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I learned love at the same time as I learned violence. I learned the beat of my mother’s heart from laying on her belly while simultaneously watching her thrown down stairs, her fingers broken, dinners poured over her head. I remember her being called a bitch, a lesbian, stupid. The first time I remember being called a wench in front of company I was 15 years old. I remember being called fat around the same time. I was constantly on defense. When I was really young, I used to wrap my whole body around my mother’s legs, begging her not to let go. I was constantly in a state of panic. I learned to fight at the same time that I learned to love. The scars never go away. .
Am I embarrassed to talk about this? Yes. Do I think men are violent? Yes. When 85% of violent crime is committed by one sex, and more women in this country have died from domestic violence than Americans that had died fighting in the war on terrorism during the same time span, it’s time we open up our eyes and say, “WE HAVE A PROBLEM.” We need to raise our sons to understand that breaking down doors when they feel emotions and kicking or pushing, confining women when angry and general aggression is UNACCEPTABLE. I am fed up. #standup #enddomesticviolence .
📷 @dennisstever

TN is 4th in the country when it comes to women being murdered by men. It doesn’t have to be this way. Join us this week during our End Domestic Violence week! …
Bring your husband, brother, uncle, male friend in for a FREE class all week long and learn more about how our partners @amend_together and @ywcanashville are helping to #enddomesticviolence in Tennessee!

Seeing some beautiful sights in Portland today


Honored to receive an award by the Lillian & Lillian Foundation as they dedicate to empowering survivors of domestic violence. I’m humbled to connect with others who are passionate about this phenomenon that robs women (and men) of their purpose. Thankful to God that there is always hope. #hope4survivors #purpose4survival #enddomesticviolence

The WD staff joined @tamronhall, @carrieunderwood, @alancummingsnaps and thousands of others in the @safehorizon #putthenailinit campaign to help put an end to domestic violence and the silence around it. Paint your ring fingernail purple, donate your time or money and help change the lives of people affected by domestic violence.

#MeToo. 🖤
Out of the millions of women AND men, I was one of the victims of Sexual & Domestic violence. An occurring thing that took over my life, my brain, my heart, my heath. Something that took every ounce of my being to get out of and move on with my life. When you've been down that dark path, sometimes it's hard to get out of mentally even if you aren't being abused anymore.. too many people I know are going through this & it's a situation that you are either embarrassed or scared to talk about. Some people just press it so far back into their mind as if it didn't happen anymore, but the problem is, is that it DID happen- maybe once, maybe twice, maybe over years- but one time is enough. One day, you all find someone that understands your mind, and heart, and will be sensitive to your past. I'm so thankful for my husband who picked up my broken pieces & loves me unconditionally.. It is never your fault, no matter who or what has made you believe it is.. we are survivors. This needs to end. #SexualAssultAwareness #EndDomesticViolence

Walking it and rocking it! Thanks everyone for Walking a Mile in Our Shoes and supporting domestic violence agencies and education!#enddomesticviolence #thewavefoundation #stopviolenceagainstwomen

It's Domestic Violence Awareness Day, so I'm wearing purple to show I #TakesAStand with victims and survivors and believe in a future without violence. We are louder together and I hope you will join me and FADV.org in showing support for this important cause. #dvam #enddomesticviolence #FADV #utahisrad

E aqui estou Presente! Presente como Josina Z. Presente como filha de Samora, filha de Graça e xará representante da mãe Josina Machel ... nossa heroina moçambicana. Representando tambem a causa de vida que eu abraçei.
So, here i am! Standing and Present at the FRELIMO Congress! Standing as Josina Z. Standing as daughter of Samora and Graça Machel, and also in the name of my namesake Josina Machel, our Mozambican heroin. I am representing the cause ehich i have embraced #stopgbv #enddomesticviolence #kuhluka


I'm still trying to comprehend the amazing that went down last night - all for an awesome cause. Incoming boatload of #VintageNOW pics.
📸 Pamela Schniepp Photography
#latergram #vintage #rock #fundraising #fashion #VN8 #walkSTRONG #enddomesticviolence #morethanafashionshow

Custom order for a friend who supports a local women's crisis centre with pamper packs for the clients. I'm very happy to be able to be involved in a small way.
#supportingwomen #crisiscentre #enddomesticviolence #standagainstdomesticviolence

• October might be #domesticviolenceawarenessmonth, but it shouldn’t be limited to just the month. The fight will continue and the resources are available if you are a victim. You are strong enough to overcome. 🖤
#enddomesticviolence #endsexualviolence #putthenailinit
@ndvhofficial • 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) •
24/7 help also available via online chat at www.thehotline.org - Safe, Confidential, & potentially Life Saving.

Dope pic.
@Regranned from @bryanmcgee - So honored to partner with the @ywcalowercapefear to host Potluck For Peace @rock_church tonight. .
Being challenged by my friend @katrinamharrell as she talks about Violence Against Women Of Color. .
#LoveGod #LovePeople #LoveLife #HowWeROCK #ywca #ywcalowercapefear #domesticviolence #domesticviolenceawareness #enddomesticviolence #activism #wilmington #wilmingtonnc #nc #women - #regrann

“Intimate partner physical abuse is not bound by age, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or nationality; it exists in all communities”. Let us join TOGETHER to bring an end to Domestic Violence!

#ParentsAndChildrenTogether #PACTHawaii #DomesticViolence #October #dvam #domesticviolenceawareness #STATISTICS #enddomesticviolence #purple #808 #stopdomesticviolence #paintitpurple808

Honored to receive an award by the Lillian & Lillian Foundation as they dedicate to empowering survivors of domestic violence. I’m humbled to connect with others who are passionate about this phenomenon that robs women (and men) of their purpose. Thankful to God that there is always hope. #hope4survivors #purpose4survival #enddomesticviolence

October is Domestic and Dating Violence awareness month- if you or someone you know is in an unsafe and violent relationship- there is help available. Please be patient with friends or family members who might still be in denial of their situation. Victim blaming does not help the situation, empowering victims and focusing on the wrongs of the perpetrator - breaking down their strategy and educating oneself on the matter are most important. #love#lovehsouldnthurt#enddomesticviolence#purple#violence#support#survivor#abuse#recovery#strong#believe#awareness

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