in #Ashburn, #VA, students wrote a phrase or word they want to say to harassers. #endsh #stopstreetharassment

#NoEsMiCultura violentar a otr@s. Queremos que el espacio público sea un lugar seguro para tod@s #endSH

Aujourd'hui marque le début de la semaine internationale contre le harcèlement de rue. Toutes les antennes françaises proposent des activités pour lutter contre ce fléau ! Vous voulez participer ? Rapprochez-vous de l'antenne la plus proche de chez vous pour connaître son programme. #endsh #endstreetharrassment #shdr #stopharcelementderue

Makasih @thejakartajournal for helping us #lawanpelecehan through this great write up!
Written by: Sherri Makhijani || Ditulis oleh: Sherri Makhijani
Chalk Walk Jakarta was an event hosted in Sudirman on the 2nd of April, 2017. The event was hosted by four organizations, and was held to raise awareness on combating street harassment in Jakarta. The organizations involved include Hollaback Jakarta, focused on harassment in shared spaces, Lumiere Project, focused on catcalls, Bersama Project, focused on empowering women through art, and Lentera Sintas Indonesia, focused on encouraging people to speak up against sexual violence.
To learn more about these organizations, you can follow them on Instagram at:
@lentera_id, @Hollaback_Jkt, @Lumiere_project, @BersamaProject
Chalk Walk Jakarta adalah acara yang diadakan di Sudirman pada tanggal 2 April, 2017. Acara ini diselenggarakan oleh empat organisasi dan diadakan untuk meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat tentang pemberantasan pelecehan di jalanan Jakarta. Organisasi yang terlibat dalam penyelenggaraan acara ini adalah Hollaback Jakarta yang berfokus terhadap pelecehan dalam daerah umum, Lumiere Project yang berfokus pada “catcalls”, dan Lentera Sintas Indonesia yang berfokus untuk mendorong masyarakat untuk menantang kekerasan seksual.
Untuk tahu lebih banyak tentang organisasi-organisasi yang terlibat, kalian dapat follow mereka di Instagram: @lentera_id, @Hollaback_Jkt, @Lumiere_project, @BersamaProject #endsh

Hello! I'm not usually up + out this early, but I was excited to greet y'all. That, and my toddler woke up at the crack of dawn asking for tacos. Welcome to the charmed life of @thejessicaraven - feminist mama, quirky cat lady, and executive director of @safespacesdc, working to stop street harassment in DC and make public spaces safe for *everyone.* If you experience street harassment, tell your story at bit.ly/CASSblog. #endSH #BloomingdaleDC

from yesterday Jakarta Marketing Week with @loistangel Putri Pariwisata 2016 and Pak Herman, Jawara Silat Kampung Wisata Jampang

Pak Herman taught us all some easy defense that i had a chance to choke lois 😂

Here are some tips from me for A Safety Travelling for Women Travellers:
1. Positive Mind
That in general world is not as scary as what people say. Do not believe til you experience it (or do a research at least)

2. Preparation
Do a research about the place you're going to visit, about its people, their cultures, habit, languages, weather, do & dont, etc.

plus wearing a compatible travel gear. for example, i always wearing jeans with deep pocket in which my passport & purse are in the right pocket, and phone in the left pocket. these three are the most essential for me, and i dont keep them in a lil bag or backpack. why? cos in case a bad person steal my bag, or i carelessly unintentionally leave my lil bag in toilet room, and once i realize the bag wouldve been gone, i do still hv my passport, purse and phone.

particularly when i travel abroad, i keep my dollar $_$ inside my shirt that has pocket, so once again if i lose my bag. i do still hv money.

3. Good Deeds and Be Kind To One Another, Anytime Anywhere
The law of conservation of energy states that "Energy Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed, But Only Changed From One Form Into Another.

So that good deeds, it is a positive energy you release into the universe, and it remains eternally. The person you help might not the one who pay you back. It might be someone else across the globe you'll meet in the future. And the person you help might paying it forward that creates a chain of good things to others of the others.

I'm speaking the truth. I have received so many blessed during my journey through the new people i meet. Some of them i didnt even had a chance to say thank you.

Hope it useful, folks!

Have a blessed Friday.
Jumah Mubarak
untung dah biasa duduk di kursi Pojok Transformasi. so tau pose nyang anggun.
( ( A N G G U N ! ! ! hellow! ) )

"If I got Rp 1,000 ($0.08) every time someone catcalled me, I would be rich!!!" - one of my favorite chalk writings from this Morning's chalk walk 🙋🏻😛✌🏼

Happy International Anti-Street Harassment Week everybody 💕🚦🏃🏻‍♀️ photos: @fitms89

#hollabackJKT #lawanpelecehan #mulaibicara #gerakbersama #EndSH

Girls as young as 8 experience cat-calling. The National Service for Street Harassment has just launched! #endsh #dosomething


Únete a nosotrxs el próximo 27 de junio a llenar la Plaza de Lavapiés (Madrid) de mensajes anti-acoso callejero LGTBfóbico, compartiendo tus experiencias y luchando activamente armadxs de tizas para ayudarnos a visualizar este problema.

#levantantalavoz #levantalatiza #orgullo #orgullomadrid #pride #worldpride2017 #stoplgtbfobia #stophomophobia #stophomofobia #acosocallejero #acoso #antiacosocallejero #hollaback #Madrid #endSH #chalkwalk #paseodelatiza #activismo #stopstreetharassment #streetharassment #feminismo #feminism

Artists, writers, poets, creatives of #Oxford - we need you! Submit your work to oxford@ihollaback.org on the theme of RECLAIMING SPACES. We'd love to hear from you (more info in the bio!)

Ottawa! Come party with us at @HottawaDance on July 14! We'll be there as mobile Friendly Feminist Faces to ensure everyone is able to party sans creepers. Anyone starts acting the fool, you can flag us down and we'll intervene!
#Hottawa #Dance #Party @babylonnightclub #EndSH #NoCreepers #Feminism #Activism #Hollaback #StopStreetHarassment #BystanderIntervention

It's been two years since our persistence paid off and OC Transpo met our demands for PSAs on buses! Thanks to everyone who has had our back for the past FOUR YEARS that we've been unpaid and still consistently lobbying OC Transpo. Head to our website for today's full press release! 👊

@ihollagram #Hollaback #Feminism #Activism #StreetHarassment #StopStreetHarassment #EndSH #Ottawa #PSA

Satu contoh lagi cara tegas dan singkat respon terhadap pelecehan di ruang publik: "Itu gak bener tau!?"

Another quick response to #streetharassment : A short, firm "that's not OK!" might do the trick! #endsh #lawanpelecehan #hollaback #hollabackjkt #cultureofbadass

Ven a disfrutar un picnic con nosotrxs! Este domingo 18 junio. Toda la información en nuestra página de Facebook
#acosocallejero #antiacosocallejero #hollaback #Madrid #endSH #stopstreetharassment #evento #feminismo

Kadang2 kalau mengalami pelecehan di ruang publik / #streetharassment mau respon tapi bingung. Kalau mau respon, coba dengan cara yang tegas dan singkat, seperti ini: "ada apa!?"

Looking for a quick response to #streetharassment ? A short, firm "what?!" can get the message across! #endsh #lawanpelecehan #hollaback #hollabackjkt #cultureofbadass

This was made by one of our talented graphic design volunteers, @shaztrange, who is currently studying Fashion Marketing & Promotion in the University of Westminster.

Street harassment is not harmless. It teaches girls to fear men. It makes our communities unsafe. #endsh #StreetHarassment #StopStreetHarassment #NoCatCalling #NoEveTeasing #SafeStreetsForAll #SafeSpacesForAll #CatsNotCatCalls #afghanistan #afghanwomen #afghanfeminist

@wildworks perfectly captured the moment that my BFF and I noticed the @Beyonce painting (as I sang "Hollaback Girl" since it was a @hollabackottawa fundraiser, so I kinda had to.) ----
#Karaoke #Beyonce #Art #LOLs #Hollaback #BFF #bffgoals #bff👭 #Birthday #Fundraiser #EndSH

Last night, our site director Julie Lalonde hosted her birthday at @shanghairestaurant and passed around the hat for us! Her friends generously donated close to $600 for us to continue our work. In addition, people donated over $100 before the event itself. Woo! As a volunteer organization with no staff or funding, this is so helpful. Look out for news about a big Holla! fundraiser at Shanghai later this summer. 🙌

Photo by @mayorofottawa
#Fundraiser #Karaoke #Feminism #Activism #EndSH #StopStreetHarassment #StreetHarassment @ihollagram #Ottawa

#PSA Just a few moments ago I was called a "fat bitch" for simply walking down the street and refusing to smile at a random dude who demanded it of me. I have my self-confidence and body issues like most people, and the comment stung. However, I'm happy with who I am. This is me- messy, just-got-off-work realness. I don't need anyone's approval but my own, and I sure as hell don't have to smile if I don't want to. (Side note- this photo was taken before digging into a sandwich because no one will make me feel bad enough to not eat a sandwich)🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼@stoptellingwomentosmile @stopstharassmnt
#nofilter #endsh

¡Feliz viernes Hollas! Recuerda vestirte como te da la gana, ¡el acoso no es culpa tuya!
#levantalavoz #mevistoparami
#acosocallejero #acoso #antiacosocallejero #hollaback #Madrid #endSH #stopstreetharassment #streetharassment

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