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@freethep #freethep (ALL sanitary products, not just women's!) Help provide sanitary products to your local shelters, charities, schools, etc! All people deserve access to this basic health need.


Loved meeting so many powerful individuals last night, marching around downtown for Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre! #TakeBackTheNight #EndRapeCulture

#tbt to @iamstephbeatz and @jessica.m.thompson on location shooting #TLOTMfilm in #NYC. If you're wondering where you can see #TLOTM next, pop over to our Facebook page and give us a follow! #supportindiefilm #womeninfilm #directedbywomen #SXSW #MVFF40 #CalgaryFF #WoodstockFF #BFILondon #indiefilm #endrapeculture

I get a lot of push back for using '#rapeculture' as a tag in all of my posts. So, I'm posting this pyramid again, to remind everyone that rapeculture is ingrained in every level of our society, and it is extremely important that we are all aware of this.
#rapeculture #fightrapeculture #stoprapeculture #endrapeculture #feminism #feminist #sexism #endsexism #fightsexism #nomeansno

⚘ Rebel Girl ⚘

We are so THANKFUL for @blackrabbitbarbershop partnering with us, year after year!! Haircuts 12-6 on October 15th, with proceeds benefiting @thejhf 💙💚 #nomeansno #stillnotaskingforit #stillnotaskingforitnyc #endrapeculture #endthebacklog


With 1 in 4 women having experienced emotional abuse, and the heartbreaking 1 woman murdered per week by their current or former intimate partner, it is NOT OK for us to choose to be ignorant about these issues.

Im gonna preach a bit, if you can forgive me..(long, but bear wif me😶)
- Our thinking and approaches around abuse and domestic violence need to change. .
The thinking is wrong when we reduce abuse to the classic line of "there are two sides to every story"- aaaaannnnn- WRONG! (This effectively erases the experience of the victim from the equation.)
This is called taking the cowards way out. Its a way to find a neautral ground so the onus of moral responsibility is not on you. It's the COMFORTABLE middle ground and the road of least resistance, and effectively, however falsely, absolves people of any responsibility.
In other words- DENIAL, and cousins of denial - trivialisation, dismissing, gas lighting, projection (blaming the victim), rationalising, etc)
The answer and correct thinking around abuse and domestic violence looks and sounds like this: "Did his/her actions constitute abuse"? and the answer, in my case, was a resounding YES! .. 😦
So what now?
Well ...learn the signs of abuse: emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, sexual etc. Learn about the cycle of abuse and about the overarching gender inequality that perpetuates domestic violence.
And guess what? - abuse doesn't look like your 'typical villian' and the victim is not society's 'perfect victim'.. .
🍃EDUCATE yourself please🍃
Educate yourself and believe and support victims.They are the AUTHORITY on their experience and know best!
We ALL, myself included, need to do better.
What do u guys think? ☺
Love to all victims/survivors.
I believe you! 💜💖👐💪👌🍃
#intersectionalfeminism #yesallwomen #feminism #victimblaming #domesticviolence#survivors#believesurvivors#domesticviolence #endpatriarchy #endrapeculture #empowered #yourstorymatters#supportsurvivors #believesurvivors #breakthesilence #believeher #emotionalabuse #gaslighting #survivors #victims #abusecycle #victimsofabuse #cyclesofviolence #cyclesofpower #cycleofabuse

#EndRapeCulture “Scotti, a 10-year veteran of the agency, posted $100,000 bail and was placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. He still is being paid pending the filing of criminal charges [...] Last month, Sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Spina was charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment after he groped a subordinate deputy at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, prosecutors said. Spina touched the victim’s breast while masturbating and watching a pornographic video in 2016, and told the woman she “owed” him for approving a time-off request, court documents show.” 📲FULL article available on our Facebook (Facebook.com/SomosFamiliaValle) 👁 #SOMOSFAMILIAVALLE

#EndRapeCulture “A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy was arrested for allegedly engaging in sexual misconduct with inmates while on duty at a women's jail. [...] The woman said she was assaulted by Scotti in one of the dormitories. A second female inmate also complained about a sexual assault, both which were alleged to have occurred during the early morning hours while the deputy was on duty...” 📲FULL article available on our Facebook (Facebook.com/SomosFamiliaValle) 👁 #SOMOSFAMILIAVALLE

In other words, the VICTIM isn't believed and the rapist IS... he/she can say it was consensual. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??!? 😣😤😢 #sexualassault #betsydevos #notmypresident #notrump #fucktrump #democrat #believethem #supportthem #rape #endrapeculture #rapeculture #shame #disgusting #imfurious #ibelieveyou #help #dotherightthing #ourcountryisgoingtohell

⚡️Hey everyone! @mylifeinlipstick is writing an article about gender based harassment at work or school and if you have a story to share please go to the link in their profile to share what happened! 🖤

Fucking sickening. There should be ABSOLUTELY ZERO discretion when it comes to sexual assault on college campuses. If an incident occurs the authorities should be immediately notified (and I mean actual law enforcement not this campus cop bullshit). 1) Universities are not equipped to conduct the full and thorough investigations that sexual assault cases warrant. 2) Even if they are it is not in the Universities interest to prove that a sexual assault occurred on its campus so believing that an unbiased process is being undertaken by the University is naive at best, but willfully ignorant is probably more accurate. And fuck all the "we just provide these women an option because charging someone with sexual assault is a scary process and isn't for everyone" bull shit ass argument. What you really do is manipulate these women with scare tactics during the most vulnerable time of their life in order to keep your rape numbers down so parents will keep sending their children to your school. The Trump administration has consistently placed institutions above the people. You have given the universities a pass to look the other way on rape in favor of profits and a larger endowment, which in turn gives the male population a open season for rape. @betsydevosed sold out the entire collegiate female body in this country for a few dollars, but what we expect from a so called "billionaire president" and his equally unqualified and equally rich uneducated education secretary?? #notmypresident #dumptrump #nevertrump #trump #dotard #sellout #rapeculture #endrapeculture #sexualassault #thehuntingground #womenempowerment #women #womanpower #feminism #protectourgirls #protectourwomen #universityofarizona #uofa #wildcats #uaalumni

⚡️Lately I've been trying this new thing where my bf and I say three things we are thankful for/happy about that happened each day. Life can be so negative and I've found by trying my best not to wallow in that anger it's actually improved my overall disposition towards life in general. Don't get me wrong I still suffer from depression and anxiety. It's not a cure. It's just helped me to look at things differently. If you're up for the challenge I'd like you to think about the three things you're happy about/thankful for. My three are: I'm thankful that there are hotels that allow cats, I'm thankful that the temperatures are starting to cool down and I'm thankful for my bf, my coadmin and my soul sister (you know who you are) that help keep my spirits up when I'm stressed as shit and my world is crumbling. (Oh and I took this photo 😜)

Emotional abuse is abuse. Sexual abuse is abuse. Physical abuse is abuse. And abuse will not be tolerated. We march to take back our night, our homes, our work places. We deserve to feel safe. // Take Back the Night '17

#takebackthenight #endrapeculture #protest #rally #womensrights #feminism

This important reminder from @knowyour9

Tonight in Cary: i'm emceeing a benefit concert for Interact of Wake County, providing safety, support, and awareness for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence. Free event featuring Band of Brothers, yacht rock from Back of the Boat Tour, and "the East coast's premiere rock n roll powerhouse," Sidewinder! Raffle, silent auction, food trucks, and local spirits. #community #benefit #interact #endrapeculture

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