As part of my #100daysofencouragement project, this must be my week for getting inspired by two artists per painting!This piece was inspired by a lovely arrangement from the California-based creative designer, @figandtwigs — whose floral designs are so full of whimsy and color that I’m naturally crazy about them. But I never would have discovered Janice Morrow’s IG feed if @wendylmcwilliamsart hadn’t gotten inspired to paint a giant juicy arrangement from @figandtwigs arsenal of floral goodies. So thank you for this and so many other visually stimulating and thought-provoking posts, Wendy! You are an inspiration! So y’all know what to do — check out these artists, follow them if you like what you see, and send a little love their way today! Because it’s a privilege to #sharethelove #encourageartists #supportlivingartists #bepartofthesolution and #practicegratitude

Today’s painting is inspired by two creatives — first, a photo from @whatsshedoinginthere of one of her vintage French chairs alongside an old iron urn filled with her garden lilacs. Shawn’s eye for beauty is spectacular. When I saw her photo I was also reminded of a painting that @frenchcanvas had posted in May of a vintage chair heaped with lavender. The vibe was so similar — and I love both these ladies’ commitment to artful living — so I decided to honor them both today as part of my #100daysofencouragement project! Please check them out, follow them, and offer some words of encouragement. Who doesn’t need that? And it’s good for the soul to #encourageartists #supportlivingartists #sharethelove #practicegratitude and #bepartofthesolution in a world where it can seem like hatred will have the last word. Not so! Love wins. ❤️

I’m enjoying my #100daysofencouragement project so much because it’s keeping me on the lookout for inspirational artists and creatives that I can share with you. Today’s painting was inspired by a photo of a still life set-up from @sammichellepaintings — a New Zealand painter who currently lives and creates in Melbourne. I love her use of stripes and patterns and the bold graphic quality of her work. Check her out and let her know if you are as impressed as I am. It’s fun to #sharethelove #encourageartists #supportlivingartists #bepartofthesolution and #practicegratitude

In honor of my #100daysofencouragement project, I painted this arrangement of dark fuchsia peonies after doing a little value study, as recommended by my artist pick of the day — @patti_mollica Though I don’t think I’ve quite mastered Patti’s fast, bold, loose style, I am learning so much from her book. Plus I love her philosophy of finding the hidden beauty all around her. I always love looking at (and drooling over) her brilliant work on IG. Please treat yourself — become a follower! And, while you are there, why not #sharethelove #encourageartists #supportlivingartists #bepartofthesolution and #practicegratitude

I have a new obsession!! I’ve always loved shoes. And always loved vintage wallpaper. Yesterday I found a painter who brings them together gloriously — @holly_farrell_painting (my latest artist crush)! This Toronto-based artist is self-taught and has a realistic style that is so charming to me. Maybe it’s her subject choices — vintage toys, the wall clock from her family kitchen, Barbie dolls (and the lesser known Tammy), bookshelves crowded with some of my favorite titles — but there’s a warmth and vitality to her work that totally grabs me! You know the drill...this painting of mine is an homage as part of my #100daysofencouragement project. So if you are intrigued (and I hope you are!!!), start following Holly and give her a shout-out of encouragement. It’s a good, good thing when we can #encourageartists #supportlivingartists #sharethelove #bepartofthesolution and #practicegratitude

“Sweet Morning Greeting,” 6” x 6” acrylic on wood panel with 1-5/8” deep sides. Today’s painting is dedicated to @marthazlever — as part of my #100daysofencouragement project. I had the great fortune to be in a workshop at @donnadowneystudios with Martha, whose talent ranges from beautiful lettering to her yummy still life’s and landscapes. I love her use of color and her expressive brushwork. But what is most impressive is how her beautiful spirit shines through all her work! Please check her out, start following her, and give her a word of encouragement. Because, you know, I’m all about us banding together to #sharethelove #encourageartists #supportlivingartists #bepartofthesolution and #practicegratitude 😊

As part of my #100daysofencouragement project, today I did a study of a painting by @_laura_jones_ She is such a fantastic artist, based in Sydney, Australia, whose still lifes just make me happy. She was originally a floral designer, so her eye for composition in her floral works is so spot on. But her more recent works invite the viewer to engage broader environmental awareness. I’ve been wanting to push myself to get more texture and patterns in my backgrounds, so this was a fun exercise. Please check out Laura’s work and offer her some encouragement. You can see more of her paintings on her website: http://laurajones.com.au #encourageartists #supportlivingartists #sharethelove #practicegratitude #bepartofthesolution

Wow...did I struggle with this painting. I don’t know why, but i just could not get my hand to cooperate with my internal vision for this old girl. And it’s disappointing because I was inspired to create this composition (as part of my #100daysofencouragement project) by the work of an amazing painter @pagie91 — Page Pearson Railsback. She makes such brilliant use of complementary color schemes, and I really connect to her intuitive style. I really love her perspective— that she sees her paintings as “a metaphor of [her] life emerging from her spiritual heartwork.” Please check out her still lifes, landscapes and abstracts — each captivating in their own way. And why not give her a shout-out of encouragement— because it’s lovely to #sharethelove #encourageartists #supportlivingartists #bepartofthesolution and #practicegratitude

Inspired by a photo from @alisonmcwhirter as part of my #100daysofencouragement project. I love how she uses texture and color to communicate her floral compositions. I tried mixing modeling paste into my paints today in an attempt to get some of the rich impasto of McWhirter’s work. I don’t think I was terribly successful, but it was fun trying. If you aren’t following this Glasgow-based painter, please check out her work and start following her. And think about dropping her a word of encouragement — because it’s good to #encourageartists #supportlivingartists #bepartofthesolution #practicegratitude and #sharethelove

My painting today is called Summer Blush and it reminds me of the innocence and hopefulness I felt when I was in my early 20s living with a group of friends in a rambling split-level in the DC suburbs. So, as part of my #100daysofencouragement project, I’m dedicating this one to our house ringleader, @terrysitz — who brought us all together and added zest to the most mundane moments. Terry is a talented mixed media artist whose abstracted works are a joy to engage — so please check out her IG feed, become a follower and send her some encouragement. What her artwork hints at she fully embodies with her life and love. She is multi-layered, full of humor and great depth. She is an advocate and knows how to make her voice count. And she is fierce in her loyalties— if she is on your side, you will feel more seen and known than you might have believed possible. I am so grateful to have had her shaping influence on my life in my early adulthood. And even more delighted to be journeying together as artists all these decades later. #sharethelove #supportlivingartists #encourageartists #bepartofthesolution #gettingbetterwithage #oldfriends #debbiemillerstudio #smallart #dailypainting with @brianmillerart #letsmakethings @lynnwhipple #30daychallenge #artfriendsforlife

“On the Dot,” 6” x 6” acrylic on wood panel with 1-5/8” deep sides. Today’s installment in my #100daysofencouragement project is dedicated to @t.s.harris — a California painter with whom I feel great affinity. I didn’t discover her work until earlier this year, and I was delighted to find an artist “soul sister.” We share a fascination with mid-century women and vintage fashions, compositions with only hints of faces, and the sense of mystery, longing, and nostalgia that these images evoke. (Of course her paintings are large-scale, while mine are #smallart — but still...it’s fun to find shared sympathies with an artist I’ve never met!) If you don’t know her work, please check out her IG feed and website and share some encouragement. Because you know it is a blessing to be able to #encourageartists #supportlivingartists #sharethelove #bepartofthesolution #practicegratitude — right?!?

“My Pretty Little Hang-Ups,” 6” x 6” acrylic on wood panel with 1-5/8” deep sides. This painting was inspired by the impeccable texture and shading captured in the work of New England artist @lorimehtaart — I am not even close to capturing her hand with fabrics and light. But she inspires me to keep trying. Plus you have to love a woman whose profile says she’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea! Preach! I hope you will check out her work, follow her on IG, and give her some words of encouragement. Join me in the fun of my #100daysofencouragement project — all you have to do is #encourageartists #sharethelove #bepartofthesolution #practicegratitude and #supportlivingartists

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