The National Memorial for Peace and Justice - Montgomery, Alabama - #endracismnow - #nationalmemorialforpeaceandjustice - #montgomeryalabama - #rosaparks - #selma

As a multicultural women CEO in the cannabis industry and proactive cannabis advocate. I stand against @womengrow and ask every women in the cannabis industry to unite and boycott their movement. Let’s start a new journey! #womenpower #womanempowerment #empoweringwomen #endracismnow #womenentrepreneurs #dispensarylife #cannabisculture #cannabisbusiness #cannabiscommunity #cannabisqueens #marijuanagrowers #marijuanamovement #advocacy #reallife #equality

How many women in @womengrow actually grow. Racism does not belong in our cannabis community! XOCAL supports equality for all HUMAN and PLANTS! Shame on you! #womenempowerment #womenwhogrow #growup #cannabisadvocates #united #diversity #cannabisworld #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #sandiegocannabiscommunity #cannabisqueens #dispensarylife #womenentrepreneurs #viral #endracism #endracismnow #womenpower

Using an opportunity while watching #littlehouseontheprairie to talk with my 7-yr-old about #whiteprivilege, #modernracism, #generationaltrauma, and how to be a good #ally. I may not always get it exactly right, but I know I'll spend the rest of my life learning and trying. .
#chooselove #onelove #vote #blacklivesmatter #endracism #endracismnow #startathome #teachthemwhiletheyreyoung

I agree with this, but also once hate is gone they’ll have to deal with the pain that comes with #FEAR
Can white people stop being so damn scared of shit all the time? Scared of black people, scared of Latin immigrants, scared of #LGBT people, scared their guns are going to be taken away....This fear is causing corruption, injustices, and inhumanity. And what’s disgusting is they want to act all brave and patriotic. And it’s even more disgusting that we have a president who continues to try to invoke fear in his supporters and these people.
Was it really necessary for him to meet with families who’ve lost a loved one due to an illegal immigrant? Really? Anything to cover up the backlash of separating children from their parents....Is every fucking immigrant coming to the boarder a criminal that we should be scared of? Did he meet with every family who lost a child due to a school shooting? Did he meet with black parents whose children were unjustifiably killed by the police? Did he go to these detention centers and visit these immigrant kids who can’t see their parents and who are living in fear? No he sent Melania to do it 🙄
White folks are more scared of people who aren’t white than they are of anything else. Pathetic....
#DonaldTrump #NotMyPresident #EnoughIsEnough #DearWhitePeople Actually #DearFellowWhitePeople #EndRacismNow #Madonna #JamesBaldwin

Ok, as you might be able to tell, I’m pretty fed up with the questions on race, ethnicity and nationality.
Seriously, it’s 2018.
Babies are being torn from their families.
Villages and towns are being razed to the ground in the name of religion.
Girls are being raped and treated as commodities.
YOU have far more pressing problems to think about, rather than why I don’t LOOK Malaysian or SOUND Indian 🙄
But if you have a sweeping generalisation on what either should be, please do share in the comments below.
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I'm not a naturally positive person especially when it comes to my outlook on the future. What I have found helpful is just complimenting others and spreading love that way by doing this it makes not only other people feel valued but me as well. If you share love, it's far more likely you receive love in return. Spread some positivity among others as well! Make their day a little brighter. 💙 #mentalillness #activism #youthactivism #woke #support #educate #empower #feminism #awareness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #endthestigma #blacklivesmatter #endracismnow #racismisreal

»Fuck the System«, 2018. It‘s funny how every generation has some kind of art that says screw this system, right? It’s an ongoing thought throughout history. Still we haven‘t overcome structural racism, gender discrimination, climate change, war or even poverty. We could have ended that shit fifty times BY NOW and all be living in paradise. I would love for the whole world to only suffer from first world problems 💘 But even rebels and revolutionaries have to go to sleep at some point, so let‘s end this on a positive note: Try to be the change you want to see in the world! If you are not part of the solution, you‘re part of the problem. Sleep tight crew 🍦🎒

Don’t let up the pressure, the order is not signed yet!!! #EndRacismNow #UniteTheseKidsWithTheirParentsNow !!!!!

To clarify a point, the US pulled out of the United Nations Human Rights Council because of its “anti-Israeli” bias for wanting to hold it accountable for killing Palestinians but doesn’t think these comments or removing children from their parents are a problem

I’m embarrassed that when one of my good friends wished me a happy #Juneteenth yesterday, I had to ask her what it was. If you don’t know what it is: In 1865, somewhere between June 13 and 19, the slaves of Texas were emancipated. “Juneteenth” today is celebrated on the 19th of June as the day African Americans became a free people in the United States. I say “free people” with some irony and sarcasm, because anyone with the slightest bit of common sense knows that the painful legacy of treating people of color as subhuman still reverberates with very real consequences in the US today. Just look at what we are doing to the families seeking asylum at our southern border. .
My own family history on this topic is mixed: On my father’s side, I had a great x3 grandfather who was a progressive abolitionist preacher. He fled Tennessee when the locals threatened to hang him for preaching against slavery. On my mother’s side, my great x3 grandfather was a prominent Georgia judge and slave-owning plantation owner. It’s a complex heritage of both pride and shame, which might serve as one which might serve as a metaphor for the pain-ridden complexity of race in America in general.
There is so much work we have left to do. A nice starting place would be for more Americans — white Americans in particular — to acknowledge and celebrate Juneteenth. .
There’s only so much depth I can offer in a typing-with-thumbs social media post, but at least I can say this: Since my ancestors aren’t here to apologize themselves, I apologize. I apologize for the half of my heritage that built their fortunes literally on the backs of others. And I celebrate what progress we have made to rectify that. I can’t change the past but I can try to take some personal responsibility for it and try to make the future better.
Happy Juneteenth. Acknowledge it, remember to celebrate it, and remember to take responsibility instead of deferring responsibility for current problems to an invisibly distant past. .
#blacklivesmatter #endracism

We are all equal human beings. #endracismnow ✌️💫

Juneteenth...never heard of it til today. Sure, I learned about this day in school at some point but it wasn’t ever something that was celebrated at our schools. Now, more than ever, we need to remember our history and make sure we do our parts to ensure we avoid repeating mistakes made in the past. Thankfully, Juneteenth happened but we’ve still got a lot of work to be done to bring about true equality. 👊🏽 #weneedWORLDhistory

Can't be pro life when you support brown children being separated from their parents. I am pro life but not for your evil eugenics movement. The pro choice movement is equally racist. Margaret Sanger, the grandmother of abortion rights was also a whyte supremacist who wanted black people exterminated. #smashwhitesupremacy #notmyprolifemovement #whiteprivilege #endracismnow #nazipunksfuckoff #stopseparatingfamilies

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For the past couple of years I have felt like an alien in my own country. What is happening now... and what is happening with Trump, well none of that represents who I am as a human being. I'm ashamed to live here. So many of us do not believe separating children from their parents is ok! It's inhumane. It's barbaric. We are a nation OF immigrants! Hell, this isn't even our country! We murdered the people that lived here and stole their land! We should be taking care of each other and not forcing anyone to leave or be killed. We will never be ok until this gets fixed. Until we start treating people who are a different color than us, with dignity and love. This is NOT my America. #immigration #immigrants #immigrantchildren #separationfromparents #separationofchurchandstate #notmyamerica #notmypresident #fucktrump #humanist #endracismnow #loveistheanswer

Let's come together to honor Juneteenth today and fight the coninuing racial injustices and oppression that continue in our society every day.

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