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Red Wolves are the most endangered wolf species and one of the most endangered canids. The most recent estimates believe there are less than 200 of these wolves left. Only about 35 are left in the wild with the rest in captivity. Their main threats are being shot, being hit by cars and hybridization with coyotes. Wolves, in general, are often misunderstood and portrayed in a negative light. While they are predators they play a vital role in the ecosystem. Weeding out old or sick animals to keep prey populations healthy. Red Wolves have already gone extinct once in the wild and the fate of the current wild population looks to be heading that way. .
You can help! Become informed about Red Wolves and educate others. Join or support organizations that help the Red Wolf like Red Wolf Coalition. Also, speak out to local officials on behalf of wildlife! #endangeredspeciesday2017 #redwolf #savingspecies

Photo by @joelsartore *Tomorrow for Endangered Species Day Joel's Photo Ark images will show up on billboards and digital displays in major US cities to spark a global movement into action for endangered species and their habitats. Use #SaveTogether and follow @natgeo 's Insta story tomorrow to see it live. #endangeredspeciesday #endangeredspeciesday2017 #endangeredspecies #photoark

Today is Endangered Species Day. Did you know that Bilbies are endangered in Qld and vulnerable nationally? The Save The Bilby Fund is working to save Bilbies and you can help!

امروز نوزدهم مه، روز یادآوری از جانوران در خطر است...گاهی وقتها فکر می کنم اگر بخواهیم "در خطر بودن" را از دریچه دیگری نگاه کنیم، انسان، آنگونه که از طبیعت خود، غرایز خود دوری می کند، شاید که تنها جانور در خطریست که روی کره خاکی وجود دارد و از اینرو هم زندگی خود و دیگران را بخطر می اندازد
ویدیو از اینستاگرام

My favorite animal group, Pangolins, are also unfortunately one of the most threatened with extinction. So for this Endangered Species Day let's take a look at how incredibly unique these armoured ant-eaters are!
First and foremost, check out those scales! Even lions and tigers have difficulty getting through that armor. This superb protection scheme made of keratin is unique amongst mammals. If that weren't enough, they even have a foul-smelling gland at the base of their tail, kind of like that of a skunk's. And from personal experience, these guys like sharing their ticks 😲

What else makes Pangolins so intriguing? Well they also have no teeth so they have to swallow small stones to help breakup their tough ant and termite prey, much like a bird does. And their tongue can be an outstanding 40cm long!
Plainly put, I love Pangolins, which is why I dedicate much of my time and effort to their conservation. Press coverage has increased lately concerning their plight, but the battle for their survival is still raging. If you'd like to lend a hand to help quell the habitat destruction and rampant poaching that is decimating their populations world-wide, head over to our website www.conservationalliance.org to find out how you can help!

Also feel free to check out my latest research publication on their distribution and status in Bangladesh for the @creativeconservationalliance http://bit.ly/2qyWgs8

Always will be my spirit animal. Beautiful creatures along with all the others on this planet. #endangeredspeciesday2017 #protectwildlife

Help protect wildlife



I'm headed across the pond for my next big adventure... but I had to say goodbye to my friend Julia first! #PangaForPangolins #coralandoak

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 #PangaForPangolins #coralandoak

My home for the last few weeks! :) #coralandoak #PangaForPangolins

It's true, I do! #PangaForPangolins #coralandoak

Sunday's got me jumping for joy! #CoralandOak #PangaForPangolins

Today seems like a good day to sunbathe! #CoralAndOak #PangaForPangolins

It's been a while! #coralandoak #PangaForPangolins

Giving a salute on Memorial Day weekend! The statue reads: "The structure of world peace cannot be the work of one man, or one party, or one nation... it must be a peace which rests on the cooperative effort of the whole world." - FDR #PangaForPangolins #coralandoak

Me encantan...😍 regram @ukwazithebus
THIS IS THE MOST TRAFFICKED ANIMAL ON THE PLANET! Please remember our African Pangolins for Endangered Species Day on May 19th 🙏🏼🍃 go to africanpangolin.org to donate or find out more information on these amazing animals #pangolin #pangolins #africanpangolinworkinggroup #endangeredspecies #endangeredspeciesday2017 #africa #wildlife #africanwildlife #ukwazi #temmincksgroundpangolin

Today's adventure: a visit to the moose antler arch! #PangaForPangolins #coralandoak

What if one day, it was you that's being endangered? Would you only then do something?
#animallove #endangeredspecies #endangeredspeciesday #endangeredspeciesday2017 #tbt #patternsfordays #leopardprint #scales

😍 It's so beautiful! 🍃🤘🏼Any sponsors out there who want to help us do this to uKwazi? Then the African Pangolin Working Group can send uKwazi through Africa on Pangolin Awareness and Research initiatives ☺️🙏🏼🍃 #pangolin #pangolins #africanpangolinworkinggroup #endangeredspecies #endangeredspeciesday2017 #africa #wildlife #africanwildlife #ukwazi #vanlifediaries #vanlife #buslife #homeiswhereyouparkit

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