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man CRUSH monday! Last Monday @lyrichyperion CRUSHING some dude named Dick. #mCm #manCRUSHmonday #ENDpatriarchy

This last week my son asked if he could cook breakfast for me and his sister. He took on the entire task and wouldn't let me do anything ... he served both of us before he sat down to eat. I was overjoyed and my heart was so full of love for this little four year old. I kept thinking about the affect that our culture has on men and boys ... to tell them to be strong, to not feel, to be tough etc etc etc. Patriarchy is taught and drilled into our culture ... telling our sons and daughters where they belong in society
My son confided in me one day that a care giver mocked his tears at school and said they should put him in a diaper because he was being a cry baby. I watched as this sweet boy attempted to hold back his tears from the pain that memory brought up. My mama bear heart lit up on fire when I heard this, but I know that correcting one person will not change the culture that my son and daughter will grow up in. We all have to challenge these ideas!!! 💔
I become more and more feminist all of the time, but feminism can not just be about equality for women. Our sons must be allowed to feel so that we can raise them to understand and channel their feelings. We cannot squash them and expect them to grow emotionally mature. Strength doesn't lie in not feeling and manliness is not ignoring emotions
My son is so loving and tender hearted. He is a servant and more willing to help me around the house than his sister is. He is an artist and creator. He loves to have his finger nails painted just like his sister does and I see no problem with it. But he also has a darker side that many people think is him "being a boy." He gets very angry and is harmful and destructive at times. I not only want my son to be able to cry and know his own sadness but I also want him to know what is behind his anger and to give him lifelong tools to channel these overpowering emotions. "Boys will be boys" is not a phrase you will hear in our home, but rather "Let's sit down and talk ... what are you feeling right now?" 💗
Won't you help me change our culture so that both our sons AND our daughters benefit from it? #boyswillbeboys #boymom #feminism #allthefeels #endpatriarchy

An education minister that deserves respect. Unlike SA deputy minister of education mduduzi manana who has beaten up two women, in full view of people and yet he has not been arrested or fired!!! #firemduduzimanana #mduduzimananaistrash #endpatriarchy

With the great directors from Hush movie.
Djenar Maesa Ayu & Kan Lumé

Great movie!!! #mulaibicara #endpatriarchy #stopviolenceagainstwomen

The new man of the future is growing within the hearts of people throughtout the world, many men are awakening into new forms of being that are harmless, loving, and honest – forms of being that are completely new in comparison to the old energy of stiff fear-driven masculinity, which has plagued humanity as a whole. All rebirth contains an element of destruction, one cannot create without first destroying, many men are rejecting and undoing the narrow images that society hoped they would internalize, no longer yielding to the simple idea of men as dominators of their external world through force and power, but instead are courageously moving within themselves to find and uncover the freer, fuller, more complex expression of man that seeks to harm none and strives to lift up all. The future man will use his strength to turn his attention inward with the hope of learning more about himself and nature, so that he may best know how to serve and love those around him. The future man will understand the importance of striving for freedom from the inner demons that limit his happiness and cloud his vision of a united and harmless world. Above all, the future man will use his power and strength to oppress none and love all. // Much love to you all. May we all realize the freedom that is possible when we live life through the power of love, compassion, and good will. A special thank you to brother Anwar for starring in this picture and to sister Desiree for helping me with this piece.
#yungpueblo #endpatriarchy #endallharm

Just a bunch of rich white guys stroking each other. Agh. #endpatriarchy #fuck45 #americalovesmoneymorethanpeople

Sister-Hood Mag Mona and I had a great conversation with many Muslim and X Muslim female writers. #endpatriarchy #womenrock #safespaces #londontown #sisterhood


With the great directors from Hush movie.
Djenar Maesa Ayu & Kan Lumé

Great movie!!! #mulaibicara #endpatriarchy #stopviolenceagainstwomen

The equality between man and woman should be taught not only for the women indeed but the movement needs the awareness from men also..
No objectification towards women.
Stop victim blaming.
Stop stigma.
Together we move!

You are not alone, I am here with you.

#mulaibicara #endpatriarchy

With 1 in 4 women having experienced emotional abuse and more heartbreakingly, 1 woman murdered per week by their current or former intimate partner, it is NOT OK for us to choose to be ignorant about these issues.

Im gonna preach a bit, if you can forgive me..(long, but bear wif me😶)
Our thinking and approaches around abuse and domestic violence need to change.
The thinking is wrong when we reduce abuse to the classic line of "there are two sides to every story"- aaaaannnnn- WRONG! (This effectively erases the experience of the victim from the equation.)
This is called taking the cowards way out. Its a way to find a neautral ground so the onus of moral responsibility is not on you. It's the COMFORTABLE middle ground and the road of least resistance, and effectively, however falsely, absolves people of any responsibility.
In other words this is DENIAL, along with its cousins: trivialisation, dismissing, gas lighting, infantilising, projection (blaming the victim), rationalising and discrediting, etc.
The answer and correct thinking around abuse and domestic violence looks and sounds like this: "Did his/her actions constitute abuse"? and the answer, in my case, was a resounding YES! .. 😦
So what now?
Well ...learn the signs of abuse: emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, sexual etc. Learn about the cycle of abuse and about the overarching gender inequality that perpetuates domestic violence.
And guess what? - abuse doesn't look like your 'typical villian' and the victim is not society's 'perfect victim'.. .
🍃EDUCATE yourself please🍃
Educate yourself and believe and support victims.They are the AUTHORITY on their experience and know best!
We ALL, myself included, need to do better.
What do u guys think? ☺
Love to all victims/survivors.
I believe you! 💜💖👐💪👌🍃
#intersectionalfeminism #yesallwomen #feminism #victimblaming #domesticviolence#survivors#believesurvivors#domesticviolence #endpatriarchy #endrapeculture #empowered #yourstorymatters#supportsurvivors #believesurvivors #breakthesilence #believeher #emotionalabuse #gaslighting #survivors #victims #abusecycle #victimsofabuse #cyclesofviolence #cyclesofpower #cycleofabuse

I've been struggling emotionally since the end of July when someone I once trusted implicitly defended Rape Culture in the WWII reenacting community. Since this weekend is WWII Days (or, as I like to call it, "Assault Fest") at the dumpster fire that is Rockford's local living history museum my PTSD has become nearly unbearable. The number of times a stranger has run a finger across the back of my neck, groped my ass, and once even leaned down to bite my breast while I was posing for a requested photo there are innumerable. (This doesn't even count the two events where I was raped.) But the absolutely most disgusting thing I witnessed at a WWII reenactment was a father commenting on how his baby daughter was going to be so great at giving blow jobs when she got older based on the way she was eating mini sausages. This atrocious man had been introduced to me the year before as "the nicest guy you'll ever meet." This is WWII reenacting culture. If you're a woman you're one of three things: invisible, fuckable, or a bitch. It is repellent to know that an adult man classified his year-old daughter as fuckable. If this judgment puts me in the "bitch" category, so be it.
RP: @activistbitches
#rapeculture #stoprapeculture #stopsexualizingchildren #wwiireenacting #sexualassault #stopsexualassault #wwiireenactment #wwiidays #stopdefendingrapeculture #smashthepatriarchy #feminism #feministaf #feministkilljoy #notyourbitch #patriarchalbullshit #patriarchalsociety #yesallwomen #menaretrash #endrapeculture #endsexualassault #endpatriarchy #endsexism #intersectionalfeminism #endmisogyny #calloutyourbros #endviolenceagainstwomen #endviolenceagainstwomenandgirls #endviolenceagainstchildren #coercionisnotconsent #coercionisrape

"We Are Watching II: Divine Feminine & Masculine Rise Together" #collage by Bonnie Currie of Arcane Memory Designs Copyright 2017 "A person who possesses a veneration of life will not simply say their prayers. They will throw their self into battle to preserve life, if for no other reason than being an extension of life around them."-#jessewolfhardin

Hjälp oss på @svampriket sprida ordet! Spelvärlden dräller - tyvärr - av skit, men nu du chansen att bidra och göra rösten hörd! #svampriket #feminismingaming #feministgamer #equalrights #endpatriarchy #representationalart #feministartist #characterdesign

Tripping the TEDx fantastic with these social change giants, @dengadut and @huntingwithpixels at today's #rebelsrevolutionariesandus #tedxmelbourne event at #mcec. Feeling pumped after some inspiring ideas and conversation about agitating for change and speaking up about structural racism. Thanks again @tedxmelbourne for curating another brilliant event. So much to feel inspired by #makechangehappen #endracism #waronstupid #endxenophobia #endpatriarchy #speakup #makeanoise #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant

New blog post up, dedicated to everyone who's ever been abused, objectified, oppressed, murdered or otherwise negatively affected by patriarchy. Because I'm fucking tired and y'all really do need to get yourselves together. ✨🙏🏽✨ *link in bio*

Sorry for not being active lately. School work has been taking up so much of my time and I was really sick recently sorry guys -Piper 🌟

#neverthelessshepersisted #rapeisrape #rapeisnotokay #feminism #blacklivesmatter #transrights #POCrights #animalrights #endpolicebrutality #endpatriarchy #intersectionalfeminist #neverthelesshepersisted #fuckgenderroles #transrightsarehumanrights

SUICIDE HOTLINE: 800-273-8255
RUNNING AWAY: (800) 231-6946

regram @meganb1226
May #Heatherheyer rest in peace and may her family and friends find peace and healing with time and love from their community. This is a true shame, particularly when we know that this is nothing new, but simply history repeated again and again. To those who took a stand against the #whiteterrorists converging on #charlottesville, I send love, support and thanks. May we remember to keep our eyes open and to take our anger and rage and use it to make the changes we need to make in this world. #stopwhiteterrorism
#endpatriarchy #heisnotmypresident
Also, check out the original post by @activist_commentary , his caption is right on point!
#Repost @activist_commentary (@get_repost)

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