Through #jobtraining and environmental conservation programs, @LACorps gives LA youth like David Soto a voice and skills to build their futures. Opportunity is everything. That's why we're proud to partner with LA Conservation Corps in the fight to #endchildpoverty.

Policies are about people, which is why we need loving people in policy-making positions. .
To #CreateAnotherAmerica where we #EndFamilySeparation, #KeepFamiliesTogether, #EndChildPoverty and welcome those in need, #Impeach45 and his entire squad and #ElectABlackWomanPOTUS. #HumanityOverPolitics #LoveYourNeighborPolitics #WeDontWantPenceEither #PoliticsForWeThePeople
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“I’m not going to let statistics define me,” said Ilene Garcia, @UCLA freshman and mother, who graduated from the STEM Academy in 2017. @endchildpovertyca #EndChildPoverty #education #losangeles #educationiskey

Meet our #superhero for this week, the wonderful Chhorpom, #teacher at our Takhmao site. She inspires young minds daily through her patience and creativity. Education is SO important in breaking the poverty cycle. We’re grateful for all she does to help our children take #smallsteps into a better future. We salute you Chhorpom! 💙👣
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poverty affects children’s education and their access to it.
children born into low-income families are more likely not to complete year 12 and because of this they are at higher risks of committing crimes in the future, poorer health and unemployment.
on average, at age 15, children in this situation are 2-3 years behind their peers in maths and reading.
we NEED to take action to END POVERTY in Australia and improve education for children in poverty TO END THE CYCLE ✊🏻🌏❤️🇦🇺
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Today’s post: how do we care for the children of the world? Let’s hope things improve. It’s quite sad as is.

#endchildabuse #endchildpoverty #helpourchildren @baby2baby

If we want to #EndChildPoverty, we need to give parents the chance to thrive. One great way to do that? Making college accessible.

Our movement aims to make education, health care, and child care affordable for everyone, not just the wealthy. Join us. Link in bio.

We’re still giving away shades of brown, and there’s lots of lovely tins on the shelf such as this love note! The paint is free but if you fancy making a donation to our charity of choice Zarach then that would be lovely. .
Zarach is a Leeds based charity set up by Bex, a teacher who sees first hand the poverty that many children in Leeds are growing up with. In today’s society it is heartbreaking that families have no beds, food or comfort. Every penny counts so please donate when taking our free paint. You can check out their page on Facebook and find more details.
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Our tears, anger & outrage re: the #EndFamilySeparation issue must be channeled into action that creates change. .
In her latest #ChildWatchColumn titled “A Cruel Abandonment of the Least of These”, @childdefender1973’s Pres. & Founder #MarianWrightEdelman provides us our #CallToAction: “Contact your Senators & urge them to support Senator Diane Feinstein’s “Keep Families Together Act” (S. 3036) that 31 of her Senate colleagues joined her in introducing on June 8th. The bill would prohibit an agency at the border from removing a child from a parent or legal guardian solely for the policy goal of deterring individuals from migrating to the United States or of promoting compliance w/civil immigration laws. Under this bill to keep families together, removal could occur only if there were actions by a state court or other child welfare official that determined it is in the best interest of a child to be removed and a child is in danger of abuse or neglect or danger to herself or others or is at significant risk of becoming a victim of trafficking. The proposed protections also would require establishing a policy for locating separated children, frequent info. for separated families on the well-being of their children, & an annual report that describes basic info. for each such separation.

Please – everyone – help stop this evil practice of taking away children from parents in a strange land right now. Every 1 of us who understands that each of these children entering our country w/a parent fleeing violence is a child of God just like every one of our own children & grandchildren should express our outrage at these cruel anti-child/anti-family policies immediately. We must be unafraid to stand up, speak out & protest at every turn to say to this Admin. that their child abusive actions do not represent us or our nation’s values & to STOP right now. Politics should not be played on the backs of vulnerable children & parents seeking safety rather than harshness in our nation.”
As a person of faith, I know that God is not pleased & is counting on us to work w/God to right this wrong & to #CreateAnotherAmerica without child poverty. #FaithInAction to #EndChildPoverty!

Love helping the awesome people @salarmyws and the fine folk who need that Food Pantry to stay stocked this Summer! @kcbumgarner shown above handing @theincrediblebobcampbell a check for $984. Thanks @foodlion for the help! #feedthehomeless #feedthehungry #feedthebabies #feedthekids #endchildpoverty #endchildhoodhunger #supporteducation #supportteachers
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@pitstopsforhope donates, @foodlionnc loads, and the clients of our Food Pantry will not go hungry. Thank you PS4H!

Today, Ilene is struggling to juggle motherhood and her studies. But her future’s bright: College graduates are far less likely to fall into poverty than less educated people. That’s good news for Ilene’s family.

Help us make education accessible to all. Link in bio.

#EndChildPoverty @ypiusa

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