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Join the movement and help SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY by raising AWARENESS with us. ❌#enditmovement
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Love this photo and what it represents. We at @hopeforjusticeintl have two new girls wrapped up in our arms of freedom this month at our home in Cambodia! I'm so grateful these victims of sex-trafficking have been rescued and are now walking in freedom. AND - one of the perpetrators has already been arrested and put into jail. Thank YOU for your support that makes their freedom possible. To learn more, go to hopeforjustice.org #hopeforjustice #endit

CONTEST CLOSED⭐️⭐️⭐️GIVEAWAY!⭐️⭐️⭐️Win my framed illustration AND this beautiful necklace (or choose another piece of jewelry) in support of Starfish Project who work against human trafficking by restoring hope to exploited women and girls⭐️⭐️⭐️RULES 1.Follow @starfish_project 2.Tell me the name of a woman in your life who is strong, fearless and amazing⭐️⭐️⭐️This international giveaway is not sponsored by Instagram⭐️Contest closes Noon MST March 25⭐️

There are over 20 million people who still live in slavery. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can help #EndIt #enditmovement

what are we wearing to the opening night of the #hometeamtour?? Our red ❌'s for the #enditmovement . More people are enslaved in 2017 than at any other time in history: more than 27 million people. Proud of our friend @aplusk for his hard work and the awareness he's creating and for our senator @senbobcorker's End Modern Slavery Initiative. Awareness is where we start to #endit ❌❌

Tonight I was given the honor and was invited to listen to 6 stories of survivors who were victims of sex trafficking, sexual abuse, sexual commercial act and also @cbs46 for talking about the trafficking that happens everyday in Atlanta and all over. Thank you to @4sarahinc for giving me this incredible opportunity and shining a light on a topic that is so important and prevalent. #realmendontbuygirls #endit #bravesouls

BREAKING NEWS: MEET DIYA ||| 3 women between the ages of 21 and 25 are free! One female brothel owner was arrested along with 3 male traffickers. Meet one of the survivors: DIYA. Diya is 21 years old and was sold from Bangladesh into India only a few days ago. She only has a fourth grade education, and she comes from a very poor family. Diya was promised a good job in the city, and her parents thought she was getting a job as a cleaning maid. Diya's story turned into a nightmare, though, when she was forced into prostitution. Thankfully, our team found her quickly, and after 3 days of investigations #BRAVOteam worked with local police to free her earlier this week. Investigators said she was surprisingly calm during the raid. Diya is currently in a government shelter, but is wanting to go back home to be with her parents. We'll hopefully help facilitate that process after appropriate safety checks, but for now, we celebrate that Diya (and her two friends) are SAFE and FREE. #BRAVOteam #endit

I Am Woman Spotlight:⠀

Maya Moore is a Forward on the U.S. Women's Basketball team. Her accolades as an athlete are quite impressive. She's won an Olympic Gold Medal, World Championship Gold, an NCAA title, a WNBA championship, and an ESPY for being the best WNBA player of the year! She's the first female basketball player to sign with Michael Jordan's brand. ⠀

Equally if not more impressive than her career wins are her humanitarian efforts. As an activist she partners with the END IT Movement to shine a light on the modern slavery of sex trafficking. Her success as a basketball star and dedication to improving the lives of others is truly golden. #IAmWoman @mooremaya #EndIt #PLAY


Our girl Gab has been doing the #sixitemschallenge here's what she's saying about the challenge five weeks in:
Week 5 begins tomorrow.
So far, this challenge has looked a mixture of black on black on black + a side of basics everything and always.
In all honesty, since transitioning to a capsule wardrobe a few months back- these last 5 weeks have been fairly similar to my new, minimalist, every day wardrobe. And all in all- I am in love with the feeling of being free from the world that is fast fashion.
To put in plainly- I feel good about the fact that in the last 5+ weeks, I haven't bought anything made with other people's blood.
Heavy, right? But here's (some of) the reality: - The fashion industry is the world's second largest polluter (right behind the oil industry)
- The world now consumes a staggering 80 billion pieces of clothing a year (up 400% from 2 decades ago)
- One in 6 people work in the global fashion industry (majority being women on less than $3 per day)
- 250,000 Indian cotton farmers have killed themselves in the last 15 years partly as a result of going into debt buying genetically modified cotton seeds...OR put it this way, another farmer commits suicide EVERY 30 MINUTES as a result of the cotton in OUR clothes
- Only 10% of the clothes people donate to thrift stores get sold (rest end up in landfills in Haiti where they are bought by the box and kill local industry)
And thats why I'm doing this thing. And thats why I buy fair trade/ethical as much as I can. And thats why I care veryyyy little about what I wear. Because I know. And that knowledge has changed everything.
#circlemovement #6items6weeks #thetruecost

Our Layer It Up Cami is back in stock! This cami is one of our must haves. Amazing for layering and stays in place!!

You can help her find a path to freedom. Attend the 2017 Florida Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Day at the Capitol on Thursday, April 13. #freedom #together #help #endit #humantrafficking

A huge thank you goes to Avon United Methodist Church for supporting AWOL Indiana with lunches and a platform to share more about human trafficking. We are honored to have you link arms with us! // #allworthyoflove #freedom #outreach #endit #enditmovement #pray #bethechange #rescue #sextrafficking #ministry #freeher #antitrafficking #notinmycity #detroit #austintx #atx #indie #indy #indianapolis

Just a little preview of me making a fool of myself in my new Facebook party video. Head over to my FB biz page: The Crazy Jewelry Lady, to get the full experience. 😂😂
*Disclaimer: this is meant to be light-hearted. Everything I do is centered around our artisan partners. That's all play money. I'm just a goofy absurd person.

B E H I N D + T H E + S C E N E // Yesterday's S/S photoshoot with @kevinpphoto @courtnaay_erin & @devinnorberg was a not only a good time but these babes also produced some amazing photos! We are so excited for the new &I improved items about to hit our shop coming soon! 🙌🏼✨

Working to fight teenaged trafficking right here in Houston! Our volunteer meeting is packed! Denise and her family helped answer a HUGE prayer by providing us a working space for our job program this summer.
Want to join in the fight? Check out our website or email volunteer@freethecaptiveshouston.com to find out how.

Thankful for Pure Yoga Studio in Richland! They are hosting a yoga event to support the freedom hikers campaign to raise money for @rescuefreedom!! Come on over! #yoga #endit #endslavery #rescuefreedom #hikeforfreedom #hike #freedom

Please stay don't leave me please stay please
#anime #sad #animegirl #killme #endit #comeback

We love checking out your posts from the #lbdproject2017 so we thought we'd begin sharing some. The creative @art_street_designs has been drawing a picture every day to help end human trafficking. We are so thankful for your involvement as we end slavery together! .
#modernslavery #endit #makeadifference #worldchanger #lbdproject

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