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So this popped up on my FB feed from last year 💛
Proud to still be raising awareness for such a great charity that's so close to my heart.

Thrilled to announce that @theendo.co has joined the @alltrialsusa initiative to change the reporting policies of clinical trials so that ALL research findings are reported, not just the positive ones! It's imperative for us #endowarriors to have the FULL picture of clinical trial results. It's our right to know the good, the bad, and the ugly when we are making decisions about our treatments. These reports may directly dictate our bodies, lives, and futures!

Want to know the big secret 👀🙊
How is my team so successful?! ✨
We follow 3 simple steps, we focus on those alone and closing in on each step every month!
You're probably thinking these are crazy leaps and bounds of steps.
Guess what?! They're as easy as 1..2..3 🙌🏼 Not joking... Check this out!
Step 1️⃣ Join our wrap family!
Step 2️⃣ Sign 4 customers (Change their life with ANY product there is no minimum purchase NO QUOTAS)
Step 3️⃣ Welcome 3 friends into the wrap family to take off 🚀 on an amazing adventure with you!
That's all we do! Every. Single. Month. But say I only sign 1 distributor instead of the 3 for the steps to success what happens? Will I not get paid? NO! You still did the best you could you'll still get paid! There are no quotas! This is just what we set as our goals to be the most successful and efficient in promoting! Just one month of those steps to success and you already have a $1,000 bonus and about $599 commissions, $300 fast start bonuses, and over $200 wrap cash that you just pocket!!! Let me show you how truly easy this can be and how much is can change your life! I will be here for you the whole way! 💚🙌🏼✨ my endo isn't holding me back from my dreams! 💛💪🏼 #EndoWarriors #successful #sixfigureincome

You my dear, are strong.
We hope each of you fellow #endowarriors remembers this today ✨💛✨ you've got this! xoxo, the Endo Co.
#mondaymotivation #pajamaarmy

How are YOU #winningandgrinning!? We want to hear from you inspiring #endowarriors on how you fight back against #endometriosis. This week we're starting it off! Send in a picture of yourself holding a sign with the hashtag #winningandgrinning! Can't wait to hear from you!

SO amazing to meet so many #endowarriors that have supported me over the wide web the past few months at the Newcastle #endomarch High Tea Event. @endosoak ✨💛 #1in10 #endthesilence #endometriosisawareness

The Endotwins have voted!
Have you?! Get out there, ladies! ✌🏻✌🏻️✌🏻️ #werewithher #reproductiverights #vote #endotwins #endowarriors

Sometimes something as simple as a sunset in Maine can give you new perspective!! #lovemyendosisters #endometriosis #endowarriors

Breaking my heart
Rest In Peace to this beautiful soul. It is unbelievable the amount of patients that come to my office who have gone through similar instances as Alician Kimberly. Doctors and emergency rooms excusing the pain for drug addictions or insanity.
Endo pain is real! It is real and must be recognized! If only we had gotten to Alician Kimberly sooner, I wish I was able to help her. It's time to wake up for all doctors who are taking care of endometriosis patients!
Be strong and be aware of your body's signs. You have hope!
Please do not get discouraged and keep pushing through. We unite as Endo warriors!
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10% of women world wide have endometriosis - thats 176 million females world wide! When you feel like your alone in this battle then just remember that there are 175 million other females dealing with the same illness and we are here for you. 🌍
☀️The Medical Professionals that all have first hand experience are available 24/7 to answer/offer insight on any endometriosis questions or concerns that you may have. ☀️
#endometriosis #endowarriors #endosisters #yourenotalone #176millionfemales #firsthandexperience #medicalprofessionals


Many of my Endo sisters, have asked me how I manage my pain and to bee honest, I use medical cannabis to help me function on the daily basis. Because let's Bee honest #Endometriosis is so painful, we are internally bleeding! Inflammation all over our body! Medical cannabis takes my pain and inflammation down within minutes and allows me to act like a normal human being and not a Endo monster! I remember, I quit for some time and my health went down I ended up in the ER 3 days in a roll! I want my freedom! I want to be "normal" and live a pain free life! If you don't agree that's fine, there's many things I don't agree with the medical field and their pills so let's agree to disagree, you do you and I do me. Let me live my life pain free! #myhealthfreedom #cannabiscommunity #endowarriors #endowomen #endometriosisawareness #endometriosis #chroinicillness #chronicpain #breakingmysilence #thendohoneybee

Who else makes "smoothies" that turn into smoothie bowls because you end up making them wayyyyyyy too thick?! 🙊😋 My go-to toppings this morning were frozen bluebs, chia seeds, coconut flakes, homemade crunchy buckwheat granola and cacao powder. Absolutely delightful!! 😍😍 (have I mentioned before how much I LOVE food?!) The latest daily routine that I've implemented has been early morning wake ups followed by a 45min walk down our country roads to check on my ponies. 🐴🦄 I'm a total morning bird and sleeping in was getting me down. My body totally does need extra sleep these days though, so I've decided to go to bed earlier rather than sleep in, cos I'm one of those weirdos whose whole day feels completely out of order when I wake up late! 😂😝 anyone else in that boat?! 🙋🏻 after my walk I love to settle in with a pot of raspberry leaf, my journal and a good book. Currently reading "Spiritual Direction" by Henri Nouwen and it's a keeper for sure!! One of those deeply contemplative reads that is one part inspiring and one part extremely challenging!! I find that when I take the time to nourish my heart and soul in the morning, the whole day runs so much smoother, and no matter what kind of pain the day brings, I'm in a much better mind space to manage it!! How about you? Are you a morning bird or night owl? I'd love to know more about your favourite routines that keep you sane... 😊

So glad I'm off today. My Endometriosis flares are bad. Not as bad as yesterday though. I feel terrible, I'm so bloated look fat and my boob's feel like D's instead of B's . By clothes aren't fitting me for the moment. Comfortable jeans are tight and can't button. Saturday night barely slept. Yesterday slept a lot. Hope most these problems go away tomorrow have to work.
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Oh hell yeah!!! A cure ASAP #endometriosis #endosucks #endosisters #endowarriors

On any given day , 23 MILLION. Individuals have HPV infection. In case of 230.000 individuals , it is with oral cancer high risk HPV 16 and 18 strains. THAT IS WHY 9- VIOLENT VACCINE IS IMPORTANT.

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Detta inlägg skrev min älskade make pga att vi är less på svensk sjukvård. 👊🎗 I över 20 år har vi kämpat mot Endometrios. De första 12 åren fick vi hjälp. Eller var det att vi inte visste mer om Endo. Och bara trodde att vi fick bra hjälp. Men de här sista 8 åren har det inte hänt mycket inte. #sundsvallssjukhus så jag undrar hur många vårdpaket ni har gjort av era patienter, som får åka runt till olika läkare för att tro att man ska få hjälp. Men nej vi kan inte göra nått för dig/Er, och tillbaka på ruta ett. Så varför inte säga vi kan för lite om din sjukdom så vi kan inte hjälpa dig. Men det som händer är att de säger att man är frisk och att det är inget fel på dig. ?????? Vad händer då?
1 Försäkringskassan säger hej då ut och jobba med dig. Men min fru är ju sjuk. Nej inte enligt fkassans läkare, det finns alltid nått jobb åt henne.

2 Inga pengar, ja väldigt många problem uppstår.

3 två överklagande till FK. Avslag!!!!
Vem orkar strida mot FK och sjukvården. Ja tydligen vi, men hur länge till orkar vi?
Imorgon har vi varit tillsammans i 23år klart det är väl inte så mycket 1/4 av ett helt liv om man har tur. Men att kämpa i alla dessa år är inte lätt. Men Sarah är den som kämpar mest eftersom hon har ont och då menar jag ont. Att hon svimmar av smärta är nästan vardagsmat.
Så vi har insett att det inte finns någon hjälp att få här i Sverige. Så den närmaste hjälpen att få är Österrike eller England. Vi kommer nog behöva starta en insamling för att få råd med det. Det är redan ett 10 tal tjejer som fått sk Förhandsbesked från FK (du ligger ute med pengarna och får dom sen retroaktivt) och som varit och gjort den här operationen som kallas Excision surgury. Den görs av specialistutbildade läkare med robot teknik. Går ut på att få bort precis all Endometrios även mikroskopisk. Det är den kunskapen som Sverige inte har.

Dela gärna

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Sometimes something as simple as a sunset in Maine can give you new perspective!! #lovemyendosisters #endometriosis #endowarriors

Our body naturally produces radicals, it's a protection system to get rid of viruses and bacteria. Not only #endosisters overproduce radicals (to get rid of endo tissue) and have lower antioxidant defenses, radicals can also come from pesticides, plastics, and smoke! Decreasing radicals intake and formation and increasing antioxidants through food and/or supplement may help achieve an overall healthier-ish state.
#endosucks #oxidativestress #chronicpain #chronicinflammation #endometriosis #endometriosisisabitch #endowarriors #endometriosisawareness #invisibleillness #painfulperiodsarenotnormal

Et non je ne suis pas enceinte ! Crise d'endometriose et ventre qui double de volume accentuer car je suis cambrer "naturellement" . Vaux mieux en rire qu'en pleurer 💪
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