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It's goodbye thumper... I'm gonna miss this car more than anything. It's not the fastest or nicest car. It's quite the contrary. But I love this car because it gave me my ability I have. I learned manual. I learned to Change tires oil weld brakes. And like a million other things. But I also messed up on him alot. But me and this car have gone through hell and back. This is like losing someone in my family. I will always miss this car but I have had so many experiences in it. I have had this thing for 8 years and it has come to an end with over 3000 dollars in repairs I'm pulling the plug. I'm gonna miss u😳😰😩😟😣😣😣😣😣😣. I've been righting this cars book one mile at a time. But we all know every book has an end so this is the end.goodbye.

'Kad bi znao šta je sve u glavi jedne žene,muški deo čovečanstva izvršio bi kolektivno samoubistvo.'
#kraljicazabave #endofbook

Stucked in #mayajal...!! Questions of humankind never ending or they always become a dissatisfied ?
Is there anything more dangerous than disastified and irresponsible gods who don't know what they want ? Is it End of #Sapiens ? History of humankind change in decades or millennia ? #yuvalnoahharari #Endofbook #Widening_Horizon

Goodbye! It was a great summer. #summer #vacations #endofbook

Snuggled up in bed & just a little excited seeing just a few pages left of my book 🙋🙊 Anyone else love that feeling? 📚😌 #reading #endofbook #selfdevelopment #customers

So through out the years I have taken many pictures and captured many moments, many that I no longer have and a small portion that you all have seen. I'm going to share 10 more moments that have impacted me, this is not a top 10, or my greatest moments, but moments that I was able to find and impacted my life in certain ways.
1. After about 2 years I finally got to see my kids again. My heart ached during their absence but in this visit was filled with love as if the never left. And yes I really thought I was taking a picture lol
2. This was taken that same day. I spent about an hour and a half with them. I love the fact she made me a chair and just the love she showed me, was pure and as if I was never missing from her life.
3. I really thought my son being the oldest would have felt a certain way, being that he is the oldest, but he has and still shows me so much love, it makes my heart melt.
4. This moment was epic because who captures their child's first kiss. (Not applicable for my daughter) but it was a great, adorable and humerus moment.
5. This picture says it all. She may have more of daddy in her than just her looks...do I hear #selfiqueen 😂
6. I literally think this was the best selfie I ever took, good for social media and resumes 😂
7. A moment captured with my son, though he was trying to eat my nose. I felt the unconditional love, and capturing it, made it all worth wild!
8. Though we have had many differences and only God knows what the future holds, but we have had good and great times as well. This is my favorite picture from the photo shoot we took, it shows two people from two different worlds being brought together by a gift! (Jeremiah)
9. I have to say this moment was epic and so pure, her reaction was incredible. I am grateful to be apart of this and the wedding and some what now still apart of their lives 😂
10. If you are still reading.thank you! You win a 4nights,Cruise to the Bahamas! Oh it sounded good but no! You get a thank you? (That prize sucks! 😂) but yes the golden age of my grandma and grandpa! I got this picture the day after I found out grandma had passed! The love was a struggle, it included uncertainty and ❤️#endofbook

The David Siewers Guide to Europe: Make that ish up as you go along. #endofbook #busesandplanesandtrainsohmy #wanderlust


💗 Rekao je da će ju voljeti zauvijek... Ali zauvijek ne traje vječno... 💗 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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"People can talk you in and out of philosophy and theory but they can't talk you out of your experience"
• The chaos is over and that was that... not just the end of chapter, but rather concludes my book of competitions for the year, ensuring eligibility for the next... Who said I was talking about just Bodybuilding when there's so much more. Summer has passed, Autumn is here, and winter is near. My season of work and harvest is done! It's time to rest, rehabilitate, gain and hibernate. Here comes the winter coat of fatty insulation and getting cozy. As a minimalist and avid conservationist, I'm in full preparation this winter to keep warm by means of body heat lol. Moving on to Volume 3, guarantee it'll be a great one, I know the author. Write your own story. 📝📘🦁💪🏽💘
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~ Special thanks to those unmentioned who helped me to finish up strong, I love you all.
~ The next showcase will be in Spring, new beginnings and planting seeds.
~ My best to those in preparation for the Kauai Cup, Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic and National competitions. Congratulations
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@evolutionfresh @starbucks Love the #smoothgreensandkale. Feel like I’m getting my veggies in bright and early!

"Un lanț nesfârșit de "dacă", ce se termină cu o singură propoziție: Dacă nu veneai Tu, Doamne..."
#endofbook #music #dreams #motivation

Hej. Sorki za moją krótką nieobecność ale miałam bardzo dużo na głowie i nie znalazłam chwili żeby się tu odezwać.
Właśnie skończyłam przerabiać to repetytorium z biologii i stwierdziłam ze wypowiem się na jego temat. Książka ta jest napisana w bardzo zrozumiały sposób dla mnie-osoby która z biologia raczej średnio się lubi. Są w niej zawarte najważniejsze definicje, rysunki i notatki. Miło mi się z nią pracowało . Mimo tych plusow uwazam, ze nie ma w niej "wszystkich" rzeczy które sa wymagane. Jest ich niewiele ale jednak są. Myślę ze przyda mi się do egzaminu bo czytając o niektórych rzeczach miałam wrazenie, jakbym czytała o nich poraz pierwszy mimo ze mieliśmy to w szkole 😂 Tak czy tak naprawdę polecam to repetytorium bo jak za tak niska cenę sprawdza się bardzo dobrze 😄
#studygrampl #studygram #bio #biologi #endofbook #school #exam #myopinion 👋😊

Regarde ce qu’on est devenu, souviens-toi de ce qu’on était, on dirait deux inconnus [...] J’ai beau changer de livre, et tourner certaine page, y’a pleins de souvenirs [...] 🎶
Un nouveau chapitre s'ouvre à Moi, le sourire aux lèvres je continuerais à avancer...
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Cześć Kochani! 😇
Wczoraj skończyłam #Siostrykrwii i wciąż nie mogę wyjść z podziwu. Mimo, że zaczęłam kolejną książkę to chciałabym wrócić do życia Katie Maguire i tak też zrobię. Zamierzam skompletować kolejne tomy.
Ocena książki: 9/10🌟
Trzyma w napięciu, pokazuje śledztwo od środka, a także nie ma prostej struktury. Innymi słowy - nie jest przewidywalna, co jest zdecydowanie ogromnym plusem!
Czy polecam autora? Książkę?
Co następne? #Margo /W.
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Das Wort "Ende" ist für einen Autoren immer das Emotinalste! 😍😄 #BelleFouquet #DIVINE #lovestory #endofbook #happy

I FINISHED THE BOOK 📚 Was going to show last line but don't want to spoil it so here is last page number #throneofglass #endofbook #bookstagram

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