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📸Photos courtesy of: Jeremy Ng, James D. Morgan & The Guardian!

Greyhound Racing NSW Ban UPDATE

1. It’s been a year since the backflip on the ban.
2. According to data collected under Freedom of Information, over 1,000 racing greyhounds have been killed in the last 12 months, despite the industry being given one last chance to improve animal welfare.
3. A further 500 plus greyhounds have been sent to countries such as China over the past 24 months where there are no animal welfare standards for greyhounds, meaning they will be killed once they no longer run fast enough. This is despite exporting of greyhounds to such countries being banned in Australia.
4. Racing greyhound owners and trainers continue to be charged over giving drugs to dogs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, caffeine and EPO. This is not only illegal but puts the health of dogs at significant risk.
5. The NSW Special Inquiry into GR in 2016 findings were so horrific that the government of ACT has banned the sport in their state effective April 30, 2018.
6. The industry claims only ‘a few bad apples’ are doing the wrong thing and that they really care about their animals, these statistics prove otherwise. These statistics are directly from the period the industry is meant to be cleaning up their act.

CALL FOR ACTION: Phone or go and see your local MP. If we tell them that this is unacceptable to the people that vote for them they will have no choice but to take action.
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Happiness equals laying one’s dome on the lush grass and grinning big

Knock knock! Who’s there? Who nose 👍🏼 #dadjokesunday

Someone just opened a fresh pack of grated cheese 🧀

Loooooooong weekend for a long boi 👍🏼

Instant regret for agreeing to this whole exercise thing. On the plus side, I made it through without getting any gum nuts stuck between my toes 👌🏼

Joined the #cuddlepillarclub 😎 (disclaimer: language warning ⚠️)

The first time we ever saw Simon - the picture on his adoption page! #adoptdontshop #endgreyhoundracing #endgreyhoundexports

Pizza i want u i need u oh bby oh bby 🍕

Strange things that dance on Norbert’s snoot: Part 3

When you find out that you didn’t get invited to the party...

Walking da baby

Dad farted (jks, it was me. i just act bamboozled as a decoy)

On a scale of 1 to 10 I am -49 helpful but 11 cute #quickmaths

Fizz is relieved to be back in the warm by the radiator & giving me her best smile!! 💖👌🏽❄️ #greyhoundsofinstagram #greyhoundgrin #rescuedgreyhound #youbettheydie #endgreyhoundracing #endgreyhoundexports #cosyhound

Behold! The Longdoggo Water Dish 3000 ™️ aka backyard bird bath


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