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Stand up for what you think is right. Even if this isn't your battle, find one you believe in.
@emptythetanksworldwide @seashepherd

😢😢😢😢 A kidnapped soul, freedom stolen, limits deprived.
Repost @freedom_for_the_orcas
#savealldolphinsandwhales #savetheorcas #stopseaworld #EmptyTheTanksWorldWide

So exhausted but so happy. We threw two back to back events in Hawaii for @emptythetanksworldwide with epic turn outs :). The two facilities holding captive dolphins on Oahu are 🤢disgusting. One has had serious cases of animal abuse, reports of dolphins beat with poles, sea lions dragged down stairs, and animals starved to death resulting in over 124 dolphin deaths and 89 sea lions. The other was founded by the man described in my sign above who also used to work as a middle man for the Taiji drive fisheries (featured in The Cove) and gives out falsified information to guests and even Hawaii's Department of Agriculture. We've been working really hard to get legislature put in place to ban any further breeding of these animals and phase out cetacean captivity in Hawaii. It's really exciting to be a part of a worldwide movement, with groups trying to do the same or similar to their local facilities all over the world.
Dear dolphinariums,
We ain't going anywhere.
#emptythetanksworldwide #keikoconservation.

Couples who protest together, stay together. #emptythetanksworldwide today had an epic turnout with all our @dolphinfreeaz friends. Still fighting @dolphinaris to get that shit shut down. 🐬🐬🌎💙💙#boycottdolphinaris #emptythetanks #boycottodysea

Today's protest at Sea Life Park 🐳. Free Lolita and Kina, captivity kills. 124 dolphins were killed here 😢. True story!!! #capititykills #emptythetanksworldwide #emptythetanks #emptythetankshawaii #fortheloveofanimals

Happy empty the tanks worldwide! Good start to the morning so far!! Good luck to everyone everywhere!! #emptythetanksworldwide #emptythetanks #sealifepark #emptythetankshawaii

RepostBy @respectanimalrights: "YES!!! The first state has officially banned breeding orcas 🍾💕🐳 #EmptyTheTanksWorldWide. ° via @thedodo"

Empty The Tanks Seattle is happening tomorrow 5/13/17 from Noon to 2pm at Seattle Westlake Park. Come show up in support of dolphins and whales in captivity. #emptythetanksseattle #emptythetanksworldwide #endcaptivity #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig


PETA: Had the opportunity to swim with Falcon the Orca (through virtual reality) who was stolen from his mother to be enslaved for human entertainment and held captive for the rest of his life in a tank built of concrete walls. It sadden me to see how lonely Falcon is. To hear his cries and no one listens. To see how he has NO room what-so-ever to really move around. Please educate yourself about animal captivity and stop supporting places like this. Watch the documentary called Blackfish.
Here Falcon's mother describes what happened to her son: “One minute my little boy was with me, —the next he was pulled up out of the water. There was nothing I could do to save him,” she says. “They have stolen his life, torn us apart, and put him in a concrete box filled with chemically treated water. … He’s been robbed of his family’s love and all the joys of the ocean, where he belongs.” #blackfish #captivitykills #earthlings #saveanimals #animalactivist #animalrights #animalcruelty #seaworld #seaworldorlando #boycottseaworld #captivity #animals #animalsofinstagram #peace #love #compassion #vegan #veganism #vegansofinstagram #govegan #veganlifestyle #vegano #veganlife #vegangirl #peta #emptythetanksworldwide #emptythetanks2017 #emptythetanksorlando

Seen thousands of photos and watched hundreds of videos of that magnificent fluke shot and today I got to see several.
Sperm Whales including a juvenile. They've been in the Taiji waters a couple of months on the Kuroshio Current.
@soitvegan and I watched their plumes. Marveled at their grace and smiled and laughed with such joy as they lifted their flukes to then dive deep. A fluke waving goodbye. We spent nearly 90 minutes with these natural wonders of the ocean, and then got to spend time with dolphins.
As we headed back to shore one of the Sperm Whales appeared so we enjoyed a bonus 20 minutes listening and watching in awe.
#whales #くじら #fluke #spermwhale #wilddolphins #イルカ #taiji #taijijapan #whalewatching #dolphins #theocean #太地町 #activist #freedom #emptythetanks #emptythetanksworldwide

Before you take your money and use it to finance any aquariums or larger organizations that house any type of animals please do your research and see what's really going on behind the closed doors!
#Repost @j_0tt0 (@get_repost)
I got the chance to help educate the community today with these awesome humans, something I've been wanting to get involved in for a while.
Over 20 cars turned back around after reading our signs. We spoke with many others on the way out. Many said they had no idea of the animal abuses that happen here and informed us they would not be coming back.
Reasons not to visit Miami Sea Aquarium:
•Over 200 sea lions and dolphins have died here
•Killer whale Lolita is kept in the smallest orca tank in North America which is smaller than the minimum requirements. •She has no shade whatsoever and often gets blisters and cracks in her skin from sun exposure. (Whales in the wild dive deep below the surface to avoid harmful sun rays. •She is also starved if she does not perform correctly during her show (2 per day, 7 days a week). •Orcas in the wild swim 75 to 100 miles a day, her tank is only 20' deep at the deepest part and barely 4 body lengths long at 80'. •Her former tank-mate, Hugo died back in 1980 from repeatedly smashing his head into the side of the tank.
Because of heroes like these folks, our world is slowly moving away from the cruel practices of the past in persist of entertainment and towards a brighter future.
We're gonna shut this place down just like the Ringly Brothers Circus!
#freelolita #miamiseaquarium #activism #vegan #compassion #endanimalcruelty #slaveryisnoteducation #miamiactivism #emptythetanks #emptythetanksworldwide

Beautiful Orca's wild & free 💕 free lolita @ miami sea aquarium. One of the most advanced social orders found in the animal kingdom being imprisoned and isolated in concrete chlorine tanks. #barbaric #borntobewild #emptythetanks #dontbuyaticket #thanksbutnotanks #blackfish #retirelolita #freelolita #ruthless #exploitation #captivedolphindrepression capitivity kills 💔 #inhumane

Seaworld debuted a new "Orca Show" which replaced the controversial 3 ring whale circus they had before.. however this new attraction which is said to focus more on marine predators, and whale behavior is still far from what these magnificent creatures deserve, which would be to live the rest of their lives in a seaside sanctuary and not a concrete tank.

Lindy Donahue, an animal behaviorist at SeaWorld, told ABC News that "the animals are happy," and the work the park has done in recent years to accommodate the animals "is absolutely enough." Animal "expert" Jack Hanna then backed Donahue by saying "these animals are born in a beautiful situation at SeaWorld, they have every kind of care there is. They take care of these animals better than most people throughout the world. They’re happy animals." Jack went further by exclaiming "We have to understand what these whales are. No one can see a whale. If you see a whale, you fall in love with these animals, they’re beautiful. SeaWorld will always be a repository of the ocean world and of whales. No one, after 50-something years of research, can ever top that." Unfortunately.. if that were the case there wouldn't have been at least three trainer deaths within the parks recent history, The death of Tilikum among other issues behavior or otherwise.

Conservation, research and rehabilitation doesn't consist of showcasing creatures and exploiting them for financial gain.
I'm 100% certain that the real conservationists, researchers, and individuals who are out in the field working to help these animals in their natural environment are topping the 50 years of whale torture Seaworld seems to be so proud of.

#emptythetanks #emptythetanksworldwide #instagram #rehabilitation #conservation #wildlife #jackhanna #savethewhales #seaworld #greed #truth #tilikum #activist #blackfish #whales #orca #killerwhale #torture #abc #abc15 #moneyhungry #marinebiology #marineconservation

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