Con oggi si conclude la mia carriera atletica da U23, si conclude bene nonostante una stagione piuttosto difficile e piena di imprevisti. Oggi ho corso senza aspettative e a cuor leggero, con la voglia di metterci quel che avevo anche se non molto, dal momento che mi trovavo lì e ancora una volta dovevo sfidarmi con il mezzo giro di pista.
È stato bello, non è stata sicuramente una delle migliori gare della mia vita ma mi sono sentita leggera, con la testa sgombra e il cuore aperto ed erano sensazioni che non provavo da un po’.
Non brindo all’inizio delle mie vacanze ma all’inizio di un nuovo capitolo e ringrazio tutte le persone splendide che ho intorno per avermi aiutata a chiudere questo in modo sereno.
#cds #nationals #endofachapter #newbeginnings #trackandfield #offseason
ph: @franzonicri

The #endofachapter means the start of a new one! This weekend #thepirate moved up from Cadet 12 to Juniors. A new wider #compKart, a bigger engine, a chance to run with the big boys and a heap of nervous anxiety for dad! The head mechanic thought we would ease ourselves into the class with a low key weekend learning the ropes at our local stomping ground but #thepirate had other ideas!! A big shout out to @declanmatthews for helping Coby with some reassurance and driving tips during Saturday practice. So very much appreciated. Slowly the times came down and the confidence started building.

Qualified 3rd five hundeths of pole position
Heat One finished 2nd
Heat two finished 2nd
Heat three finished 1st
Final finished 2nd

These results meant Coby finished on the podium in his first Juniors race. #greatresult The #compKart is awesome thanks #zcorse and the engine was a weapon thanks @cxrracing
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Good Morning!😘 🌼PLEASE READ 🌼 SALE stock will be sold from Monday & What's left that's it 😳 I wont be stocking my stockists no more.

So many memories.
Another chapter of my life coming to an end
And damn, was it amazing
#graduation #graduating #fullsail #college #florida #winterpark #goodfriemds #memories #endofachapter

Handmade memories. These are the last weeks in our little humble home, we have created some beautiful memories in this house and what an amazing place she has been. ... ... ... #handmadememories #spinning #spinningwheel #thisishome #videooftheday #nostalgia #endofachapter

Thank you guys for an amazing 3 years. Going to miss you all big time! 🖤🖤🖤
#brateam #MAST #knightfall #endofachapter

Today I'm saying goodbye to my home for the last 2 1/2 years. Even though I'm sad to leave, I'm also looking forward towards a new part of my life. Goodbye Worcester it was nice as long as it lasted.
#aupairingis #aupair #aupairinuk #aupairworld #endofachapter #endofaupairlife #goodbye #worcestershire #worcester #uk #England #movingforward #movingon

Little late on posting but I graduated university!!!! My whole family came down for my special day #uvicgraduate #classof2018🎓 #universityofvictoria #govikes #achievements #proud #family #memories #accomplishments #yyj #uvic #thankful #newchapter #newbeginnings #endofachapter

This has been a journey that started 2 years ago. It was not an easy journey by far but making it this far was something I only imagined in my wildest dreams. This last year, especially, of just nursing without worry about supply and pumping has been a gift. A gift I will hold in my heart forever. This chapter might be about to end BUT no one or thing can take away the time we have had. Boob or no boob, mummy’s love will always be there. I love you my sweet boy 💙 #breastfeedingmama #wedidit #mywiseelf #mumlife #endofachapter

Breathe... The end of this chapter in my life is very near. It has taken a turn so drastically from where i ever imagined it to be. Surrogacy has taught me so many many things. And one thing i know for sure it that it has deeply touched a space within myself i never knew. No matter how much we prepare ourselves the story isn’t yet written. People change. Events happen and trust is broke or in some cases love grows even deeper then one imaged.
While i wish that was my story it, is not. My story had a plot twist, one that has deeply impacted my self and soul and that of my family. We think surrogacy is for another family and while it is, it often has this ripple effect that reaches much farther then just a few people.
While i prepare myself to go through a very emotionally and physically difficult time i am asking for my community. For positive thoughts and prayers. For well wishes and just a lot of love. It’s after all why i went into this wild ride of surrogacy. It’s been all for love.
Please respect my privacy from this point until i am ready to speak and share. Both for myself and for my family. ❤️ #surrogate #surrogacy #gestationalcarrier #selfcare #selflove #pregnancy #endofachapter #community #love #pain

I dont generally post about my personal life on this page and try to keep it business related but this week has been pretty big for me.
After 2 kids and almost 6 years nonstop, its finally happened.
My breastfeeding journey is complete and my body is mine again 😊 ✌
#nomorebabies #nomorebreastfeeding #nomoremilk #endofachapter #breastfeeding #breastfeedingjourney

End of a chapter which is@bitter sweet but I can’t pass on the opportunity I have. We will see how it turns out. #solongchilton #endofachapter #newbeginnings

Last weekend to spend with friends. Night 1..... 🍸 #cheers #fridayvibes #fortwayne #endofachapter

Today marks the last chapter of WL 2018. We went on tour for two months and finished our last chapel today with @dabbsreggie People ask me.. “Does it get old?”, “How do you keep going?”, “Doesn’t it get tiring?” And, to answer that. No, it never will get tiring. I won’t ever stop until my last breath. I will never stop doing the same song over and over again until one life is changed. Until every prodigal daughter and son come running back home to the Father with a ring and robe awaiting them. Seeing over 2000+ students changed by the gospel and encountering God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit was worth every breath, sweat, blood and tears for. I got to be a small puzzle in God’s great picture of love for humanity. @jeffdeyo Thank you so much for everything. I don’t know what you saw in a small Asian boy who came to NCU not knowing what to do, trying to fit in, but I guess it worked all in the end. Haha. This may be the end of chapter, but the beginning of new story that He is writing. If you got this far in reading, thank you. I salute you, bless you and may you be touched by the same love that saved a broken little boy with a big heart for people. @northcentral_mn #wl2018 #endofachapter #newbeginning #wearencu #tagchangers #justadrummer #totheendsoftheearth #signingout

Seeing loads of posts about people starting/going back to uni is making me really fucking miss these girls. First September in 3 years where we are getting on with our lives and not reuniting and catching up on summer antics. 😞💕 #simmies #graduates #3yearson #endofachapter

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