'That looks yummy!' 😋 Kunstwerken van een meesterschilder waar je trek van krijgt, gelukkig kan je de taartjes in real life eten bij de pop-up Bakery Case voor het Museum. 🍰 Voorlinden is trouwens echt een aanrader, ook als je niet van musea houdt. Je leest het op 88 Food (link in bio) 😃

OMG, een tijdje geleden aten we heerlijke Thiebaud taartjes & donuts bij onze morning coffee in het mooie park van @museumvoorlinden! 🍰 Deze zijn tijdelijk verkrijgbaar bij de Pop-Up Bakery Case ter gelegenheid van de tentoonstelling van Wayne Thiebaud. Meer over dit toffe museum vind je op de blog (link in bio) 🍩

Interpretations of JocJonJosch’s video ‘The Beasts’
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Throwback to the #emptyvoorlinden for the first European retrospective of #waynethiebaud
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#EMPTYVOORLINDEN – Right before the opening of the new exhibition ‘Wayne Thiebaud’, a group of instagrammers and bloggers had the museum for themselves for just a little while. They shared their views on the delicious paintings via #emptyvoorlinden. We are pleasantly surprised by all the creative photos!
The winning photo was made by @irenevanguin. She knows just how to capture the feeling you get when you look at Thiebaud’s lively paintings: you want to grab the ice creams, cakes and hotdogs straight of the canvas and eat them. Check out #emptyvoorlinden if you are curious to see more pictures. Thanks to all the instagrammers!


Last week I started my weekend with coffee & cakes at this great museum! The cakes were based on the art of Wayne Thiebaud 👨🏻‍🎨 Where should I start off tomorrow? 😃

“I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky”

Thanks @rkelly for writing the most beautiful song to sing in the shower.
And check it out the @andyhendrata’s profile for another pic [much more beautiful than mine pic, but with the same model, thanks @vivianne__medeiros] about this artwork -Song Dong- at @museumvoorlinden 🙌🏻
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• Through the Wall •
Another mind blowing art installation we found last week during #emptyvoorlinden meet at @museumvoorlinden. This artwork by Song Dong reflects on the ways in which the contrast of historic and contemporary forces can shape a viewer’s experience. The densely arranged lamps are reflected in the mirrored walls and floor, creating a mise en abyme, an illusion of endless space
w/ @vivianne__medeiros
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Stuhlhockerbank by Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz.

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