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Okapi #Poll: which sticks out more-
Mosi's tongue 👅 or Mosi's ears?

#TheFloppyEaredOkapi #Endangered #EndExtinction #SanDiegoZoo

May your weekend be full of play. 🐯 #FridayFeeling #TeethingTiger #RescueCub #EndExtinction #SDZSafariPark

We sighted an abundance of wildlife in Zambia on assignment with @world_wildlife - all very much reliant on the Luangwa River. This leopard kill we documented on film in South Luangwa National Park.


Exciting news out of Australia!

Feral foxes on Phillip Island have been eradicated, meaning the endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoot can be released onto the island and increase in numbers!

Eastern Barred Bandicoots are extinct in the wild on mainland Australia, with only 3 captive-bred and released populations existing in fox-proof reserves, and a 4th population created on Churchill Island. By removing one of their main introduced predators, this species will have a strong chance at making a comeback and avoiding extinction!

Photo: @zoosvictoria
#easternbarredbandicoot #ebb #australia #wildlife #conservation #endextinctionintl #endextinction #bandicoot #marsupial #nature #animals #wildlifephotography #photography #cute #news #goodnews

#burningbright eyes of a #tiger - hidden but always watching from the forest - their habitats squeezed by the spread of Man, several subspecies effectively extinct #savetigers #helpsavethebigcats #stopextinction #endextinction #instagood #instalike #instadaily #picoftheday #photooftheday by Unknown

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A clip produced for @singita_ by our team at @blackbeanproductions - filmed in the Grumeti region in the Serengeti, Tanzania. An incredibly beautiful part of Africa - and a place I love to take guests on safari too. This is also where our team are currently filming for our documentary on human-wildlife conflict. A very complex issue without a simple answer that we have been exploring and documenting through film for a few months now.

For the month of September Baby Animal Prints by Suzi (@babyanimalprintsbysuzi) is donating 50% of the sales from ALL their cheetah prints to CCF. Suzi Eszterhas (@suzieszterhas) is a longtime supporter who donated an enormous library of photos to CCF. Her photography captures beautiful moments giving rarely seen glimpses into the lives of wild cheetahs. These will make great gifts, so order before September 30! Link in bio. 🐱

#CCF #cheetahconservationfund #cheetah #ccfcheetah #babyanimals #bigcat #drlauriemarker #prints #endextinction #racingextinction #endangered #endangeredspecies #wildlife #wildlifeconservation #savethecheetah #humansforcheetahs #raceforlife #namibia #africa

Dreaming of being on safari today! 🦁
Check out my story to see what sparked these memories.
Photo circa: 2012

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Enjoy a globally-inspired food, wine, and brew tasting event at San Diego Zoo's Food Wine & Brew. *
#SanDiego #SDZooCelebration #endextinction

#burningbright eyes of a #tiger - hidden but always watching from the forest - their habitats squeezed by the spread of Man, several subspecies effectively extinct #savetigers #helpsavethebigcats #stopextinction #endextinction #instagood #instalike #instadaily #picoftheday #photooftheday by Unknown

Last week in New Zealand it was Maori Language Week. A friend sent us this lovely photo. Rinorino in te reo Maori! We've been looking up rhinoceros in other languages ever since.
#maorilanguageweek #worldrhinoday #language #rhinoceros #endextinction #knowyourrhinos

¿Quién es la verdadera amenaza en esta tierra?

Usamos a los animales como insulto. Llamamos a otras personas "puercos", "ratas", "monos", "gorilas", nombres de insectos, a veces de plantas letales, tan solo para insultar a otros, para sentirnos mejor con nosotros mismos. ¡Claro que me incluyo! El hecho de que yo vea cosas ahora que no veía antes no cambia mi pasado ni el tipo de persona que yo solía ser, al contrario, me gusta refleccionar sobre esos momentos en los que de verdad no tenía ni la mas mínima idea de lo que hablaba.... y digo todo esto para llegar a esa conclusión que llegue hace tiempo hablando de la vida con mi esposo: decimos que los animales (sin incluir al homo sapiens) no son inteligentes, y aqui estan, en el mismo lugar en el que tu y yo vivimos, sin molestarnos ayudan a mantener a nuestro planeta saludable... ¿y ellos no son los inteligentes?

Nosotros, acabamos con todo y principalmente con nosotros mismos... hay una guerra constante de "quien es mejor que yo" y de que "ellos no se lo merecen" y mucho de este poder y ceguera irreversible esta acompañada del dinero.... y sin toda esa platica, somos todos igualitos, viviendo en el mismo lugar, destruyendonos unos a los otros.

Sueño con el momento en que comencemos a compartir, que nos demos cuenta de que nuestras diferencias deben ser siempre celebradas. Sueño con el momento en el que aprendamos a ver que, nuestro progreso como civilización, está con nosotros mismos, somos los capaces de comenzar la bondad y acabar con la maldad. ¿Cuál es tu camino?

#endextinction #causeanuproar #amurleopard #sandiegozoo #livehappy #stayhappy #share #love #smile

Reviewing our footage from the day's shoot with new friends in Zambia. On assignment for @world_wildlife

Our team on assignment currently in Tanzania along the western boundary of the Greater Serengeti.

#Repost @sachaspex
This is what a group of young villagers bordering the wildlife areas of Tanzania, East Africa look like just after they have successfully chased a heard of hungry elephants out of their village.
The #humanwildlifeconflict here has many aspects that are pressing. A discussion for many of us can take part in. What is your opinion? Any solutions you would like to suggest?

Brown must protect wolves. (Donna B. Steadman, Durham : Editorial). I found myself nodding in agreement with J. Beldin's letter ("Responsibility for Wolves," Aug. 23). The wolves in our state are indeed being used as political pawns by the governor's office. Rep. Peter DeFazio sent an open letter to Governor Brown in disgust over this matter. The gray wolf has been trying to reclaim its rightful place in our state despite being shot, poisoned, trapped and otherwise harassed when it wanders into livestock country. The ranchers are compensated for their economic losses but the wolves pay with their lives. Seldom do we hear about the toll that sheep and cattle take on the environment - fouling streams, compacting the soil, damaging native plants, and often at the taxpayers' expense. The amount of fodder and water required to produce one pound of edible meat is massive. And let's not forget all the human health hazards associated with eating red meat. It's a no-brainer that the struggling wolf recovery must be given priority over the million-plus cattle industry. I call on Gov. Brown to do what she should have done a long time ago and demand that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife produce a wolf plan that is based on fact and not political point-making!
#wolf #wildlife #wildlifephotography #protectwolves #endextinction #graywolf #stoptrapping #oregon #nature

Happy #TigerTuesday from Malayan tiger brothers Cinta (pictures 1 and 2) and Berani (pictures 3 and 4) at the San Diego Zoo on Saturday. The brothers were part of a litter of 4 cubs born at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo in January 2014. Their sister Batari lives at the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound and their sister Arya lives at Zoo Knoxville. #malayantiger #tiger #tigersofinstagram #bigcat #bigcatsofinstagram #Zoo #zoophotography #visitthezoo #Wildlife #wildlifephotography #sandiegozoo #sdzoo #sdzglobal #sandiego #endextinction #fresnochaffeezoo @sandiegozoo @fresnochaffeezoo


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