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So exhausted but so happy. We threw two back to back events in Hawaii for @emptythetanksworldwide with epic turn outs :). The two facilities holding captive dolphins on Oahu are 🤢disgusting. One has had serious cases of animal abuse, reports of dolphins beat with poles, sea lions dragged down stairs, and animals starved to death resulting in over 124 dolphin deaths and 89 sea lions. The other was founded by the man described in my sign above who also used to work as a middle man for the Taiji drive fisheries (featured in The Cove) and gives out falsified information to guests and even Hawaii's Department of Agriculture. We've been working really hard to get legislature put in place to ban any further breeding of these animals and phase out cetacean captivity in Hawaii. It's really exciting to be a part of a worldwide movement, with groups trying to do the same or similar to their local facilities all over the world.
Dear dolphinariums,
We ain't going anywhere.
#emptythetanksworldwide #keikoconservation.

Couples who protest together, stay together. #emptythetanksworldwide today had an epic turnout with all our @dolphinfreeaz friends. Still fighting @dolphinaris to get that shit shut down. 🐬🐬🌎💙💙#boycottdolphinaris #emptythetanks #boycottodysea

Part of a video I made today. Full video on Anti Three.
Stolen souls
From ocean to bath tub
And those controls

No depths to speak of
No distance there
I dare

The CEo, come clean and say
The whales and dolphins
Are the one’s who pay

Lifeless waveless tideless
Fighting for breath

Raped and bleeding
Screaming so
Alien families
Join the show

Orca are killers
But really we see
Sea world are the killers

Raked depressed
And surely they
Hate the pool
They are in today

Its a torture chamber.
nothing more
A place where seaworlds
Practices war

Trainers have left in tears
And said
Orcas come and are quickly dead
More than unhappy with the life they spend
Basically going around the

When you want the tricks in show
You reduce their food source
As we know

A hungry cetacean
will work much more
For buckets of dead fish
and thats for sure

Flashy cars and mansions some
Have made their packets
From the numb

the dumbed down audience
Hoodwinked by
Thelies they tell
It makes me sigh

When i hear the claptrap
the people are told
Its corporate speak
And makes them gold

All the whales live in shock
Dosed up to the eyeballs
On the block

Fins drop
they lethargic be
Teeth worn down

Biting the bars
and biting the gates
They are short of water
And their fates

Are much worse
than the living sea
Where all these angels
ought to be

Swimming and diving
in the sea
Not stuck
in the penitentiary

To rot and age
before times due
And die before
the wild ones do

seaworld is passed
Its sellby date
Their experience
I don’t rate

Go back to beer
And stay away
From fhe living giving
Souls I say

It makes no earthly
Sense at all
now go to the wall

By my friend Rex Tyler
Music Esther Garcia About Life
Source Marineland Animal Defenders PSA
Vancouver Aquarium (in this part)

RepostBy @respectanimalrights: "YES!!! The first state has officially banned breeding orcas 🍾💕🐳 #EmptyTheTanksWorldWide. ° via @thedodo"

Happy empty the tanks worldwide! Good start to the morning so far!! Good luck to everyone everywhere!! #emptythetanksworldwide #emptythetanks #sealifepark #emptythetankshawaii

Stand up for what you think is right. Even if this isn't your battle, find one you believe in.
@emptythetanksworldwide @seashepherd

We're joining #EmptyTheTanks protests across the country this weekend! Which ones are YOU attending? #CompassionWorks #EmptyTheTanksWorldwide


#emptythetanks #emptythetanksworldwide #govegan
Protesto contra aquários domingo 14hs arpoador.

#Repost @oceanaimee (@get_repost)
Happy place 💧 Thank you for the awesome shirt @skatersagainstslaughter 📷 @shanzy_1

#fortheoceans #dolphinproject #coveguardians #emptythetanksworldwide
Great post sent from @oceanaimee surfing in her #skatersagainstslaughter shirt 🤘💙🐬

Lmao anti-caps can be so dense.

While they are celebrating the cetacean ban on Vancouver Aquarium, they don't realise the consequences.

VanAqua was phasing out their cetaceans anyway, to become a permanent housing facility for rescued cetaceans that would be deemed unreleasable. They have big, naturalistic habitats.

But that was not enough. Yes, rescues will still happen for cetaceans, hopefully. Unless DFO decides otherwise (and yes, that's on the bylaw). But now, if cetaceans are deemed unreleasable, they most likely will be moved to other facilities. FACILITIES THAT MAY BREED THEM IF THEY HAVE THE SAME SPECIES.
So instead of going after a shitty facility like Marineland Ontario, they have just made it so that rescued cetaceans can mow be bred if other facilities take them in.
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