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öp öp doyamadım💋💋.
.حبايبببببببب كوبلي المنحوس 😂😂.
تصميم خربوطي ع السريع شو رايكم ؟🙃🙃.
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Fifty shades of Kozcuoğlu +15
He grabs me suddenly and yanks me up against him, one hand at my back holding me to him and the other fisting in my hair.
"You're one challenging woman," He kisses me, forcing my lips apart with his tongue, taking no prisoners. "It's taking all my self-control not to fuck you on the hood of this car, just to show you that you're mine, and if I want to buy you a fucking car, I'll buy you a fucking car," he growls. -Fifty Shades of Grey .
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Asu kozcuoglu 😊
That's my girl 💕😘...
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After the phone Call with David emir was really worried, emir then quickly went to zeynep's room she were in her bed laying, What happened honey? zeynep said, I really don't know David called me and said that I need to go to turkey now saying there's something urgent emir replied, Z-If he said that there must be something you go sweetie David needs you, E-what about you and poyraz? poyraz is still 6 month's, Z-poyraz is gonna turn 7 month's Tomorrow and don't worry about us we'll be just fine waiting for you,E-mu champ he's growing so fast,Zeynep then smiled, "The next day morning" it was 6 am and poyraz was crying in his room, My little champ are you crying because you'll miss me don't worry I'll be bake in know time emir said, Zeynep was standing near the door she then got it and said We'll miss you but you need to go know cause you'll miss your flight, Emir then kissed zeynep and poyraz and went to the airport,"after 3 hours" Emir reached to turkey, he called David,E-david what's wrong,D-I can't say much come to the location I sent you, E-wait what DAVID, Emir then got into the car and reached the distinction,it was a weird scary place when emir got in he saw David on a chair and tied,David David what's wrong Emir screamed and untied him, D-they'll come in any sec we need to escape as quickly as possible, What are you saying who'll come why are we here? What's wrong Emir said,D-Stop asking questions we need to escape now quickly untie my legs,E-ok all done let's go, Not so fast a man yelled I'm sorry but you brother's won't go anywhere except on these chairs, the man then tied Emir and David,E-what do you want who are you?,The man then was showing emir a video "Emir bey yes I kidnapping you and your bro and now I'm on my way to your wife and son,E-NO you crazy woman I swear I'll kill you after I get out of Here,Meanwhile someone was knocking on the door while zeynep was feeding poyraz,Z-it looks like your father had come back early, Zeynep went excited and opened the door saying sweetie I miss you, All of a sudden something zeynep didn't except at all, I'm sorry to tell you that in that moment it wasn't emir It was Nihan!!

Part 11
Zeynep stood up and looked to emir the look of a strong woman and she wiped her tears "i am going from here , i will take poyraz and go"
"Little one,your acting skills is bad now , you are the best one who knows me very well but sometimes you pretend that you don't know me , you know very well that i will never leave poyraz"
"And you know that angry zeynep can do anything" zeynep threatened him
"You know that i could have taken poyraz from you easily and threw you in prison"
"And now you will say that you did this for poyraz" zeynep laughed
"Exactly" emir said
"You are a liar emir kozcuoglu"
Emir looked to her angrily "Thank you for all you had done emir but i don't want your help anymore"
Emir was looking with none understanding but he pretended to be careless and he walked leaving zeynep behind
"Hakan called me today" emir stopped with a furious look
"And what did the hero say?" Emir said angrily
"He said that he believes that i am innocent and he will help me"
"What else ? Did he say he loves you?"
"No" zeynep was surprised
"Right you know that he loves you without saying"
"WHAT" emir shouted
"What is wrong with you , every minute you are in a different mood"
Emir looked to her not knowing what to say , he went to the room and was surprised of what he did
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