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The diff between crossfit chicks & snotty bitches: I had a horrible day yesterday, I had an endo belly flare up, I looked like I swallowed a beach ball, my body was so wore out that I failed at my lifts & had to just stop. I had errands to run in College Station where one person told me I looked like I put on weight. Wrong thing to say to anyone really but especially with someone who has a chronic disease that inflates their stomach for no good reason. Then another person tell me my legs & butt were too big to be wearing shorts. Again, I've only recently gotten to where I'll wear them in public for that reason & being that I was already feeling depressed, it really upset me. So then today I go to @crossfitgames where I had tons of athletes tell me how much they love my legs & how beautiful they are & how they wished they could get theirs this big. Honestly, it's genetic, but still. They had no idea that's my insecurity or that the day before I holed myself up in my room, completely bailing on my own crossfit class.
This body has come a long way, 50 lbs down, & still have a way to go but I'm posting this imperfect body ravaged by endometriosis to empower my fellow endo warriors to come over to the crossfit side. The mental & physical strength is life changing but the support system by total strangers who don't even know your situation, they just want to see you win, is incredible.
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SO amazing to meet so many #endowarriors that have supported me over the wide web the past few months at the Newcastle #endomarch High Tea Event. @endosoak ✨💛 #1in10 #endthesilence #endometriosisawareness

How are YOU #winningandgrinning!? We want to hear from you inspiring #endowarriors on how you fight back against #endometriosis. This week we're starting it off! Send in a picture of yourself holding a sign with the hashtag #winningandgrinning! Can't wait to hear from you!

I want to dive deeper into this very common problem, share your concerns!
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The Endotwins have voted!
Have you?! Get out there, ladies! ✌🏻✌🏻️✌🏻️ #werewithher #reproductiverights #vote #endotwins #endowarriors

So this popped up on my FB feed from last year 💛
Proud to still be raising awareness for such a great charity that's so close to my heart.

Powerful message! Together we can. #womanpower #girlpower #fertilitypower #endowarriors

I debated whether to post this or not, but awareness is so important, here it goes. Exactly a week ago I had surgery. My third surgery to attempt to get some help for my #endometriosis. Despite being my third surgery it was my first excision - the golden standard for those with endo. Recovery will be slow and long, but fingers crossed it will provide some relief. Never give up #endowarriors, there might not be a cure for this condition, but we will keep fighting! #chronicillness #endoawareness

If you don't honor and love you, who will? My disease doesn't make me my loving village does. Stay strong my #chronicallybeautiful #endowarriors #endochick
Today was a good day!!


If only there was an off switch for the pain 🎗

OMG this happened to me Easter weekend.....😐😐😐. My husband tried to make me feel better about it but it didn't help. #endobellyproblem #endowarriors #endoawareness #dontask

Escaping the Endo! I researched vitamin combinations that help with endometriosis, each night I take a Multi vit with slow realise vitamin b, Omega 3,6,9 with star flower oil, Magnesium Acidophilus #alwaysreadthelabel - looks obsessive but I've found it helps! .

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Powerful message! Together we can. #womanpower #girlpower #fertilitypower #endowarriors

Is it Monday already?!?😫 Delirious delusions are setting! So yep! Ive Been in and out of sleep all night (nothing new there) Bastard Pain is hanging around a steady 8 😖!! I've realised now that theses past few weeks have been a build up to the big show!! The worst thing is I know even if i were to go to the hospital they would tell me there is nothing they can do apart form give me more meds😫 So Instead i will continue to be my own doctor until i can get to see my own, whats that saying i say "the journey is long but i will tell myself I'm strong, so each day i can feel hope and carry on" Well Honestly tho I'm struggle with that one.. I'm not feeling very strong right now and I'm not feeling hopeful! Im feeling as tho i want to punch someone in the face... 🥊 im feeling like I need a straw so i can start sipping this Oxynorm from the bottle..🍹😬 Well anyways! Happy Monday and i hope its a pain free one for ya'll ✌🏽❤️🎗#endometriosisawareness #endometriosis #mondaysbelike #pain #icantstandthepain #pelvicpain #pelvicfloor #cervix #endometriosisfighter #endometriosisjourney #endojourney #endobelly #endosisters #endowarriors #endowarrior💛 #warriors #spoonie #spooniesunite #yellowforendo #askdontjudge #butyoudontlooksick #depression #instaendo #infertilityhurts #feelingbroken #backpain #vagina #womenshealthuk #endometriosisinfertility #mondays

This is Courtney plz take a moment to read her story:
When I was 14 I was bleeding clumps & I had my 'period' for 49 days. At that age it was my first period and I was embarrassed to tell anyone. It got to the point I was pale and weak and could barely move I was anaemic & needed medical attention. After being taken to a gyno - they found three large cysts that were going to need to be surgically removed.

A week later they had all burst in me and I was in agony. Since then I was in and out of doctors telling me it was all in my head, periods are supposed to hurt, I am too young to be worried about this etc.. I also had the same issue right before being diagnosed with Hashimotos disease. I became a student nurse & walked into a new doctors office with all my research & facts & told him I wasn't leaving until it was resolved.

He agreed he thought it was Endo & sent me to a gyno. I ended up having a laparoscopy done & it was stage 2 & 3 endometriosis that had spread to my bladder & rectum. I had a second surgery removing my appendix and two cysts one had burst and the second was a fibrosis cyst. And in two Tuesdays I am having another laparoscopy including a cystoscopy and hysteroscopy. Dealing with Endometriosis AND Hashimotos is so difficult. Continued in comments...

Meet Libby aged 28, an Advocate for Endo Education. This is her story: Hi! I've had diagnosed endometriosis for 7yrs after having a laparoscopy aged 21 but I spent all of my teens and early 20s struggling until I got the diagnosis.
I spent years pleading with doctors to refer me to see a gynaecologist as I missed quite a bit of school with pelvic pain and heavy periods around the age of 13-15 of which I was told it was irritable bowel syndrome!
When I was 16 I was rushed to hospital with suspected appendicitis but whilst in theatre I had a ruptured ovarian cyst and later told that they suspected a further gynae problem but they didn't act on it!
Over the years I have had six laparoscopies for Endometriosis and ovarian cysts. My last operation was in march this year for excision of Endo and a ruptured ovarian cyst.
When having my post op follow up I was informed that I also now have adenomyosis. It's been difficult to process but taking one day at a time and surrounding myself with supportive friends and family.
I have been a children's Nurse for nearly 6 years and my condition has defiantely affected my career at times but fortunate to have such a supportive manager and work colleagues. I am currently working in children's and adolescents mental health as a children's nurse. Continued in comments...

So back in #StMarys #womens #hospital #Manchester with severe #endometriosis yet again. In #blackandwhite and looking crappy because that's how this disease makes you feel. Usually I'd never post a #selfie with no make up and hair all a mess, but I want to raise awareness about the reality of this disease. A doc just came in and told me they want to shut down my ovaries. I looked horrified, so then was told 'it's ok, we can combat the side effects with #HRT!' Erm, I don't think so! Radical #excision #Surgery is Gold Standard for #endo, so why do they always insist on pumping us with #hormones? #endowarrior #endowarriors #endosisters #chronicillness #spoonie 🤕🏥💔

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